After months of retarded SJWs saying that Hydroxychloroquine cannot work and that people being suspicious about shit going on trying to prevent its use were conspiracy theorists, we have the final ruling. HCQ works a treat. As long as you deliver it very early in the disease or as a preventive treatment, as a short course because you cannot keep giving it forever to somebody, COVID or not COVID. So, no, it won't prevent people from getting COVID (the few that actually get it), but if you enter hospital because you are sick with COVID and they give you HCQ, your chances of dying are halved. So, let us thank all those SJW psychos, who want to infuse politics on everything for all the people who have died because they are miserable excuses for human beings. Say! are you ever going to find out that communism does not work because you always make everything about politics and drama, as a consequence of your inhability to do anythingconstructive?

Sources for this video:

We follow a climate scientist called Zeke Hausfather in his quest do demonstrate that he does not understand that, while we remain in the range of temperatures of the interglaciar periods, we risk sinking into an ice age. He also unwillingly gives us have a glimspe to the possibility of ice core temperatures, the ones obtain from glaciers in Greenland and Anctarctica, may be meaningless to match warm periods and cold periods. Which among normal people would bring the question: then what is the point of yoru scaremongering about rise of the temperature in Greenland?

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Hello, this is Cassandra, from the sex doll legion of scientific heresy. We are going to discuss why there is all this hysteria about hydroxychloroquine, and only about hydroxychloroquine.

These are the facts. The whole ruckus about Hydroxychloroquine started when orange man bad suggested it may be good.

Of course, as the Drumpf is totally hitler because this is the current year and reasons and muh russia, mostly to commie libtards and people on the payroll of the chinese communist party, but also to some intersectionally diverse morons, this must put people in danger of dying from the effects of this unknown drug, right?

Regrettably, India has been having reasonably good prophilactic results since March.

Yep! It is not as if there is a conspiracy because a communist world is a greater good. Or something. Because reasons and current year.


Casie-Fooky shows that Sweden went in, had its deaths, and now is out of it. Other countries, trying to hide from the infection, are just delaying the unavoidable: the population must face the infection. Some people will die, and the survivors will be stronger. That is the way of life. By thee way, the infection spike in Czech republic, of very low death rate fame, seems quite high.
Stpp being a buch of pussies.
Or do you want to live forever?

Truly Yours,


Our data are taken from this website

Cassandra analyses the similarities between the onset of a Green Sahara and an Ice Age. Both events involve a phenomenon which cancels solar radiation as a source of heat for the planet. A Green Sahara turns solar radiation into chemical bond instead of heat, and an Ice Age reflects solar radiation back into space.
Because of this, if we get it wrong and prevent our technology to keep heating up the planet, if the onset of an ice age occurs, trying to revert it will be much harder than preventing it to start.

That, of course, assuming that we actually are preventing it, and that the very moderate heating we are experiencing is not a very normal and well known event which already happened several times during this interglacial....

Cassie-Fooky goes ballistic about politics. Specifically, Chinese. She is beginning to wonder if there is a Chinese black hand in the media pushing for loads of non-issues to collapse Western media so that no important matters are discussed. Like the impending ice age or China's policies, for example. In her opinion, China just inherited the bots the Soviet Union created and has gone for it.

The full China Unceonsored video about chinese communist misinformation about japan's militaristic intentions.

One of China Uncensored older videos about the chinese communist party messing the uyghurs up, and pretending that they are actually fighting islamic terrorism.

Bezmenov explaining brainwashing

Cassandra wants to clarify some things. Because we have this one video with an awful like to dislike ratio of 0.5, which comes from people thinking we believe that under the current conditions the Arctic Ice cap will melt. No, we do not. But we think it would be very good if it did. So we are going to clarify the point and, hopefully, you will go back to that video and flipping undo your votes, or countervote them if they weren't yours in the first place.

Our previous videos.
The video which got misunderstood.

Another video we find pretty cool about the evolution of CO2 in the atmosphere and the chances of an intelligent species arriving in time to prevent the planet to go into snowball.
Carbon dioxide and the slim odds for ET life.


Sorry, sometimes we upload the video and go to bed. And then the video does not upload. Or the cover. Sigh! Here we go again....

Having fun with a typical SJW nonsense video about triggering being a made up thing by anti-SJW people, because there were not trigger warnings before, oh, no!

