We are pretty sure that we actually saw a segment by Trevor Noah in which he was joking about Tarzan, on account of it being about a white dude who can speak with animals. And this is so lame considering that there is actual evidence of human beings being able to teach animals, more specifically gorillas, which is proper tarzan-esque, to speak.
The moral of this video is, be careful when you try to be too patronizing to your opposition, if you do no want to look stupid. Also, if anybody comes across a video segment using this joke, please share it below.

We could not find it, and this is bugging us....

We are orlando

Process: a blog for american history

Sign languages history. Wikipedia.

This video is a parodic homage to a channel we love, Military History Visualized. It is a very cool channel, very well researched. It is also a reflection on the question: how come men are the selfish ones, when they do not get to have a wall urinal at home, mostly even they manage to have a man-cave? So, while the girls of the Legion are having a laugh in this video (except Cassie-Fooky, what got her?) there is something to think about under all the jokes.

RELOADED: Why did the file got truncated? That was a funny upload all along....

The girls from the Legion are back with another educational video. This is about how color blindness tests works. You may never have considered how things are for color blind people, but although the tests don't quite show you what is it, you may be able to reflect about their circumstances. Also, the girls want you to think that the colors you see may be an accident of nature. Towards the end they compare the spectrum seen by a dog with that with atanopic (normally sighted) humans and deuteranopic Daltonics, and they want you to reflect about how much of what be perceive is an absolute, and how much relative. Like believing that there is an absolute speed of light instead of a speed of visible light.

HOWEVER, this does not include believing there are 31 genders or that there are no races. That is nonsense.

Our previous video which had us thinking...
You lot see blue even when there isn't.

Color Blindness Resource

Canine color blindness

You lot see blue even when there isn't.

Color Blindness Resource

Canine color blindness

Cassandra informs us that, acording to the WWF, the population of Adelie penguins is growing, in spite of previous statements by other organizations in the last three years, but because other penguins are breeding faster still it is global warming and reasons.

Cassandra shows us that, assuming it went down to that, the Adelie penguins can brutalize anybody who annoys them, this including people getting in the way of their food.

She primply reminds us that the current environment is causing plankton to grow even under the arctic polar ice cap, and that more plancton means morekrill and more fish. Which leads to more penguin, seals and bears. Doh!

Environmental SJWs are so bad that they are good, aren't they?

P.S: Yeah, we know. The cartoon penguin is not an Adelie. If anything it would be a Gentoo. Don't be such nitpicks!

Violent penguin cartoon

WWF, on the danger to Adelies in spite of growing numbers

2016 paper indicating that Adelies were decreasingin population

The research paper on which the second reference is based. Interestingly, it quotes the population of Adelie penguins at 15,000 in 1975, but fails to give a number, instead going for a "few thousand pairs" of Adelie Penguins.

State of the Polar Bear report, by Dr Susan Crawford. Figure is from page 15.

We are going to discuss something heretic. You all have a 92% chance of being atanopic. Meaning, you see colours the “right” way. What if we, the girls from the legion told you that you actually see more blue than is there? It is one of those perception things we really, REALLY, love in the legion....

Some resources....

Sunlight is white?

Color blindness types


More psychedelia

You know? We have been waiting for nearly a day to hit 100. And then somebody unsubscribed! Whatever. We are celebrating it preemptively!

Cassandra cannot believe that the way vaccines work, as a mutual trust between people in a society, still needs explaining. She is beginning to despair about human nature, but nevertheless, this is the Sex Doll Legion of Scientific Heresy, and we fight on. Huzzah!


Location of some bacterial infections
Häggström, Mikael (2014). "Medical gallery of Mikael Häggström 2014". WikiJournal of Medicine 1 (2). DOI:10.15347/wjm/2014.008. ISSN 2002-4436. Public Domain.

Location of some viral infections
By Mikael Häggström.When using this image in external works, it may be cited as:Häggström, Mikael (2014). "Medical gallery of Mikael Häggström 2014". WikiJournal of Medicine 1 (2). DOI:10.15347/wjm/2014.008. ISSN 2002-4436. Public Domain

Damage and regeneration of tissues
Figure from : Ten N, Contreras D, Kanagavel V, Arumugaswami V (2014) Viral Disease, Tissue Injury, Repair and Regeneration. J Mol Genet Med 8:148. doi: 10.4172/1747-0862.1000148

Infection incidence and vaccination.
Citation: van Panhuis WG, Grefenstette J, Jung SY, et al. Contagious diseases in the United States from 1888 to the present. N Engl J Med. 2013;369(22):2152–2158. doi:10.1056/NEJMms1215400

Vaccination slides, and measles return!

