Cassandra places to you the question: due to the fact that the planet removes CO2 from the atmosphere by a number of means (mineralization, coral reefs...) ice ages started about 3 million years ago, and before that the ice caps appeared about 45 million years ago. Therefore, if we move the climatic condition of Earth, through CO2 emissions, to the status quo 5 million years ago, this would prevent us from getting into the next ice age, so....WHY DO YOU WANT TO GO CARBON NEUTRAL NOW? SO THAT WE END UP IN THE NEXT ICE AGE!?!?

You can check our older videos. You may notice that we have changed our tune: originally we thought that the warm spell was its own thing and that burning fossil fuel would provide more vegetation while the favourable temperature conditions last. Now we know better, and have fact checked the long march of planet Earth to be an ice planet when it has disposed of the atmospheric CO2, which it will if human beings do not prevent it.


Sea level and sea bed folding

Temperatures last 5 million years

Antarctic thawing irreversible

Sahara deserts....

Examples of failed preductions since the 60s

Cretacius world map.
By Mannion, P. D. (2013). "The latitudinal biodiversity gradient through deep time". Trends in Ecology and Evolution 29 (1). DOI:10.1016/j.tree.2013.09.012. -, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Green Saharas article
Larrasoaña JC, Roberts AP, Rohling EJ (2013) Dynamics of Green Sahara Periods and Their Role in Hominin Evolution. PLoS ONE 8(10): e76514.

Cassie-Fooky found a low hanging fruit in the pletora of vegan nonsense: herbivores do not produce Vitamin C. She quickly debunks the idea that cows, sheep and pigs cannot produce their own Vitamin C, but the thought lingers: are vegans actually unable to navigate the internet to find information? Are they hallucinating because the lack of meat and related micronutrients? Or may it be the lack of avocado and honey in their diet? Or maybe they are a bunch of narcissists who have found a sense of holiness in the lies of charlatans and now do not want to let go of their sanctity?

Cassie-Fooky does not care, really. She just wanted to do what she likes to do: hand out Uglity Awards!


Vegan nonsense

Wikipedia in vitamin C

Vitamin C in cows

This is another paper we got through the good people at Sci-Hub, this one on sheep and production of vitamin C.

Article about pigs and vitamin C.

Article about african monkeys eating bats.



Yep! Here we go again! Following in the footsteps of gladiators being vegan, now the Roman legions were vegetarian. Apparently, if you touch a brassica then it becomes impossible for you to have ever eaten a pork sausage.

Cassandra was in rather bad temper because the general idea that a highly organized mob of cutthroats who enjoyed watching some gladiators butchering each others like the next Publius were going to abstain from killing animals for food out of the goodness of their hearts was reaaaally testing her faith in Mankind. Interesting factoid: if you are suffering from gut inflammation spending a couple of months in a carnivore diet will help reset your gut... Just saying.

Article on whether legionnaries ate meat

The original article from 1971 where it is explained that YES, they ate meat.

The reference to a sacrifice and meat feast in the Illiad (1898). "Book 1 (428–450)". The Iliad. Translated by Butler, Samuel. pp. 12–13. The link to wikipedia is here

Reference to cooking in ancient Rome.

Reference to food in the Roman Army.

Reference to how the twisting of evidence to push "legion vegetarianism" may have started.

Cassandra had an epiphany: there are people who believe that carnivorism was introduced to the human being by the Abrahamic religions. And that gladiators and Roman legionnaries were vegetarian, almost vegan. After being reassured by Amelia that she had tied Cassie-Fooky securely, absolutely preventing her to go into the warpath with her
usual style, she has sat and produced this video. Essentially, James Cameron and Terminator have producing a video promoting veganism as the one true path to be teh strongest, almost superhumanly strong, of human beings. Problem is they start explaining that gladiators were vegan. Cassandra exposes the fact that they were not feed meat because meat was expensive and they were walking dead. Also, the one side were a graveyard for gladiators has been found in all of the Roman world, in the city of Ephessus, is peculiar because even if it is on the coast the people there, in general, did not eat meat. And finally, because there is evidence that gladiators had some sort of energy bars prepared with goat milk, honey and walnuts, which is as vegan as anything. Anything non vegan, of course. OH, sorry, Cassandra wants me to mention also that the diet was meant to give them energy, enough protein through beans to have enough muscle, and make them unhealthily fat as shown in Roman reliefs. Way to go, choosing examples of vegan diet....

