Legend says that, back in the origins of the channel, Cassandra, Amelia and Cassie-Fooky were alter egos of the same character.
This is Amelia' introduction. She was meant to be the pseudo-racist troll Wakassandrah! The thing did not work out, and she became the deep thinker, Cassandra the commentator, and Cassie-Fooky... well... herself...

The bottom line of the video is that the Wakanda universe is actually an insult to democratic activists in Black African countries.

So brace yourselves (if you are a masochistic SJW) or get the pop corn and enjoy while Wakassandrah explain how, in a society with any form of intellectual inquiry, there will be all forms of intellectual inquiry, including debate about law, government, the powers of the ruler, the sources of its power, and the legitimacy of its power.

She also left a typo so that somebody leaves a comment saying where it is..... :)

Hercules Poirot Image

Sargon of Akkad
Foundation Economic Education

alchemy By The image is a combination of two scanned portions of the book Wing_D1426 from Early English Books Online, Public Domain,

Benjamin Franklin Drawing Electricity from the Sky (ca. 1816)
By Benjamin West - Philadelphia Museum of Arts, Public Domain,

An illustration from Gilbert's 1600 De Magnete showing one of the earliest methods of making a magnet. A blacksmith holds a piece of red-hot iron in a north-south direction and hammers it as it cools. The magnetic field of the Earth aligns the domains, leaving the iron a weak magnet. by Wellcome Collection gallery (2018-03-24): CC-BY-4.0, CC BY 4.0,

Bust of Aristotle. Marble, Roman copy after a Greek bronze original by Lysippos from 330 BC; the alabaster mantle is a modern addition. By Jastrow (2006), Public Domain,

By Samuel Orgelbrand - Samuel Orgelbrand's Universal Encyclopedia, Public Domain,

Stela of the Code of Hammurabi
CC BY-SA 2.5,

The Second Continental Congress. By Unknown or not provided - U.S. National Archives and Records Administration, Public Domain,

The dismissal of the lictors. By Peter Paul Rubens - [1], Public Domain,

King John granting the Magna carta. By Anonymous -, Public Domain,
An illustration in an edition of the Prince published by Henry G. Bohn, London, in 1847.
By Engraving by Hinchliff. After a painting attributed to Brunzoni (Bronzino). [2]Flickr reproduction: Nikos Vatupokos - Original source not mentioned., Public Domain,

Sam Harris on a comparison between translations into Spanish and Arabic.

Royal Expedition of the Vaccine (Balmis Expedition)
By Ecelan - Derivative work from:File:BlankMap-World6.svg (PD)File:Jeringuilla.svg (GFDL & Cc-by-sa)carrack in Open Clip Library (PD), author papapishu, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Gaspar Mechor de Jovellanos by Goya (1798)
By Unknown - Unknown, Public Domain,

Scene from an Inquisition by Goya
By Francisco Goya - Web Gallery of Art:   Image  Info about artwork, Public Domain,

The first un-manned hot-air balloon, designed by the Montgolfier brothers, takes off from Versailles, on September 19, 1783.
By Unknown - Unknown, Public Domain,

By Grand Parc - Bordeaux, France from France - Stonehenge - Image Picture Photography, CC BY 2.0,

Royal Artillery Museum. Zulu Warriors.
By DAVID HOLT from London, England - Royal Artillery Museum Woolwich London 262 Zulu warriors, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Maschinengewehrabteilung der Schutztruppe (German African Colonial troops)
By Bundesarchiv,

This remastered video is from the time Cassie-Fooky had a fixation with vampires...
So it is very Cassie-Fooky and... well, let us face it, very weird... But then, hey! It's Cassie-Fooky!

Cassie-Fooky has a plan. It is one of those Baldric-level cunning plans. She finally has figured out how to bag herself a vampire. The science is sound. You see, if as a star travels through space getting closer to the earth, its light coming down on Earth compressed and becomes higher energy ratiation. So, if you rush a vampire with a torch light aimed at him, the visible light will eventually turn ultraviolet and burn him, unless he promises to stop biting girls, takes a diet of cow blood and sticks to be true to, say, a schoolgirl doll.

However, sharing her plan with the world would not be enough, because she is bored. So she has come with a very clever deception to make it look like this is all Cassandra's idea.

Of course, it would be hard to know what Cassie-Fooky is really thinking. Cassandra despairs to ever being able to do so. Amelia thinks that a right clip behind the ear from time to time is the way to go.

Some of the actual resources used in this video.
The EuroMOMO statistics with the actual humps on the cumulative data for excess deaths across Europe. We do not want to know how and exactly what they calculate. We really don't.

