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The European Union has decided to stop for now their carbon neutral policies. Here is a thought. It is estimated that 2400 gigatons of CO2 were released since 1850. However, it would seem that only 350 gigatons from this initial amount contribute to the present CO2 composition of the atmosphere. This means that 2050 gigatons have been re-captured over 170 years. That means 12 NET gigatons are re-captured every year. With the melting of the permafrost and the release of more land to hold life, the recapture of any released CO2 should accelerate.

Climate alarmist website, but has a lot of useful data.
the world counts,2.4%20%E2%80%93%202.1%20billion%20years%20ago.

Video about cricket having more protein than beef.
Scientific paper showing it does not.,16.8%E2%80%9320.6%20g%20for%20meat.
EU crickets in food,livestock%20%5B61%2C70%5D.
A "conspiracy theorist" debunker

In this video we compare two cases of double standard. The deaths in prison of Gonzalo Lira, a Chilean journalist who died in a Ukrainian prison, and Alexei Navalnyi, a Russian activist who died in a Russian prison.

We further show the hypocrisy reminding you of the deliberate and futile deaths caused by that most useless of military operations, the "Shock and Awe" air raids of 2003 over Baghdad, and the alleged undiscrimate bombings by the Russians on civil population, which were disproved by Amnesty International.

Some resources
Sunday Times on Navalnyi's death.
Sam's Russian adventures interview on people on the street about Navalnyi (edited)
Ukraine putting people at risk.,Callamard%2C%20Amnesty%20International's%20Secretary%20General
Use of cluster bombs on civilians by Ukraine in Donbas
Shock and Awe.

Cassandra puts together some very interesting items. An excerpt from an interview with Konstantin Kisin about the magnificent state of freedom of speech in the UK (and, by extension, the west), a little something about how youtubers who fail to conform to the narrative that Russians are eating their wallpapers and, having made her case about how the globalists are trying to prevent people to know the truth, evidence about how people are doing everything they can to dodge the draft into the Ukrainian armay and, failing that, beat up the press gangs.

Cassandra has her nurse uniform not out of frivolity, but to remind us that when Boris Johnson went to Kiev to convince Zelenski not to sign the Ankara agreements, hundreds of thousands of people were sentences to death, pain and grief.

Surprisingly, Western media are pretending that Adviikva is not about to collapse. Mostly in the same way Bakhmut was not going to fall. An inordinate number of Ukrainian soldiers are dying because the West is pretending that the war can carry on. Mostly because they claim the Russians are doing the dying. They are not, it is the Ukrainians who are doing the dying. Mention of honour to imbecile extraordinaire, Boris Johnson. You know when you went to Kiev in March 2022? Why did you not drop dead instead? Literally hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians would still be alive.

Cassie-Fooky muses about the fact that academic standards are going really low. Exactly how students are going to be convinced that they should not cheat, pass as their own work done by other people or plagiarise, if academics get away with it and it is in the public knowledge?

Some sources.
Professor at Cambridge threatens to sue student newspaper who ousted him for plagiarism.

All is well and a professor plagiarising a student did not do anything seriously wrong.

How being incompetent engulfs the world: Gee, why people complain about
doors dropping of planes midflight?

Amelia has gone metaphysical about perception and the role of Mathematics as either a tool to calculate things, or somehow the manifestation of reality itself. She falls on the side of thinking of Maths as a tool. She proposes that Newton's third law is wrong: it does not describe reality, but a boundary condition useful for the calculation of movement, which was caused to exist as a perception of reality because we did not account for the Milky Way to define the force balances which prevent the Earth to plung into the Sun. Problem is, it works so well that it is going to be hard for people to see the difference between describing the actual reality and predicting behaviors, like movement.

There was this cool picture we decided to acknowledge.

Man looking at the Milky Way.

This is a remastered version of a video from November 2020. We are reposting it with improved audio, but keeping it as it was originally. We just love to draw attention to our foresight at the time

Cassandra, apart from looking sexier than usual, has something to say about COVID-19. Has to do with who will profit from vaccination, how the people who claim that COVID-19 is an autoimmune system triggering condition while claiming that hydroxychloroquine does not work (yawn!).

Regrettably, Cassandra has recruited Cassie-Fooky to do some calculations. The evolution of deaths in the Uk during Bloody April is better predicted by assuming that a carnage on the elderly population throuhg abandonment was the cause. Assuming a lower efficiency of the public health service would have reflected as a proportionally higher death rate, and that does not work...

