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Meet your hosts today, and learn why they've launched "Tao & Amanda LIVE!" Also get the scoop on Mimblewimble's recent woes (are they really?), and the mysterious commercial-looking video where Venezuelan President Maduro examines a Dash-and-Bitcoin ATM.

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Today's story links:

Mimblewimble original "attack" article:
Refutation of the attack article:
Maduro checking out an ATM at a gov-sponsored petro conference:

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Hi, I'm Christopher Carruthers, also known as Tao Of Satoshi. Welcome to Cash Alternative TV, home of “Tao & Amanda LIVE!” with co-host Amanda B. Johnson, and “Christopher’s Crypto Chronicles”. Join Amanda and myself as we explore new digital currency topics and interview all kinds of interesting people. Find out why Dash has what it takes to be a digital alternative to cash.