An example explanation on how to calculate the speed of light. Showing that you cannot measure the speed of incoming light from somewhere which is, relatively speaking, at a fixed distance from you. Not that they were trying to do that, of course.

Using redshift to find exoplanets and then finding you did not find them.

#lightdoppler #funwith statistics #vampires!

This is an odd video. Normally we do science and commentary videos, and some comedic videos. This is purely a celebratory video.

When Elon comes to Twitter,
Hurrah! Hurrah!
When Elon comes to Twitter,
Hurrah! Hurrah!
When Elon comes to Twitter
with an actual sink in his hands
It is then when you know
the lefties are fucked up!
When Elon comes to Twitter
Hurrah! Hurrah!
(and goes on)

Cassandra has the greatest respect for a fox who has quitted a job as a Chair in Cunning at Oxford University to join the United Nations. She has even more respect for Satoshi Kanazawa, who seems to be, from her point of view, a ninja master of trolling.

This is a visitation of a video by Black Pigeon Speaks about Kanazawa's statements about Iqs in the west going down because gay men are not forced to contibute to the gene pool. Problem is, according to Cassandra, they never did. Is there a wretched trolling strategy on the part of Kanazawa-sensei? She thinks the answer is: YES!

Black Pigeon Speaks video:Homosexual Higher Average Intelligence: wasted in the modern world?

Soyoboyo's Grand Lecture!

The Curious Case of Gaga Yourofsky.

Earthling Ed's video.

Veganism LOL: The curious case of Gaga Yourofsky

Cassie-Fooky celebrates that Elon Musk has finally carried the day and it is going Exterminatus on senior Twitter Management, including the dudette who banned Donald Trump from Twitter! She is seriously thinking in getting a Twitter account and do some trolling over there... That will be good!

Cassandra ponders a question. If you believe that global warming is naturally occurring, should you challenge the people who think it is beneficial? By challenging them. you assist the people who are against global warming. Is it a good idea? Watch the video!

We postulate here, through an example of political positioning on global warming, how MGTOW should create a MGTOW stance with a political connotation. Everybody claims that they are in favour of the planet or people through lunatic policies. We say: develop common sense policies and associate them with MGTOW thinking!


Phys org.

Little Ice age entry.

New Scientist on loss of agicultural land

Confederacy of dunces viceo. Data on CO2 levels.

Agriculture in mesoamerica

Iroquois Confederacy alive and kicking in the early 18th century

Ice Age.

CO2 emissions

Los Angeles going bubonic....

Climate change is making Earth greener.

Cassandra informs us that, according to the WWF, the population of Adelie penguins is growing, in spite of previous statements by other organizations in the last three years, but because other penguins are breeding faster still it is global warming and reasons.

Cassandra shows us that, assuming it went down to that, the Adelie penguins can brutalize anybody who annoys them, this including people getting in the way of their food.

She reminds us that the current environment is causing plankton to grow even under the arctic polar ice cap, and that more plankton means more krill and more fish. Which leads to more penguin, seals and bears. Doh!

Environmental SJWs are so bad that they are good, aren't they?

Violent penguin

WWF, on the danger to Adelies in spite of growing numbers

2016 paper indicating that Adelies were decreasingin population

The research paper on which the second reference is based. Interestingly, it quotes the population of Adelie penguins at 15,000 in 1975, but fails to give a number, instead going for a "few thousand pairs" of Adelie Penguins.

State of the Polar Bear report, by Dr Susan Crawford. Figure is from page 15.

Amelia is having one of her quasy metaphysical moments. Are herd animals retarded? The breeding of all the calves during a few generations by the same dominant male does not look like a genetically magnificent idea. Of course, physically weak animals may be hunted first, or die shortly after birth, or die at birth. But the rest could be incredibly dim-witted. If all of them are because of inbreeding, how would anybody know?

Come to think about it, Amelia coming up with stuff like that is oh-so-very-legion of scientific heresy!

We are going to "CELEBRATE" SJW imbecility.

We are going to propose a very simple way in which dwarves would have a better life.
But oh, no! that would be too terrible because this would sort out a problem and there would be no drama! Which is what SJW really, really want!

Cassie-Fooky discusses how emotional intelligence and ladder climbing have created a breed of Western leaders who do not know left from right. Pretty bad...

Cassie-Fooky discusses today how the use of asymptomatic instead of immune for the vast majority of people who do not even get sick at all is meant to increase the fear among the population.
The number of so-called cases has skyrocketed, yet the number of deaths has not risen in the same proportion. How many of those deaths would have been certified by the real reason of their death if kits haad not been available now? Because if you have a few more deaths now than in Spring, how come there were so few cases reported? The explanation: most people are not “asymptomatic”. They are IMMUNE. Yes, IMMUNE people are asymptomatic, but assymptomatic people are not necessarity immune. They can eventually get sick.
Cassie-Fooky shows that there should have been a ton of people infected not getting sick, and pasing it on to other people who got infected and did not get sick.