Additional Materials.

Vegans and coconut oil

Vegans and the Borneo Jungle Loss

Honey, goats milk and walnuts. Not very vegan gladiator's snack.

Link to preview of the book "Nutrition and Enhanced Sports Performance: Muscle Building, Endurance, and Strength"

Debasis Bagchi, Sreejayan Nair, Chandan K. Sen
Academic Press, 26 Jul 2013 - Technology & Engineering - 568 pages

Gladiators survival odds

Sells the gladiators were vegetarian, but admits that part of the reason was to make them fatty for protection against cuts.

This video dwells on the issues of gladiators being mostly slaves, and their diet being focused on energy and providing fat so that superficial cuts did not affect muscles too easily.

This video discusses geographic location and diet; from mostly vegetarian gladiatorial diets to fish-heavy ones.

Very good video on how the Game Changer documentary misleads the viewer by suggesting that the benefits of eatingyour veggies can only be obtained if you are vegan and pretending that the athletes they present as an example were not exceptionally gifted even genetically, and ignoring they where atop notch already when they were omnivores. He also mentions the fact that the long intestine/short intestine argument is fallacious.

Short video about how it is vegetable foodstuffs that cause tooth decay, with a side order of plants being naturally poisonous. Meaning it is all well to have an ominvorous, balanced diet, but going fanatical about not eating the foods (meat and fish) you evolved to eat because feelings and reasons is nonsense.


In this video we explain what is our fundamental goal: to make the case for advanced companion robots both for sexual and non-sexual activities, as a supporting element in the creation of andric societies, populated by MGTOW men.

After watching the video, you will see where we are coming from when creating the materials for our channel.


A story about how Greta Thunberg is wrong, but how any other woman who is doing anything, no matter what, even drawing a line in the sand, is as good as a guy who, actually, in 2019, had proved that he can clean plastic from the sea. Even though some so called "female scientists" claimed he could not. But then, he is a white guy! It would be wrong if he carried the day, wouldn't it? Perish the thought of patriarchy saving us!

Link to MorganVague's paper.

A brief video by Cassandra. If MGTOW are ever to manage to establish "mgtowns", one thing to beware is the campaigning against the idea. Cassandra dissects an e-mail from 38 degrees about the "alleged" right of organizations like themselves to be treated as citizens with the right to appeal to parliamentarians, forgetting a little detail: they are not "citizens". The individual members of the organization may be (in this case, assuming they are British). But this does not give them atuomatically the right to flood mailboxes and distort the perception of support for their views UNCHALLENGED.

Cassandra goes futuristic on this one, but you will never achieve a goal you haven't dreamed of, would you?

See you soon!

The girls of the legion have worked hard these last two days to bring you a present: a video about how a rise in the concentration of CO2 to a level between 800 and 1,000 parts per million of CO2 in air (obviously caused by burning MORE FOSSIL FUEL) would lead us to the jungle-like conditions of the Paleocene/Early Eocene. Meaning that THEN we would be able to produce and use as much biofuel as we wanted. NOT now,because NOW it only prevents us from building up the inventory of Carbon available for the life cycle of the planet.

Some of the benefits would be to have a rather homogeneous temperature of 30 degrees across the planet, ice free poles, and no season. Which, at the 30 degrees celsius mark, means continuous summer.

Just saying.

And of course, Merry Xmas.


Reference and Link to our naughty heroes: Claussen, Martin, and Veronika Gayler. “The Greening of the Sahara during the Mid-Holocene: Results of an Interactive Atmosphere-Biome Model.” Global Ecology and Biogeography Letters, vol. 6, no. 5, 1997, pp. 369–377. JSTOR,

Amelia got tired of the Wakassandrah! nickname she took in her first appearance, mocking the Black Panther movie. She has gone ever since into the more theoretical and abstract interests of the legion. And today, in the wake of the many videos about carbon dioxide, coral reefs and the need to burn fossil fuel, she proposes the following: that there is a race between the capture of carbon dioxide by assorted processes, and the chance of intelligent life to appear with enough time to cause global warming, and prevent the destruction of life on the planet. A depressing thought, but she makes it into a call to consider how the MGTOW "ideology" we have been postulating makes even more sense.

Well, there was a general election in the UK. The faction wanting to break away from the European Union won, and the other faction decided that tons of racists, fascists and other uglittypeople have appeared from under the rocks.