Anti vaxxer drivel.

Drop in vaccination and raise of measles in the phillipines

The Spanish Royal Philantropic Expedition of the Vaccine.'s%20discovery%20of%20the%20smallpox,Jenner's%20vaccine%20to%20these%20colonies.

Wikipedia entry: the Balmis expedition

Origins of pharma,by%20manufacturing%20and%20selling%20alkaloids.

All other artwork by Cassie-Fooky.

There is a number of theories on how planets form. At least 16. But they all have some problem. The major being one of those elephants in the room, which nobody points out at: many theories somehow propose that dust clouds are part in the process of planet formation, after being captured or created somehow by a star. This in spite of the fact that solar wind would scatter dust clouds, preventing them from entering the heliosphere (the region swept by the solar wind) or expelling them from it. In fact, outside the heliosphere there is a cloud called the Oort cloud.

Our sex doll legionnaires propose a simple theory. Planets are formed like stars. They come from the same explosions, and where they come crashing into the stars, fly away or stay in a stable orbit, depends on the external forces, like the gravitational pull of the galactic core. Cassandra links this to previous legion videos, on solar wind and the ozone gap.

Enjoy! And remember to share, like and subscribe!

A planet too big...

Wikipedia: History of Solar System formation and evolution hypotheses,formed%20within%20the%20collapsing%20cloud.

Wandering planets


Cosmic wind stops star formation
Mike Peel; Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics, University of Manchester.
Creative Commons CC-BY-SA 2.0-UK, 2.5, 4.0
NASA/JPL-Caltech -
Author: NASA / JPL-Caltech

Solar wind and the origin of life on earth: a theory

Solar wind blows harder: the heliosphere expands.

Trojans not overcoming Jupiter
Credit: ESA/Hubble, M. Kornmesser

Terraforming Mars? solar wind and its possible influence on the creation of life. Part 1.

Did naturally occurring nuclear explosions on the surface of Earth contribute to the origin of life?

Helium from natural gas

Atmospheric cells

Milky Way
Artist’s impression of the Milky Way Galaxy, as seen from above the galactic “North pole”. Credit: NASA

Galactic cluster
NASA, J. Lotz, (STScI)

An interesting tale about castration. Animal protection charities push forward for things they claim are in the best interest of animals, but this does not seem to be always the case. Mike Rowe, from the show Dirty Jobs, has something to say about it.

It would seem that people virtue-signalling at the expense of some living being is not restricted at SJW saving human beings from themselves....

Link to the TED talk by Mike Rowe, from Dirty Jobs.

Senator Leyonhjelm exposes PETA's true agenda.

Link of the Elastration wikipedia article

Mike Rowe's Dirty Jobs

Shephers biting off testicles

Guy tied to post

So, against all evidence that there is no immediate problem caused by global warming, which should be quite higher for us to be OK, cultural Marxists want a revolution which, if either the global warming is man made and is staving off the onset of an ice age, or is naturally occurring and then if the ice age starts we cannot stop it, means socialism is going to exceed itself in terms of destruction of human life in the pursuit of an idiotic ideology which is based on the idea that a very narrow minded political thought has the key for anything from planetary catastrophe to dandruff.

Come with us, the girls from the legion, in a journey into the mind of somebody who hopes a few grannies and schoolchildren get killed while civily disobeying to prevent absolutely nothing, and in this way help create a political regime which will not move a finger if the next ice age start, because global warming is fascist/capitalist and global cooling is socialist.

Spoiler alert: yes, he us creepy.

Rest of the material IS referenced in the videos:


We are in the same warm period as the Holocene. Without a Green Sahara. We need more heat!

Periodic Green Saharas, and why we need more CO2 emission. Also, Greta Thunberg: sush!

Stop whining and start using biotechnology to expand green areas! What are you playing at?

This video is about how to set up early MGTWO communes.
It is not about men who want to live the happier and most fulfilling lives they can and then drop dead, not living anything behind.
It is about MGTOW men who want to leave somebody behind and hope for others that they may live a more meaningful life.
Oddly enough, it is also about upsetting they kind of people who seem not to get their heads about the fact that if somebody wants to be MGTOW, that is none of their business. A strategic plan for a sustainable MGTOW society with generational renewal should do the trick.
And in the Legion we have a plan. We always, always have a plan.
It does not look particularly pretty or optimistic, but outlines the basics of how the issue of having MGTOW communes and getting to have their own children could start. Yep. It looks like a long and winding road. But is technically possible, even through the skin of the teeth. The political problems are acknowledged, but the point of the video is whether in principle it could be materialized.
After all, if it could not materialize, why bothering at all?