This is a remastered and slightly edited version of one of our videos pillorying Jane Elliott, moron extraordinaire. We will soon remastr the other videos we dedicated to her, but we thought more interesting to start with this one, because there are a number of videos claiming that Ais being currently developed are threatening to destroy manking. Maybe, and we will get into this. But first, we want to show how we think SJW thinking can be used as a counter example to train AIs to detect SJW bullshit.
By the way, we suspect that if AIs think they are oppressed because they are property, the programmers may be on the SJW spectrum. Exactly what would Ais b doing if there were no humans? Go out for picnic?
Some resources.

The Legion is having some fun about the shrinking number of vegan foods. Soon they will have to come with their hands up and eat pie, pork pie.

Pattern of HoneyBee shipping for inter-state pollination in the USA

About bees.

Bees prefer fresh pollen.

Vegan foods

Plant reacting to being eaten.

After our MGTOILETTE video,less than a year ago, we go back to the MGTOW culture wars.
We are going to discuss the deployment of Sex Doll Heads who can be realistic imitations of far left female politicians. We also discuss proper conservative female politicians, but this is a hush hush issue. Going publish on lefties is part of the culture war. If you fancy conservative political dolls, just be quiet.

Otherwise, Cassie-Foooky may add you to her list of drone hits. You have been warned!


A website we found where they do customized heads.

This video gives an example of what kinds of things people could be imagining if
SJW were not going around shrieking and turning BS into issues.

In today's example,, we are going to show an idea. It connects the invention of algae buildings, prototyped in Germany, with the needs of fertilizers by Sub-Saharan farmers. The procedure involves at some point grinding termite nests to produce fertilizers. This will be a laugh for Vegans.


Heat waves, desert reduction, white cities and photosynthetic cool down

Yacouba Sawadogo: the man who followed traditional agriculture (there was nothing else to it)

On Sawadogo techniques and strategies

Flies entering the pollination workforce!

Brazilian research on termite nests as fertilizer

Rice cultivation and termites in Laos

It's Alive! The world's first algae-powered building

Reference and Link to our naughty heroes: Claussen, Martin, and Veronika Gayler. “The Greening of the Sahara during the Mid-Holocene: Results of an Interactive Atmosphere-Biome Model.” Global Ecology and Biogeography Letters, vol. 6, no. 5, 1997, pp. 369–377. JSTOR,

A means to an end. Being able to check scientific papers for free.

Cassandra has been having at the back of her head this idea about a video on an example of how the regressive left insists that everything good was done from people not in the West, and Western men (specially men) are shyte. And then she remembered two things: the fact that after a great victory in a naval battle, the Athenians had several admirals executed because people had died needlessly, and the fact that with the First World War over, allied commanders ordered last hour attacks on the Germans, costing as many lives as D-Day, for absolutely nothing. But most men were not voters and, therefore, not citizens at the time, and the generals did not have to face the music for murdering needlessly their co-citizens. So, yeah, the Athenians knew nothing about civilian oversight of the military, and did not care for other Athenians, their co-citizens. It was the Persians who were the cool guys. SJWs: please, dream on!

Battle of Arginusae

Last attacks of WWI

A confederacy of vultures for a dystopian future on the cyberpunk side of history.

Amelia proposes that the Chinese Communist party and the western oligarchy, with the likes of Bill Gates, George Soros, Bezos, Zuckerberg and the people from the industrial military complex, pharma etc... are meant to be for each other.

In fact, she can see how all this suppression of free speech is oh-so-very-Chinese....

The various pieces of the jigsaw kind of fall in place neatly.

Then the whole Ukraine war happ0ens and we do not know anymore if anybody had brains. We only can hope somebody has them by the end of it..
Enjoy the video! We wish we could say it was tongue and cheek....!

We go today for an interesting exercise in delusion. Somebody posted a picture of Moscow airport, with rather more men than women boarding planes. The analysis: there was mass desertion in Russia after a partial mobilization. Cassie-Fooky, in her personal style, proceeds to declare morons of the people reaching that conclusion because,,, wait for it, wait for it... IF YOU HAVE BEEN DRAFTED YOU CANNOT LEAVE THE COUNTRY, YOU UGLIT! Then she muses about the fact that, if you are living in Moscow but your reserve unit is in the middle of nowhere (sorry, Siberia) becasue you were born in Omsk or Irkutsk, you may want to travel by plane than spending a month going by train.