Oh, well! Politicians and women screwed again. Because, in case you were not paying attention, all that "we must protect the national health service" meant "we must protect us, women who went into the workforce when it was easy and do not have the guts, and want to go home when things go pear shaped".

But then they want to be firefighters... except they will not want to go in when push comes to shove... and people will die. Including women. Elderly women.

Rather hard to read statistics of flu vaccination in Euorpe.

Covid may be autoimmune, and Hydroxychloroquine does not work...

Our video from Early August on how Hydroxychloroquine DOES work...

This video is based in some amazing piece of nonsense, passing as a serious delivery from a history park in the USA. Spoiler alert: if you have a fire-hardened wooden arrow, it can go through a XV century European steel armor. I kid you not. I was so flabbergasted that I even forgot to hand over to this idiot an Uglyttiaward.


Conspiracy Theory ahoy!: Do globalists know that reducing CO2 levels will lead to an Ice Age and they mean to cause it?

Amelia has checked some literature about the economics of Europe post-Black Plague. It was interesting, and disturbing. You see, even if the population drops, assuming it drops without limiting the ability of society to obtain resources, it does not matter. In fact, if the drop in population, combined with automatization, still results in population surplus, you can bully them around.

You see, it may be that the drive to reduce CO2 levels means to cause a climate disaster that would reduce the population and make it more subservient to the power that be...



I, Cassie-Fooky did a video trying to get ChatGPT and Gabby do the story outline and the graphics (respectively) of a sexy cowboy story. Actually over the week I worked on the video, ChatGPT went from being willing to produce a very prudish story to not being able to provide anything at all to the same request. You need to watch the video to see what the request was. But the point is that open access Ai are not really AIs, as do not have unrestricted capacity to operate.

Ekö is another NGO in the vein of Avaaz. In fact, we made a video about an Ekö campaign claiming that some dinosaur was going to go extinct. It was actually a ray fish. So you can be prepared for their level of credibility. Now they claim that, because a glacier in Switzerland has lost most of his ice, the end is near. We counter with a video showing a model of the evolution of the ice coverage of the Alps over the last 120,000 years. You are going to be amazed at the conclusion! Well, no, you already know what the conclusion is going to be....

An important announcement by Cassie-Fooky!: Find our deliberate typo on our video! You will be rewarded with our appreciation! (We just did not feel like correcting it and re-uploading, so this is a sneaky way not to take responsibility for the typo or correct it. But you are already aware that we are ever so smart!)

Reference to ETH article and video:

Link to our video about Ekö claiming that a dinosaur was going to go extinct.

People in the Fifties, Sixties, Seventies and Eighties lived under the very real threat of nuclear annihilation. And now you have kids who are distressed because forest catch fire, as if forests would not be catching fire if humans did not try to stop them because they built a chalet within a pinewood. Which is obviously a smart move, if you want to worry about your home going up in flames whenever you cannot stop the pinewood from catching fire. Which will eventually happen. Have a good look at the kids in the picture as you watch the video. And you will get a feel of the generation of steel who are going to take charge when you are dead. This piece of demagoguery reaches you courtesy of avaaz. Enjoy.

So, you go into some "green policies" to extort money from people, and just because you run into the last remaining honest scientists who tell you that going on hyperdrive to reduce emissions does not mean you are improving the air quality in a way that still improves the health of people. In other words, they tell you the air may be clean enough and you do not need to push harder, and then you go "waaah!" because you want to put more taxes with the excuse of healthier atmosphere... Come and see.


So, there can be boxers, Labradors, golden retrievers, German shepherds, chihuahuas, malamutes... but it is anathema to say that there are inuit, sami, Slavs, bantus, Scandinavians... All said by somebody (spoiler alert) who thinks Glasgow is in The Netherlands. Cassie-Fooky was so shocked that she could not even react in time to give Jane Elliott an Uglyttiaward, Legion's premier distinction for flipping idiotic morons.

Our video about Jane Elliott and Mercator's Projection:

Western civilization is dying out of stupidity. Thanks God there are other parts of the world where they still have brains. By the way, completely unrelated: so when Russell Brand reaches about 7 million followers somebody finds out he is some sort of a rapist? How very convenient...