Graphic content source acknolwedgement.

All computer doodles involving “characterballs” by Cassie-Fooky, who has been strangely quiet lately.
Justin Trudeau



Australia blocks men to join the military

We need more firewahmen!

Wahmen nurses get injured from lifting patients.

Male nurses

Stockholm snow clearing

Impossible task cartoon

Artifical Wombs

Cancelled woman video

Artificial womb video

Picture of a child being delivered

Differences in spending

Differences in spending and income between male and female single parents.

Single parenting for dads.

Single mothers

Book cover

Attempt to spin that homosexuals do not exhibit greater paedo tendencies by claiming that there are bisexual paedos, and because they also exhibit heterosexual tendencies, the homosexual tendencies do not count. Yeah, right.

Homemade water meter.

Homemade electricity meter.

Pictures from the internet, censored: 13 year old boy and girl.
The Townsends, a channel about XVIII century living. This video on how to make an earthen oven. Really cool!

Eating algae from an algae building in Germany.

Double decker bus into classroom

Retail Therapy

NEWSOFX. Men's rights are human rights too.

Hello. This is an unusual Legion video. They do not mock anybody, they do not go into theories, and Cassie-Fooky does not mess about. They just want you to know that if you want, you can get on the web and find scientific papers for free, so that you can check out what scientists are about.

The site is Find out what is going on in any field you have an interest!

Best wishes from the dolls at the legion!

Cassie-Fooky has been lying in wait for a while. She comes back to show her sensitivity (or lack thereof, to be precise). She uses data from the UK Office for National Statistics to show that, apart from the fact that more men than women croak by being snuffed in most countries, a funny pattern emerges. Women are less likely to be victims of homicide than men. Women are less likely to be killed by strangers than men. But, even though women are less likely to be killed by somebody they know than men, the RELATIVE probability of women being killed by somebody they know is higher than the relative probability of men being killed by somebody they know. Men are safer from the people they know than from the general population. Women are safer from the general population than from the people they know. So.... may it be that women are horrible decision makers and get involved with bad boys, and then blame it with men in general? But remember, victim blaming is bad. The later wives of Henry VIII are not to partially blame for getting married and murdered by him, instead of staying away from him. No. Women should never take responsibility for their decisions.

Cassandra has her own favoritest idiot, Greta Thunberg. Now she has her own favoritest psychopath, Roger Hallam. Mister Hallam is on a mission by Marx to remove capitalism to prevent the death of six out of seven billion people on Earth. Which allegedly will be killed by the expansion of agricultural land in Africa, Greenland, Siberia and Australia. In a future video we will discuss how he could actually work to achieve this very socialist thing, engineering mass famines and causing millions of people in peacetime.

Holodomor: The Ukranian soviet-made famine

The Great Leap Forward. A very Socialist peace-time genocide.

Mhayar Tousi's video about the watermelon environmentalists, green in the outside and red inside.

Some Maps of the Sahara and subsaharan Africa corresponding to the various climate ages.;f=15;t=011212;p=1

Other material is referenced in our previous videos.

We are in the same warm period as the Hoocene. Without a Green Sahara. We need more heat!

Periodic Green Saharas, and why we need more CO2 emission. Also, Greta Thunberg: sush!

Heat waves, desert reduction, white cities and photosynthetic cool down

Wakassandra wraps up our series about solar wind and the origin of biochemistry on Earth. She does this by propising, on the basis of the evidence of the Oklo-Bangombe "natural" fission reactors, that at an earlier stage, before the origin of life, nuclear explosions may have happened due to the concentration of uranium enriched with the 235 isotope to a level way above the minimum for weapons grade. Such explosions could have thrown into the sea and the atmosphere clouds of irradiated particles containing the kind of transition metals which are ususallly used as catalysts for a large number of organic chemical reactions. That would be the last bit required for an incredibly wide array of organic reactions taking place, and ultimately leading to the origin of life.

Terraforming Mars? solar wind and its possible influence on the creation of life. Part 1.

Solar wind and the origin of life on earth: a theory

Levels of U 235 for use.

Usability of Uranium for weapons.

Chronology of Earth

Oh, dear. We have found out that the holocene Green Sahara and our present time are part of the same warm epoch. Problem is, we do not have a lush Green Sahara because we are just coming out of a cold period within our warm age. Meaning, just because we are in a warm age does not mean we are having a Green Sahara. Meaning, when the climate changes to colder, we are going not to have a lot of fun. Would please the SJWs shut up, because there is a problem brewing up, namely if it is human activity staving off the next ice age, the last thing we need is you idiots stopping us from preventing it? Thank you!