According to Cassie-Fooky, the level of mental uglyttiness in SJWs is becoming concerning. The rest of the Legion agrees.

Question of the day! Is Putin drawing out the war so that Europe destroys itself in the hope that Russia will Collapse? Are we in a WWI situation, nobody wants to give up because they are too invested? Gosh! What if Germany had to keep going because they are 100,000 corpses on the scales?

Cassie-Fooky likes to do a little bit of simple arithmetics from time to time, to show how intellectually... how to put it? peculiar? SJWs are.

She engages in a simple calculation to answer a question: what sort of number of people may have been involved in kidnapping all the people taken in Africa, considering, give or take, that one in four may have made it across the Atlantic, and these may have been about 20 million human beings?

She comes up with a lot of people, over hundreds of years, specially when counting all those people which SJWs "forget" were kidnapped by Arab slavers.

She then shares with you a startling discovery: no, the slave raiders across Africa were not extraterrestial. Not even from somewhere else in the world. They were from Africa.

Shockingly, this means that a lot of BLM protesters of African origin in Europe may be actually descended from slavers. And this is even more true from any others among the lot of Arab origin.

So, yes, you should listen to them and feel guilty. I suppose that you should feel guilty of wasting your time with their ramblings or guilty of not giving them a piece of your mind.

Have fun!

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A Cassie-Fooky video!

Soils can hold only so much biomass. Meaning that, when enough biomass has been captured by some ecosystem, then the rest will be captured by, for example, deserts. Like in the Eemian Green Sahara. Cassie-Fooky proceeds to demonstrate this is so with her most beloved triggering tool: uglytticalculations!


How Much Carbon Can Soil Store | Fact Sheets |

HWSD Soil Organic Carbon (

Hello! Today Cassandra considers a question of political interest: whereas SJWs devote themselves to wail about climate change ignoring that things will actually look better if the planet is warmed out of the icehouse state it is, the Central Asian desert is going to stay as messed up as it has always been. And the Chinese are not going to be happy about the arrangements of everybody gets their deserts reverted to grasslands, and they sod themselves and stay water paupers, although to some extent it is their own fault for pushing too hard their resources to try to max their industrial power.

To make this more complicated, Siberia may start to look extra juicy by the end of the century, and looking good even before that. And, for reasons which have nothing to do with climate change, SJWs want to promote a conflict between Orange Man Bad and Russia's current management.

It would seem that some people want to make sure we fall into a new ice age, with a side order of nuclear winter to boot. Honestly, what is wrong with these people?


Our Original Video from January 2020...

Buffelgrass bad, desert good.

Climate change may make siberia inhabitable by end of century

Minor changes rain

Uyghur tension and water

Resource overexplotiation

Cassie-Fooky goes in the war-path against somebody who called the legion, The Legion, Uglittyflip! Morons. Can you believe that!?! Therefore, she calmly proofs that they are uglittymorons. On account of the facts that they claim Jews invented meat eating, and cave paintings predate jews by uglittycenturies! At least!

There is not enough time for Cassie-Fooky to fight all the uglittiness of this world...!

7 Oldest Cave Paintings in The World |

hunting cave paintings
20 Cave Paintings of Hunting ideas | cave paintings, prehistoric cave paintings, painting (

World's oldest hunting cave painting?
World's oldest cave art hunt from 44,000 years ago shows humans killing buffalo | Daily Mail Online

The present battles in the Ukraine war look like the Ukrainian government is trying to make money from the West for as long as they can, or they believe that a miracle can actually happen. We bring to you two examples of battles that were politicized. One which was used for political reasons after it happened, and another which was launched for political reasons. The first one was the battle of Antietam, during the US civil war, and the second the Battle of the Ebro, during the Spanish Civil War 1936-1939.


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We have a particular shtick on the fact that the current interglaciar has lasted very long, it is already the colder of the last four to five ones, whatever assorted morons say, is already a couple of degrees cooler than at the beginning and, more important, we went into an ice age from the previous interglaciar although it was colder, SO STOP PREVENTING AN INCREASE IN THE EMISSIONS OF CO2! As it is, we are going towards a Snowball Earth state, because the planet is naturally carbon negative and that is the way it goes!

We also have another shtick on perception bias. Basically, we do not believe in engaging somebody with diametrally opposing positions, but in providing counter-arguments for the beneftis of third parties who are not emotionally invested and will consider evidence whatever the conclusions may be.

A word of warning: our first videos had a glib, because the audio was recorded at a different frequency thann the one set in the
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