Cassie-Fooky does some simple maths to show that people are basically the same they were, only the ones wanting to leave can get along with each other, and the others do not.

That is perception to you...



General Election 2015 in the UK

General Election 2017 in the UK

General Election 2019 in the UK

Cassandra dissects part of a presentation by a guy called Tony Lovell, who is an interesting example of filtered perception of reality. He manages to understand that the people who want to drop and drop the levels of CO2 are morons, but does not understand that, with the evidence at hand, if CO2 is critical to the temperature of the planet, the planet is already way too cold.

He gets wrong the concepts of geological and biological carbon capture, unless he actually believes that coral reef formation is good for the planet....

There was an argy bargy in the legion, because Cassie-Fooky's original script had too many expletives and offending words, but a compromise was reached, by which she would be

Tony Lovell's TEDex presentation

Composition of coal.

Cassandra has been having at the back of her head this idea about a video on an example of how the regressive left insists that everything good was done from people not in the West, and Western men (specially men) are shyte. And then she remembered two things: the fact that after a great victory in a naval battle, the Athenians had several admirals executed because people had died needlessly, and the fact that with the First World War over, allied commanders ordered last hour attacks on the Germans, costing as many lives as D-Day, for absolutely nothing. But most men were not voters and, therefore, not citizens at the time, and the generals did not have to face the music for murdering needlessly their co-citizens. So, yeah, the Athenians knew nothing about civilian oversight of the military, and did not care for other Athenians, their co-citizens. It was the Persians who were the cool guys. SJWs: please, dream on!

Battle of Arginusae

Last attacks of WWI

Cassandra wraps up on Cassie-Fooky's presentation about Cannibalism and saving the planet by pointing out that the handling of such a scarce resource would be, even by hysterical SJW standards, energetically idiotic, in terms of running around with corpses. Among other things, in one of the slides she notices that slaughterhouses do not process for food dead carcasses. Why would they accept deceased human bodies? Mystery!

So, yep, some people just want attention because they run out of actual brainy stuff to tell, ifd they indeed ever had any....

Click the enjoy button, suckscribe, and share.....


Joel Salatin Video

Cassie-Fooky's video

All other resources as per Cassie-Fooky's video and Google searches

Apart from my pictures of the rotating cow and chicken thingy! (Cassie Fooky)

Cassie-Fooky goes on the war path. There are people trying to draw notoriety by saying risqué things, like that we should consider all kinds of food sources to face climate change. Which, as we know, is going to transform deserts into prairies and provide more agricultural and grazing land.So, no need to bother. These people, and I'd mention Magnus Soderlund, and I'd mention Richard Dawkins, edge their bets, to prevent having to defend against the accusation of actually advocating shit like cannibalism, but they are possibly just baby stepping as proper postmodernist retards. Cassie-Fooky does some simple maths, to show that we would all get four raw quarter pounder burger patties each, as our whole supply for a year, out of a cannibal... how does she call it? Ugglityfest. And yes, after you check her figures, even wondering if bringing the idea up for other reason than being an attention seeking means you are a moron is not an option. It is a fact.

Please, click the enjoy button, share and suckscribe!

Wakassandrah presents in this video the idea that the spark of life is carried by sperms. That is why they are so mobile, while egg cells do not even show any kind of vibration oer titilation before the sperm goes in and then the magic begins. Not only do they move, zooming around like anything, but also you need a stem cell to create a sperm. You can do away with a skin cell to replace the egg cell.

So, Wakassandrah goes Mgtowing and pointing out that, if all the gigantic efforts being made so that all kind of weird reproductive things may happen, to cater for all sorts of freaks, then you only need to wait, queue, say "Excuse me, says I..." and if they try not to play ball let all hell loose.

It will be a lot of fun...!

Don't forget to share, we are not getting many subscribers lately!

Corruption in academia

Greed in Academia, specially in medicine

Money grabbing research about pretending that, if you can make a skin cell into an embryo cell, it follows you can make a whole embryo.

Wikipedia page on Parthenogenesis.

Hey! If you are going to be funny because we cite wikipedia, make your own way to Google Scholar, try parthenogenesis there, and start getting articles on the subject from Sci-Hub!
Here our video on this excellent website!

Several well sighted mice

Cassie-Fooky making some terrible jokes about egg cells and uteruses

The Guardian, about creating sperms

Explore Stem Cell

The Conversation. Source for fat cell image.