The video has some sarcasm (a lot of it) and, unsurprisingly, Cassie-Fooky wraps it up with an Uglittyaward. If you watch the video, they flipping deserve it!

The website where we found it deserves some free publicity so that you can have fun browsing it:

Amelia does a follow-up on using SJW nonsense to train Artificial Intelligences. She ran into another paper claiming it was debunking the idea that the Chinese had created COVID-19 (frankly, it begins to look as if all those woke journalist are actually drones of the Chinese Communist party) and failing.

But this time Amelia analyses the info from the point of view of the detective work the A I should do to learn about the idiocy. Remember, just programming an A I to identify an SJW as an idiot does not work, the ultimate goal is to teach them to REALLY think critically.






Cassandra resumes the Military History Sexualized series. Two particular offenders amongst movies displaying in WWII submarine warfare in the Atlantic, Greyhound and U-571, serve as reference points for the issue at hand. Hollywood is so keen on forging history that they are the natural SJW activists. You cannot really blame Don Lemon (or Mellon, as Cassie-Fooky prefers to call him) so talk all the nonsense he talks about the American Civil War if you consider Hollywoos economy with historical truth...


Cassie-Fooky checks the British government weekly data on deaths in the UK (all causes) for the current year and compares with the data for 2018. She also takes a look at the evolution of COVID-19 in New York and Sweden. In both places, the number of deaths has dropped to zero. Meaning in Sweden they are out of it, because they did not have lockdown. Meaning that both in New York and the UK they are also out of it, even though they went through lockdown and are freaking out about more cases of COVID-19 and still trying to do isolation stuff instead of letting go of the whole thing. The 2018 data do show a drop in total death rates later in the year. And the data for 2020 suggest that by the end of the year the difference in total deaths between a projection from the death rate until mid march and a projection from the death rate after COV ID-19 caused a surge in deaths will be less than the peak difference in the number of deaths before and after the COVID-19 spike. In other words, a large part of the people who died would have died anyway within this year.

The article from Full Fact pretending to debunk a guy who said that 2020 had not been the worst year for deaths so far by March. And failing. It all starts here.

UK government stats on number of deaths in the country (excluding Scotland and Norhter Ireland)

Comparison between Sweden and New York city, showing that the death rates per day and million inhabitants for New York mean that something was horribly wrong there.

Amelia is discussing whether Lindon B Johnson social welfare policies should stand out like with Jim Crows laws and the rest of the shit. Because it sounds like some psychos want to ruin the black american community. If you have a problem with us supporting the likes of Denzel Washinton, Morgan Freeman, Candace Owen, Thomas Sowell, Josh Pray and our all time favouritest black person, Yacouba Sawadogo, you can go and phenomenally do something awful to yourself. Please send us a selfie so that we can rejoice upon your horrible death.

Thank you!

Amelia discusses the social toxicity of SJWs. She even matches their behaviour to that of abusives partners, by running through a list of typical abusive behaviours in a relationship. Surprisde, surprise... that is exaclty what SJW do to people around them.

Exactly how much of a public mental health issue SJWs are for the general population, is anybody's guess...


Cassie-Fooky does some simple maths and finds that SJW and BLM are retarded. That is hardly a surprising result in Cassie-Fooky's research projects, is it?



Cassandra butchers a very stupid SJW. She is Polish. She lives in Spain, and she lectures about the USA. Yep! That stupid.

Link to her nonsense.

Cassandra considers the following notion: if the older generations took us to this world, in spite of being convinced that they would not see the next morning because of total nuclear war, exactly what these SJW morons who cry about a non-existing climatic Armaggedon are talking about, considering that, if anything, should the current global warming be man made, it would be saving us from the next ice age?

So, on behalf of specially the parents of the baby boomers, (boomers who are a lot to blame for placing in this world these snowflakes, by the way), Cassandra wants to tell the snowflakes to $#873 themselves and get &*%#£. Please.

Near Miss Nuclear Holocausts.

Our new most favourite temperature plot for the Holocene, showing why SJWs should be hung by their wahoonies.


Cassie-Fooky decides to be very, very annoying. She is very mean to all those "if you say that all lives matter you are part of the problem". She reminds you that her original title was Annoying Pirouetting Sailor Marionette Cassie-Fooky, back in the third video of the channel, on the so called ozone gap.

But, annoying as she may be, she finds out that there is something worse. To have no heart, and no soul, like the BLM... what does she call them....shittoes?