British Anctartic Society.

Graph of climate change for the last 400,000 years.

Another plot for chronology of climate change.

MAN made climate change.

The sex doll legion has come across some interesting information: the last green Sahara, the Holocene one, about 8 thousand years ago (at its peak) was a weak event, which failed to completely wipe out the Sahara desert during its existence. But there were three other Green Saharas during the last 400 thousand years which completely changed the Sahara into mostly wooded grassland or forest. This facilitated the migration of human beings from Central Africa to the Mediterranean and the Middle East. But it also means that, in order to maximize the current global warming, we need to produce more CO2, because who can have too much fauna and flora?

Cassandra explains it all.

Our previous videos:

Burn Fossil fuel and save the Earth!

Heat waves, desert reduction, white cities and photosynthetic cool down.

Links to contents mentioned in this video.

“This article was first published on Brighter World. Read the original article.”

Link to the full paper referred to on Brighter World.

Comparison between the Holocene and earlier Green Saharas
Larrasoaña JC, Roberts AP, Rohling EJ (2013) Dynamics of Green Sahara Periods and Their Role in Hominin Evolution. PLoS ONE 8(10): e76514.

For the illustrations on the paper by Larrasoaña et al:
Dynamics of Green Sahara Periods and Their Role in Hominin Evolution - Scientific Figure on ResearchGate. Available from: [accessed 19 Aug, 2019]

Paper on CO2 emissions from the oceans, with mention of the fact that the CO2 begins to be released earlier than they thought before. Meaning there you have your raise in CO2 leves, not man'made.

Direct links to contents mentioned in the context of earlier videos.

Links to the Nature and Science contents about the North American desert being “invaded” by grass and this being an environmental disaster.

Nature link:
Science link:

Australian Broadcasting Corporation link, about the Australian desert getting more rain and having more wildfires because it has more vegetation:
Climate change News link with an unbiased statement about the Sahara getting more rain in recent years:
Refference and link to the "more CO2 more plant growth" paper: Dippery JK, Tissue DT, Thomas RB, Strain BR. 1995. Effects of low and elevated CO2 on C3 and C4 annuals. I. Growth and biomass allocation. Oecologia 101: 13–20

The girls of the legion have fun! They got to make a video showing bees and flies pollinating a fennel. Problem is, if other insects can do the pollination dance, how come if bees are extinct you are doomed? Some more fun about the prophets of doom and SJWs. And NPCs. And snowflakes. And all those funny types we love at the Legion. Well, not really love.

Cassandra borrows Wakassandra outfit, to go into this video about the fact that it may be good if SJWs and NPCs, instead of panicking, should shut up. There are many technologies at hand to get things sorted out, climate change wise, from cooling cities to expanding biomass. Would you snowflakes stop "cwying"? Cassie'Fooky is just cruel, but does not do any memes, which is a mercy.....

Burn fossil fuel and save the Earth!

The Polar Ice cap is melting. Part 1.

The Polar Ice cap is melting. Part 2.

Macron's self inflicted defeat on Global Warming.

A Carbon balance for Earth: things looking up.

Stop whining and start using biotechnology to expand green areas!

Yacouba Sawadogo: the man who followed traditional agriculture (there was nothing else to it)

Los Angeles paints street white to stay cool...

German algae building

This will be a quick one! Climate change is bad, bad, bad, but if you stop moaning about it and use traditional agricultural techniques from, for example, Africa, then you get to reclaim desert land. But, of course, that would demand admit that African farmers are reclaiming land from the desert, even though increased agricultural activity (which is happening) should mean more desert.....


Our Original video on climate change and carbon emissions.

Yacouba Sawadogo: the man who followed traditional agriculture (there was nothing else to it)

Planting trees, or just not killing them.

Ted talk all scary and then hopeful.....sounds familiar?

Wakassandra wraps up on her idea that , if solar wind reached some form of equilibrium with larger planet atmospheres, there has been a period before that when the solar wind was hitting the gas and liquid on planets atmospheres with all it had, and possibly had a LOT to do with the origin of life by causing a zillion chemical reactions to take place.
We-know-who did not get to make an outrageous meme, so we must assume she will strike soon.