An embryo for a MGTOW society (MGTOWN)

Video of egg and sperm

Video of sperms fooling around.

Another video proposing a MGTOW worldview. So, you know that shellfishes and crabs and corals capture CO2, but never bothered to count two plus two. Not strange, with all those THOTs and NAWALTs distracting you.

Shocking news. There may be a case for CO2 levels having an impact on temperature. As in the planet has been losing a dramatic amount of CO2, well beyond your wildest dreams. And to top it up, you guessed it, enviro idiots are worried about the culprits, coral reefs....

Well, it is so very them, isn't it?

The great Barrier Reef.
Data on remaining fossil fuel

Density of coral

On the boing boing of CO2 levels..

Peter Ridd, who claimed that the barrier reef was OK and got sacked because a lot of people
wanted grants to save it from nothing, won his case and made them so sad and sore.


Today we are into chicken chlorine. Sorry! We meant we are into all the hysteria in Europe about chlorinated chicken. Do you know that in the Southern European Countries they disinfect the veg for their salads with bleach? And they do not die!

We were feeling petty, and used a couple of SJW tricks just for the lolz. Enjoy!

We use a table from this resource.

A resource on the use of chlorine and other oxidizing agents in the fish industry in Asia

Some British fearmongering about bleach

Washing lettuce in a Spanish restaurant, with bleach and without dying.

This is about where the USA poultry farms are in the USA. Most of them are way to the south of Southern Europe, and therefore you can imagine that, in Southern Europe you need bleach for your salads, you bloody need something strong in Georgia!

Growth of salmonella with temperature.

This website in from an EU company. They have english pages. There is a zillion chemicals going into not using bleach on the chicken carcasses....

Some British admittance that maybe there are too many drama queens around

The Peruvian government telling their people to use bleach to potabilize their water and disinfect their veggies.....

The Spanish resource explaining that you need a teaspoon of bleach (injoke, watch the video)

A flipping interesting resource, with tons of statistics from all the countries in the world, to be compared with each other.

Another MGTOW video! The next two videos in the pipeline are one about the use of chlorine for food disinfection, which will be the second in our "Seriously, this still needs explaining?" series, and and another about a push by Seattle schools to make maths into humanities by introducing content on gender and race discrimination in maths....Yep! The second one will be another MGTOW video.

In this video we reflect on the fact that, it we were not swamped by SJWs getting the willies about nothing, we could see so many opportunities for wonderful new technology
and applications of said technology. We are going to learn about the fact that termite nests are full of nutrients, and that traditional agricultural practices around the world use the nests themselves, after being grounded into a powder, as fertilizer. We propose to introduce the algae building technology we mentioned some videos ago to provide food supplements to accelerate the growth of termites in the agricultural communities of the Sahel so that the availability of natural fertilizers is increased.

Nothing complicated, and a rather obvious idea, if only you can sit calmly and think in a positive, proactive way. Yes, the way we propose you lot reclaim as the MGTOW way. Everybody is reclaiming having basic human honesty, sensitivity and all sorts of feelings and emotions. You lads can go and reclaim having a thinking brain... they are not going to miss it.....


Heat waves, desert reduction, white cities and photosynthetic cool down

Yacouba Sawadogo: the man who followed traditional agriculture (there was nothing else to it)

On Sawadogo techniques and strategies

Flies entering the pollination workforce!

Brazilian research on termite nests as fertilizer

Rice cultivation and termites in Laos

It's Alive! The world's first algae-powered building

Reference and Link to our naughty heroes: Claussen, Martin, and Veronika Gayler. “The Greening of the Sahara during the Mid-Holocene: Results of an Interactive Atmosphere-Biome Model.” Global Ecology and Biogeography Letters, vol. 6, no. 5, 1997, pp. 369–377. JSTOR,

A means to an end. Being able to check scientific papers for free.

The problem with the current climate is that any group seeks to formulate a wide-reaching reason why what they are up to is the bees knees. Gay people prevent demographic explosion, feminist destroy patriarchy and therefore the ravages of capitalism, you name it.

So, MGTOW, who take flak from all over the place, need to do something to give a wider sense to their struggle.

The stick should be precisely about being straight men. Being focused on problem solving, rational analysis, and the betterment of the planet.

In tae-kwon-do, sometimes the best defense against a strike is to strike oneself within the opponents strike. What we propose is, among other things, to develop an environmental side to the MGTOW political stance. That of embracing the idea of climate change as a positive which has to be defended by its detractors, the SJWs, which also need to be condemned for preventing an objective assessment of the opportunities.