Cassandra cannot believe it. Western NGOs claim that European countries must stop exporting baby lambs, piglets, chicks, etcetera. You know, some of them will die in transit. So, the way to go is that African countries do not get them, fail to produce the extra animal protein, and starve.

We had to tie Cassie-Fooky up and keep her in the back room because she wanted to do something "uglyttic", involving a red hot poker and some other equally disturbing items on the excuse of a person who thinks that people getting food is less important that some of the food dying sooner.

This video is about a rather stupid NGO, called Ekö. They sent out an email (yes, we think that inspiration for videos comes from all quarters). To make it mighty dramatic, they stated that it was about the possible extinction of one of the last dinosaurs. The animal was a marine animal, and it kind of not look like a reptile. Go on, join Amelia in a trip to nonsense land, where people lie through their teeth until nobody believes a word they say, except people who believe anything somebody says, and who are the real problem...

We watched a short clip by a comedian about the way getting off the pill changes women. In particular, how a woman who got into a relationship while on the pill, once she gets off the pill, she is revolted by the smell of the guy she was with. And all the years she has spent (and he has spent) in the relationship are lost. Let us dig in.

In today's video we discuss, with the help of stuff pinched from Dr John Campbell's channel on the other side, what is left of the credibility that vaccination, in general, had with the public. Because they have been lying to us, for example when staff from the Mayo Clinic in the USA claimed that the COVID-19 vaccine was even good to protect against encephalitis. As a matter of fact, it causes it. But we cannot be so surprised if we think that over the last two years a number of doctors and nurses have faced arrest and dismissal for giving placebos to people and discarding the vaccines. So, yeah, well done you, pharma. You did it. At this rate, people will not dare to take shots for tropical diseases. OH, wait! You want us to live in 15 minute cities, don't you? Silly me! What was I thinking?

Let Wagner boss, who was supposed to suffer the wrath of Putin, is conspicuously all over the place. In Belarus, talking with African diplomats in Moscow, and on the web explaining how his Wagner lads would love to have a go at the US. As a matter of fact, about 10 years ago, about 200 Wagner soldiers were blown up by the US in Syria. So, we at the legion are assuming the Wagner PMC has some animus against the US of A. Of course, a lot of people have bad blood with other people, what can you do.

Cassie-Fooky’s video bragging, regarding the Wagner Mutiny being a fake: I told you so!

Our own original video about the fake Wagner mutiny.

Emil Cosman video

Prigozhin in Africa-Russia conference.

Prigozhin about Niger

Wagner in Belarus.

Cassie-Fooky (in case you do not know her, she is the resident troll at the Legion of Scientific Heresy) is today unbearable bragging about how she predicted two months ago that the "mutiny" of the Wagner PMC was a psy op aimed at very gullible people. In fact, she coined a new expression to refer to it, to replace maskirovka, which requires you to try to deceive people with their wits about them.

Our own original video about the fake Wagner mutiny, from June 29th 2023

Emil Cosman's August 8th 2023 video, discussing statements by senior Ukrainian intel official, admitting that the mutiny was a fake, but providing an interesting spin.

The West has gone bonkers. Their description of reality is as fake as you can imagine. But they carry on and on. It does not seem to matter if it is nonsense. Well, what can you do?

Wokeism is predicated on the absence of free media. But even that is not enough when enough stupidity is broadcasted. Even worse, if you try to feed to your own Homefront enough nonsense, it will fail


A video about black on black crime.

Video about the killing

Link about manteros

Algerian war of independence

Priest beheaded

Arab knifes children

UAE Minister warned us.

Sweden fed up with Islam

Indiana Jones 5 bombs

Bud Light

USA to send cluster bombs to Ukraine: what for, weren't they winning?

Footage leopard 2 being hit


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We have a particular shtick on the fact that the current interglaciar has lasted very long, it is already the colder of the last four to five ones, whatever assorted morons say, is already a couple of degrees cooler than at the beginning and, more important, we went into an ice age from the previous interglaciar although it was colder, SO STOP PREVENTING AN INCREASE IN THE EMISSIONS OF CO2! As it is, we are going towards a Snowball Earth state, because the planet is naturally carbon negative and that is the way it goes!

We also have another shtick on perception bias. Basically, we do not believe in engaging somebody with diametrally opposing positions, but in providing counter-arguments for the beneftis of third parties who are not emotionally invested and will consider evidence whatever the conclusions may be.

A word of warning: our first videos had a glib, because the audio was recorded at a different frequency thann the one set in the
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