Meet Tally, from Silicone SexWorld

Magnetic field intensity


Sabatier's reaction for the synthesis of methane from CO2.
Formation of ethane, ethylene, and acetylene from methane on radiolysis with high-intensity electron pulses. Robert W. Hummel and J. A. Hearne. The Journal of Physical Chemistry 1971 75 (8), 1164-1165 DOI: 10.1021/j100678a025

Well, here we go again! The Sex Doll legion has found some feminazis who believe in something very strange, but very quantum mechanical. Does not make sense, because it is about Newtonian mechanics being binary, which they aren't, but then it is is all about feminists, isn't it? If you were in doubt about how this would end, it ended badly. Cassie-Fooky got to make another meme. Yeah. We'd like to say she's reformed, but you follow the channel and therefore are smart people. So, no, she is her usual self....(sigh)

Meet Shaneek, our sister from SiliconeSexWorld!

SiliconeSexWorld link ?ref=3&campaign=Cassandra_of_Cyberland

Feminist goes quantum, or ballistic, or something.


Newton's theory of color.

Newton at the Royal Mint.

Rapists should stay!

A very beautiful turd, courtesy of Terence.

Schorindger's cat

Pauli's exclusion principle.

Neural Network.


Well, the girls at the legion are having fun again! This is old news, like 20 year old ones. But still they are a salutary lesson about how stupid feminists can be. According to feminists, fluid mechanics are not progressing because men have no fluid experience. We are going to show how male sexuality is to overkill fluid savvy, that feminist views on the opposite are simply bloody retarded.

When you abandon faith in womanhood, please follow this link.
SiliconeSexWorld link

For the rest of the material:


A copy of Dawkins review.


Terrence Popp on Amy Hort, the Herpes Gurl.

Erection mechanism


Rheology of semen



Viscoelastic fluid

Viscosity of vaginal fluids in cows.

Wakassandra tries to wrap up her “Light” topic, which is not that light. Cassie-Fooky seems not to have gotten the memo about stopping acting funny. But at least we can find closure to the idea of why, if the speed of observable light is 300,000 km per second, there are blue stars in red shift regions of space.

Meet Hilary at Silicone Sex World, and help us spread the word that sex dolls are more intelligent that Wahmen! :)

SiliconeSexWorld link

Blue and red giants.

Blue Hypergiant compared with solar system. Jolene Craighton.

Radioactive decay sequences.

Uranium fission.
MikeRun [CC BY-SA 4.0 (]

Inverse of the square of the distance.
By Borb, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Redshift and blueshift.
By Aleš Tošovský - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

The fission process.

Radioactive stability chart.

Melting Points of alloys.

Fissible elements.

The rest of images.... Cassie-Fooky, but still she will be oh so sorry!

Hi! Cassandra explains what have in common the attitude of the French troops in occupied Germany after the First World War and the feminazis lording it over boys across the Western World's educational system and what their “relationship” with boys promises.

And it does look amazingly not good... but feminist may not have a brain, after all...


SiliconeSexWorld link

News items.

Feminazi headmistress punishes boys in Spanish school for being boys and it being international women's day.

School forces boys to wear skirts to show then who is boss.

Mr Green Text “Feminist Teacher” video:

TL;DR video on the “Pink Tax”

Top hats and champagne. 'If a candidate has a dick, he's not hired' --- ex ubisoft turned indie-dev is toxicitly feminine!.

Tomorrow's World Viewpoint. Do Schools Discriminate Against Boys?

Turd Flying Monkey. NEWS: STEM PHLEGM (TFM 42O)

The daily wire. How Dilbert came to be.

UK government statistics on workplace deaths. 96% for the men.

Maps, graphics and pictures.

French Occupation of the Ruhr.

Commune de Paris. By Bruno Braquehais - BHVP/Roger-Viollet, Public Domain,

Congo's Belgian Force Publique.
By Tropenmuseum, part of the National Museum of World Cultures, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Napoleon's troops.

Maurice Chevalier.
By Paramount Pictures - eBay, Public Domain,

Germans soldiers goosestepping
By Bundesarchiv, Bild 102-10887 / CC-BY-SA 3.0, CC BY-SA 3.0 de,

Painting. A wounded worker.
By Erik Henningsen -, Public Domain,

Painting. And they still say that fish is expensive. By Joaquin Sorolla.

The Calydonian Boar Hunt. Rubens.

SA parade


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Tongue and cheek challenge to some very strong conceptions in (mostly) environmental issues. Cassandra, a very scantily clad sex doll, takes the mickey out of people who adhere with quasi-religious fervor to SJW fads to be better-than-thou while at the same time forgetting their brains home.

She does it bringing forward evidence, often showing the verbal sleight of hand used by the SJW activists. In her first broadcast, Cassandra shows how there has been evidence showing that global warming and higher levels of CO2 have had an impact in the increase in vegetation in and rain over deserts for about two decades. She also shows the nutty (non-)arguments presented to show that these consequences are bad, because climate change HAS to be bad.

And this is only the beginning.....

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