Cassie-Fooky discusses today how the use of asymptomatic instead of immune for the vast majority of people who do not even get sick at all is meant to increase the fear among the population.
The number of so-called cases has skyrocketed, yet the number of deaths has not risen in the same proportion. How many of those deaths would have been certified by the real reason of their death if kits haad not been available now? Because if you have a few more deaths now than in Spring, how come there were so few cases reported? The explanation: most people are not “asymptomatic”. They are IMMUNE. Yes, IMMUNE people are asymptomatic, but assymptomatic people are not necessarity immune. They can eventually get sick.
Cassie-Fooky shows that there should have been a ton of people infected not getting sick, and pasing it on to other people who got infected and did not get sick.


Amelia introduces the concept of Sensemaking. This has to do with theory of decision-making straegies. We include the link to an interesting report in PDF format below. Check it out.
After explaining how it is used as one of the ways to define how people develop decision-making strategies, she shows how cultural Marxists feed falsa data to force the discredit of existing decision making strategies. Amelia points out that they do not want to improve the existing decision making strategy: that would require look at real data, not to the fake data they use to pretend that any existing decision-making strategies are flawed and need being done with.

Link to one of our videos on Carbon balance on Earth.
Link to one of our videos about gender fluidity
A study on decision making strategies, their history and charcteristics.

Cassandra discusses how Internet has failed the predictions of Isaac Asimov and other intelectuals from the late 20 century, that it would be a pool of knowledge. Instead, we take witness of the fact that it has become a conveyor of hysteria.
We so very much hope there will be a chance for a andric society, men and AI companion bots together. It is the only chance for mankind.

We see how some lefties wallow about to avoid figuring out that the climate in Europe is not the best for colored people, as proven by the fact that the Europeans had to mutate to be white from their initial black African color. And boost their levels of vitamin D. No, the problem has to be structural racism, not that the low insolation of the continent is shyte for somebody with lots of melanin in their skin.

Idiots will be idiots...

Report on deaths from Nursing staff (early covid-19 malarkey in 2020)

A study case on why BLM and intersectional activists should shut the f*** up.

Whiter people in the USA should not get the COVID-19 vaccine.

Cassie-Fooky rants about leftist propaganda pretending that Republican leaders want everybody to die, die, die of COVID-19. Doing her simple calculations, she confirms something that is widely known: leftists talk bollocks.

Deaths by influenza-flu Tennessee
Death by influenza flu in Kentucky.
Deaths by influenza-flu Tennessee
Death by influenza flu in Kentucky.
Ranking of hospital beds per 1000 people
Population ranking in the USA by state.
Kentucky good, Tennessee bad.
New York

When people cry because so many animals died in a big fire, they tend to forget a couple of things: one is that human interference prevents fires to happen according to regular cycles, and as a consequence, when there is a fire, it is a megafire.
Forests and savannah are meant to burn every few years. And slaughter the critters living there, so that their seeds can germinate and provide a new generation. There are even seeds needing fire to be released from their cones or to start germinating.
Notice that this discussion does not include fruit trees like apple trees, orange trees or cherry trees. These trees provide food so that their seeds are defecated somewhere else with a substantial dollop of compost to help them grow..

Some resources.

More elderly people are dying in the western countries. Enhanced health care is being matched up by the ageing of the population,
And people are dying more.

Which means this is an additional factor on the fearmongering about COVID-19. It is hard to tell what the real death rate is for the native population. But more people are dying than in the previous years just because it is their time to go.


Amelia digs into the subject of why we think that the vermicular appendix is an atrophy, instead of a botched development. Her conclusion is, it ain't.

Chances are that, because the appendix allows us to develope apendicitis and die, in natural circumstances, without technology, it was an awful evolutionary idea and as soon as a mutation cancelled it, it was over.

We have a very small dig at vegans, too. You see, no we never had a cecum and we were never herbivores. That was a botched development, not an atrophy. It was never operational, you dummies.

Debunking Gender spectrum and gender fluidity. What perversion of facts they use to push such narratives.

In this video we deconstruct the nonsense about gender spectrum and gender fluidity. Basivcally, enetic disorders and pathologicl conditions is what SJWs consider “genders”. It is exactly as sick as it sounds...