We are not going that far here. We are proposing an example of how MGTOW should calmly consider evidence in a dispassionate way. Mostly because, afterwards, all the passion they have saved should be thrown at SJWs.

In this example, we consider how wildfires are a beneficial part of the cycle of nature. And no, we are not joking. While interference by human beings on what species grow or not in a given region of the planet may crate trouble, wildfires in themselves are essential for pest and disease control, and to maintain the fertility of the ecosystems.

So, in order to establish why MGTOW should achieve their social goals, they need to point out that they can contribute an inordinately high level of rational thought.


The Need for a MGTOW Ideology

Perception bias: From Tim Pool to gender/race commissars in academia.


Geological temperature record.

Assorted artwork from the internet.

Amazon on fire

Clip from Jordan Peterson on Climate Change

National Goegraphic Encyclopaedia

Plan for an Embryo Andric Society

The other side goes on and on about all sorts of things destroying the planet.
Maybe it is time for you, MGTOW men, to make the point you can save the planet from THEM!

Phys org.

Little Ice age entry.

New Scientist on loss of agicultural land

Confederacy of dunces viceo. Data on CO2 levels.

Agriculture in mesoamerica

Iroquois Confederacy alive and kicking in the early 18th century

Ice Age.

CO2 emissions

Los Angeles going bubonic....

Climate change is making Earth greener.

A humble proposal on how to help some people. In this case, dwarfs. No. Not Middle Earth dwarfs. The people among us who are short enough to give them trouble in everyday situations. We also want to think: If the people who are obsessed with saying this and that is wrong and reasons were looking for problems with an actual solution.....Sorry. I forgot, they are SJWs. They cannot build anything.

Little People of America

Adaptive Products


We decided to be mean with a something person who gave Jordan Peterson the prompt for one of the most devastating “NO” in human history. It happened when what we suspect to be a dysphoric individual talked about "unanticipated ocean acidification, consequence of climate change". So, today we are pointing out that, if ocean acidification has reached now levels unprecedented in 65 million years, jellyfish, sardines, coelacanths, crabs and sharks can assure you that this is not a problem, because they ALL were around 65 million years ago.

Because in the Legion we believe stupidity is a crime, Cassie-Fooky has been allowed to host the first Uglyttipuff Awards to nonsense and mental diarrhea, honoring the individual sometimes known as “Trigglypuff”. You may remember her, an spheroidal lifeform which the ability to scream incoherently and flail her arms up and down, up and down... And, yes, you guessed right! This guy(?) got the first Uglyttipuff Award! Well done you, whatever you are!

Some content and context can be found in our previous video:

A confederacy of dunces? Is there a conspiracy to take over the world or the fools run the asylum?

For the rest, please find the links to the content used.


Picture of Shark
By LittleJerry - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Jelly fish


Sardines et al.


Conspiracy theories are cool. So, we are going to give you a choice. There is a lot of stupid people high up, or they are really evil and are plotting against us. With all the evidence against climate change, how come the authorities do not debunk it for you, peasants? (Notice I said "you, peasants". We sex dolls are amazing and supah dupah)

Levels of CO2 from NASA

Temperatures over the last 500 thousand years.

Ice and Fire. Sorry, climate change

Ducks wearing dog masks. Sotty! Such a good allegory about the proverbial penny dropping! We could not resist. P.S. The guy is genious!

Article in Nature about how bad it is that grass grows in deserts.

Nature paper on the fact that we are staving off the next ice age.

Jordan Peterson on climate change

NASA (again) data about how temperature has risen in the last hundred years. Ignore the temperatures before that, please!


Temperatures from LONG, LONG AGO....


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Tongue and cheek challenge to some very strong conceptions in (mostly) environmental issues. Cassandra, a very scantily clad sex doll, takes the mickey out of people who adhere with quasi-religious fervor to SJW fads to be better-than-thou while at the same time forgetting their brains home.

She does it bringing forward evidence, often showing the verbal sleight of hand used by the SJW activists. In her first broadcast, Cassandra shows how there has been evidence showing that global warming and higher levels of CO2 have had an impact in the increase in vegetation in and rain over deserts for about two decades. She also shows the nutty (non-)arguments presented to show that these consequences are bad, because climate change HAS to be bad.

And this is only the beginning.....

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