Lesson for a Star’ is a video by kids and a video for kids! This short animation for kids' learning addresses an important children's lesson: pride. If you are looking for great Christian videos for kids, other Christian animation, or simply other cartoon style videos, then check out the other videos on this channel as well.

In this final video of the series, Brother Dave talks about the Armageddon prophecy that relates to the last day and final battle between the heavenly armies and the military forces of Earth. This Brother Dave video is also a commentary on chapter 25 of our apocalyptic video novel Survivors.

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Brother Dave explores the implications of the fascinating prophecy of New Jerusalem, described in detail in the book of Revelation as a city that comes down from Heaven to Earth at the end of this age.

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COMPLETED Survivors series:
The rapture after the Great Tribulation makes sense of what would otherwise be a depressing chapter in human history. Brother Dave encourages us to keep the vision and remember the prize that awaits us in the end. This Brother Dave video is also a commentary on chapter 23 of our apocalyptic video novel Survivors.

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Surviving the tribulation has to do with much more than physical survival. So if you want to know how to survive the end times, you need to watch this video. Most people who make videos on how to survive the tribulation focus on things like stocking up food, building shelters, etc. But the most important type of survival is spiritual. This Brother Dave video is also a commentary on chapter 22 of our apocalyptic video novel Survivors.

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Brother Dave shares his interpretations on the stinging locusts unleashed by Apollyon Abaddon, the angel of the bottemless pit, which is one of the seven trumpets described in the book of Revelation chapter 9. There are several theories as to what could be modern day "locusts" that match the description of the locusts described in Revelation 9. But more important than that is understanding the lesson behind the passage. That lesson can be applied no matter what the final manifestation of the mutant locusts are.

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Survivors COMPLETED Playlist:

In this inspirational video, Brother Dave shares the key to Christian leadership principles by following the Lamb's example. Christian leadership is no easy task, but inspirational leadership doesn't come from official training, but through through the commitment to follow Jesus (the lamb) wherever he goes... even unto death!

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Survivors COMPLETED Series:

Brother Dave discusses the implications of Christian martyrdom and the persecution of Christians as part of what it means to follow Jesus. Christians are sometimes accused of having a martyr complex and seeking out persecution. But real Christian persecution is happening now, and some form of persecution or martyrdom has always been part of the Christian message, especially in relation to the end times.

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Survivors COMPLETE Movie:

Brother Dave comments on the most controversial videos from Survivors a highly controversial novel and apocalyptic movie about the end times. Chapter 18 is considered the most controversial chapter of the Survivors novel as it presents a second chance for people who have committed an apparently unpardonable sin.

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Survivor COMPLETED Series:
Brother Dave reveals the mysterious woman in the wilderness described in Revealtion 12 as the bride of Christ AND the mother of Jesus. Is it possible she could be both?

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Many people have claimed to be the two witnesses of Revelation, but do any of them have the goods to be the two end time prophets? In this video, Br. Dave shares some guidelines to help us identify the two end time witnesses and encourages us to learn the spiritual lessons behind these two prophets of God.

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Is God giving a final warning to everyone about the Mark of the Beast? Is there a prophet or organization that is warning people about this significant prophecy? In this video Brother Dave challenges people to consider that the warning from God has already been given, as well as the solution, which is found in the teachings of Jesus. This video is also a commentary on chapter 15 of our apocalyptic video novel Survivors.

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Is ISIS the Beast or the Antichrist? In this video, Brother Dave explores one of the main characteristics of the Antichrist in Bible prophecy that often gets overlooked when trying to identify him.

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The mark of the beast is becoming a reality before our very eyes. We now have microchip implants that can provide a literal application of the prophecy. But who is really counting the cost of what it will take to reject it?

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It’s a short step between worshipping IN a Temple, and worshipping the Temple itself. Br. Dave compares the physical Temple with the Antichrist system, in contrast to the spiritual Temple of the Holy Spirit, and the New Jerusalem.

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Construction of a new temple in Jerusalem is the single clearest pointer to the return of Jesus… a pointer that can literally give us the date for when Jesus will return. Learn what to look for, and what to expect along the way. Check out the relevant chapter in Survivors, and see a list of events that will happen during those last seven years in Armageddon for Beginners.

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Who are these mysterious Twelve Tribes mentioned in The Revelation? Brother Dave gives a clear and simple way for identifying them. Check out how the Twelve Tribes operate in our end time novel, Survivors.

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Jesus rarely used the word “church”, but he said a lot about a mysterious organisation called “the kingdom of heaven”. But is anybody listening? Brother Dave will discuss more about this "church" here, and how it relates to the end of organized religion and the apostate church.

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Br. Dave dares to question one of the most respected theologians in the world, by suggesting that Americans have more faith in Billy Graham than they do in Jesus Christ.

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In Bible prophecy, there are multiple mentions of an eagle, as well as a lion, which just so happen to be the same animals America and the UK use to represent themselves. Brother Dave elaborates more on the significance of America in Bible prophecy.

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If you think Br. Dave has been vague about the teachings of Jesus, you won’t think so after viewing this one. He examines one of the best definitions of a Christian (which is also the most controversial definition) you’ll find anywhere, and observes that virtually everyone in the world has rejected it as being too hard.

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Did you know that anybody can hear from God? With all the twists and turns that will be used to deceive people in the last days, what we need to learn most is how to LISTEN to what God is saying, and how to distinguish his voice from our own delusions. This video will introduce to you to some practical steps towards hearing from God.

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The last place you would expect to find lukewarm Christianity would be in America, where poverty is ironically linked with obesity. But the real famine is a lack of knowledge about what God expects from his people. That, too, is surprising to anyone who knows how religiously zealous Americans can be. But they really don’t have a clue about what Jesus taught.

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"Liberation" is the finale of the Liberator comic, an original cartoon story covering events in Luke Chapter 24. The video includes Jesus' resurrection from the tomb, found empty by some of his female followers. Two disciples also reveal that Jesus appeared to them on the road to Emmaus, before Jesus' miraculous appearance to his disciples and his ascension to heaven.

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Which church is the correct church? Everyone’s looking for (or claiming to be) the one true church, whereas Jesus instructed his followers to be somewhat skeptical of anyone claiming to have all the answers, especially in the years just before his return. The best way to find the best church may be to stop looking for it, and just listen to Jesus.

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