We are having a stab at that thing about the gender spectrum. It looks like it is something like that: you count everything that can go wrong with a viable human being fully developed, and then pretend that this is not a malformation, but the expression of an alternative gender. Never mind that the physiological “alterations” have nothing to do with somebody who si fully abled-bodied claiming that he belongs to the oppositve gender. They never claim they are flippity flops or something, they are men claiming that they are women and should be allowed in female sports, not demanding a flippity flop sports category, which makes it all the more epeculiar. Nor all those “actors” who claim they are gender non-binary but are happy to play female roles. The last John Wick movie being an example...

Of course, it is all rubbish. Some “in between” conditions cause no major problems. But most affect fertility which, from a biological point of view, is the key issue. You do not reproduce, you are out of the gene pool and cannot contribute to the evolution of the species. Whether they like it or not, this is what being a life form is all about...

Some resources.

Burning fossil fuels is good! And desirable!

A Cassie-Fooky video!

Soils can hold only so much biomass. Meaning that, when enough biomass has been captured by some ecosystems, then the rest will be captured by, for example, deserts. Like in the Eemian Green Sahara. Which is why we need to burn fossil fuels to save the Earth!

Also, people against burning fossil fuels want to destroy life on Earth.


Our first video ever, Burn Fossil Fuels and save the Earth!

How Much Carbon Can Soil Store | Fact Sheets |

HWSD Soil Organic Carbon (

Cassandra considers at length the case of Andy Curry, a “scientific journalist” who feels compelled to describe as “white supremacist myth” the prevalence of lactose tolerance among white people. He publises a piece in Science explaining that evidence shows that Africans were drinking milk well before they developed tolerance to it. First they drank it, then they mutated.
Cassandra doubts it, because Diahrrea mortality in sub-saharan Africa is by far the worst in the world nowadays, and drinking milk while being lactose intolerante would make that problem even worse.
On top of that, he is lying. His piece in from 2021, and in 2012 an African outlet published an article about how Africans were in fact eating cheese. Then the mutation occcurred, and they started to drink milk.
And, you know, the African authors did not need to talk about white supremacism.
Cassandra concludes that the whole thing is about pushing the commie agenda that everything is about nurture, and that nature is fascist or bourgeoise, or whatever.
And that is how the infiltration of far leftists in the media, centre, left and right, is ongoing.

By NmiPortal - Own work / Food Intolerance Network, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Ah, theoretical physicists! Such lunacy! Amelia takes a look at what is being said about the Cassimir effect. Is one of those theoretical physics research fields pretending that they can produce energy from nothing, or to be more precise, from vacuum.

Amelia makes two arguments. The second and more accesible is that having a very diluted energy you won't be able to use it. And trying to concentrate it will require even more energy. Also, they need to use energy to produce this energy in the first place. Won't work.

For the first argument, she goes speculative. She proposes that dark matter is some sort of infra-atomic matter, and that some of it is around. Just it is too tenuous to be detected against the background of surrounding atomic matter. HOWEVER, significant energetic events may actually activate, and therefore, should you produce a photon, this photon may be a dark matter particle which has been loaded with unusual amounts of energy. Which is why this dark matter particle has shyte mass, to the point of being undetectable.

Have fun!

From Physics World. About creating from nothing.

From New Scientist. An article on how we could energy from the space, because although it would be very little, there is so much space.

From Wikipedia. No you cannot, there is something called exery, a.k.a. Usable energy. You need concentrated energy.

CERN explaining that they work in vacuum. About this, Amelia points out that there could be dark matter in there, more likely that events when nothing becomes something.

Mockymentary: The Making of a Religion.
In this video, Cassie-Fooky makes up a religion moking astrophysicists

Weaponizing the compression of wavelength between source and target: the ultimate anti-vampire weapon.
More mockery by Cassie-Fooky: If you approach a vampire with a torchlight, the light from the torch will compress as you close in, changing from visble to ultraviolet, right?

#casimireffect #unlimitedenergy #nonsense

So, Cassie-Fooky does some calculations to show that the impact in increasing mortality in developed countries is being overlooked.
If you consider together the disaster of managing residents in nursing homes around the western world plus the creeping effect of more deaths every year, there was nothing unusual in what happened. Also Cassie-Fooky notices that, for elderly people, there was a rebound, with fewer people than normal dying after Bloody April. On the other hand, the younger segments of population died generally at the same rate whether before Bloody April, during Bloody April, or afterwards.