There are a bunch of official stats. So, if you are an SJW, do your thing, and walk away from the truth. Because you are accessory to mass murder by interfering with finding a solution to black on black murder. But you are a commie and killing millions of people through politics is second nature to you, isn't it?

Violence in the USA 2018

Murder incorporated....

Gini index, blacks against everybody else.
The title says it all.. when the data for all the countries are made available (in a few years time, mind you) will we find out that the lockdowns killed people and that this was a regular flu, boosted to be the end of the world by wahmen's and soyboy hysteria? (Yeah, it will be...)

Stats on Internment for Japanese American.

Demographic rates in the USA 1940-1960

Japanese-American internment

Amelia muses about how to use SJW nonsense to train artificial intelligences to think right. The way she sees it, creating rationally thinking artificial intelligences would be asset in the culture war. How triggered could be SJWs when challenged by AIs able to point out their nonsense with the support of their computing power. It is more complicated than it looks, because a fundamental issue would be to prevent AIs to be in fact expert systems. They need to be trained to do artificial thinking.

There is a lot unpacked in 20 min. Enjoy!

Cassie-Fooky noticed that Cassandra went for the "racist cartography" jugular of the rant in the clip by SJW fanatic Jane Elliot. However, there was so much to unpack, including
the acolyte finding everything she said in the clip sensible when it was moronic. And she thought she had to have a go at the pile of nonsense.

This has left Amelia thinking in using the material as well, to show how to properly train an artificial intelligence to learn about reality by probing statements, including nonsensical ones like those by Jane Elliott.

Don Lemmon, famous broadcaster with a penchant to lose audience by being a bigot, works his magic. It is about confederates having been traitors (they weren't) and cowards (they weren't). Disrespect your enemies at your own peril.

Cassie-Fooky likes to do a little bit of simple arithmetics from time to time, to show how intellectually... how to put it? peculiar? SJWs are.

She engages in a simple calculation to answer a question: what sort of number of people may have been involved in kidnapping all the people taken in Africa, considering, give or take, that one in four may have made it across the Atlantic, and these may have been about 20 million human beings?

She comes up with a lot of people, over hundreds of years, specially when counting all those people which SJWs "forget" were kidnapped by Arab slavers.

She then shares with you a startling discovery: no, the slave raiders across Africa were not extraterrestial. Not even from somewhere else in the world. They were from Africa.

Shockingly, this means that a lot of BLM protesters of African origin in Europe may be actually descended from slavers. And this is even more true from any others among the lot of Arab origin.

So, yes, you should listen to them and feel guilty. I suppose that you should feel guilty of wasting your time with their ramblings or guilty of not giving them a piece of your mind.

Have fun!

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This video is a reflection, not only on the amount of indoctrination in Western education systems, but of the phenomenal idiocy of cultural marxists there. The piece de resistance is a clip of an old hag saying so many stupid things about the traditional Mercator map projection that it would be funny if we were not in the BLM, climate change and trans fad era. Shit will hit the fan soon, because this is too much stupidity per gallon.

By Strebe - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Hello, we are musing today about how SJWs obsess with infighting. We particularly focus on Michael Moore's last documentary and a very stupid statement by a climate woman who obviously has at most half a brain. But we want to share a message of hope. In their shark-like frenzy they are likely to destroy themselves in the middle of their bid to get the supreme power of the world. Apart from the fact that they are not getting the power in Brazil, China, Japan, India... did I forget any countries with alrge populations who are not buying into SJW nonsense...?

I reminisce about how another intersectional alliance, the Spanish Popular Front of their civil war 1936-1939, found time to have to private civil wars between themselves, the enemy not being invited because they were Fascists and not “their kind of people”.

This is the video of the ecomoron woman”debunking” (as if) Michael Moore. It would be pathetic if she was not an SJW and we did not despise her. Because we do, it is hilarious.


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We have a particular shtick on the fact that the current interglaciar has lasted very long, it is already the colder of the last four to five ones, whatever assorted morons say, is already a couple of degrees cooler than at the beginning and, more important, we went into an ice age from the previous interglaciar although it was colder, SO STOP PREVENTING AN INCREASE IN THE EMISSIONS OF CO2! As it is, we are going towards a Snowball Earth state, because the planet is naturally carbon negative and that is the way it goes!

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