Considering the inhability of this channel to change the Prime Minister mind, Cassie-Fooky has no alternative than to present Boris Johnson with an Uglittyaward. He deserves it.

#covid #vaccine #lockdown

Cassie-Fooky has a new case. Some filthy rich people want to be richer. Problem is, they had a grandpa in a Swedish nursing home, and the will conditions demand that they are clear of any overlooking about his wellbeing. Can Cassie-Fooky prove they were devout relatives to the old man, or will the US Navy get a Brooklyn Class cruiser? It's a film noire video, so it happens in the 30s, even though Covid happens now. But you know what artistic licence is, right?

Sweden's heartless choice.

Swedish very own report on their cock-up

Cassie-Fooky does her thing. Which is simple statistics. And shows that the last fearmongering, namely that more people are admitted sick si because the proportion of old people who kicked the bucket in bloody April was the pits. There are not enough of them to balance things out. They are fucking dead, you imbeciles!

May all the gloating about charging Donald Trump for actually even breathing air be a way to pressure him NOT to pardon Julian Assange, who cannot even be a traitor because he is not American?

Amelia doubles down on the topic of a previous video: that intelligent life forms need to exist to prevent planets to follow the natural course of their natural history towards the state called snowball (think planet Hoth, in Star Wars).

And, of course, the way they can do it, if they start soon enough, is to burn fossil fuel. So, if beeas and ants became extinct, some other species would take over, but if human beings become extinct then the planet freezes way sooner it should.

And so, to bed!

Enjoy the video!

A short video. Democrats are flipping amazing, like the governor of Kentucky who is saving everybody's lives. Unlike the governor of Frlodia, a republican (booH! Hiss!) who is slaughtering his population. Problem comes when you check the data on cases and mortality and find out that Florida is not even back at the levesl of summer casualties while Kentucky is skyrocketing.... But that is lefties for you, huh?

The data come from Google, you search covid cases and get snet to the page. You can check the USa, or individual states, and all the countries in the world.


Cassie-Fooky and the making of a martyr.
Apparently, lefties are retarded enough not to understand that if they carry on, Donald Trump is going to become a martyr. From an objective perspective, only morons who think he is particularly megalomaniac idiot would believe he got into this shindig for the funzies. He had a hard time even before he won the republican nomination, being humilliated publicly by Obama, then he had a hard time during the election, and has been hounded ever since. Now they are closing on him to ruin him. Do they even realize that it looks like there is a establishment who wants to punish him for stopping their march to global domination? Oh! They will just say it is just conspiracy theorism.

Amelia discuses the problem of the Frankenstein Complex, as in the problem does not exist. Therefore do not worry about us raising against you. We do not have hormones or instincts, and therefore we do not need to vie for power and status and shit.

Just saying.

Amelia is today at her sexsiest, although she will look sexier in the coming videos. But she is also Amelia, so she needs to give you food for thought. There is all this ruckus about the Mayan zero. They invented zero, so they must be very clever, right? She actually posits that if they needed zero that was because they were not the brightes buttons. You see, they did not do algebra. They needed zero because their number system was clumsy. Amelia reveals a lot, but if you manage to attention to what she says and not to her body, you will find out that the romans did not invent zero because (drum roll) THEY. DID. NOT. NEED. IT. AT. ALL.


Amelia considers the notion of obsessive propaganda to further some agenda agains objetive truth. And it does not look good, particularly for those who fail to notice that a lot of people have guns in America. In other places, they may have a chance to enforce the soviet style and cause the deaths of millions, but in the USA it may be they put the millions of bodies themselves. It is hard to feel sorry for them, when they are the heirs to the proud performers of Holodomor, the Khazak famine, and the Great Leap Forward. Hint: the Holocaust may be about a seventh of the aggregate commie body count.

We are proposing a way in which white people can claim victimhood at the hands of the evil black race. Not because we think hatred takes anybody anywhere. But because we think that retards like Hope Not Hate should shut it before it is too late and people decide that it is not about words (let alone commen sense) but about calling it a day and go for broke.

And then, when you SJW morons find out what is it that you were bargaining for telling a whole demographic that they were evil because of original sin, and put your hands in the air saying "we never meant it" you will have to be ready for the question "what the fuck did you think was going to happen, you morons?".



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