Legion of Scientific Heresy

Cassie-Fooky posits the question: does the human life cycle involve a protozoon (the sperm) and a metazoan (the actual human being)? She believes there is a very MGTOW point to make here.
She explores the fact that to duplicate a sperm you need a stem cell, while to replicate an egg cell, you only need a skin cell. The conclusion seems to be that an egg cell is only a pile of building materials for the sperm to work its magic.

She also notices some weird attitudes in the press, like a remark about the fact that two gay men could
have babies by making an egg cell from skin cells from one of them, and a sperm from stem cells from the other.
Her position is: Erm, are we talking men-men (even if they are gay), or the OTHER kind of "men"?

Finally, she ponders: If artificial wombs become available, would MGTOW men be able to really go their own way?

In order to soften the blow to Swedish style feminists, she shows her kindness and sensitivity during her trigger warning.
Yeah, like that was going to happen....
She also ponders: do you like her MGTOW symbol?

Link to the Guardian.

Link to Technology Review.

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Cassandra continues her quest about discussing perception bias.

This time she discusses how the underlying belief by Jordan Peterson of a God and a inherent morality makes it hard to understand that people do not sacrifice for the heck of it, but because it bring some spiritual reward connected with the gain of respect or posterity. Which is why he does not understand MGTOW. Also, with that world view you understand why he thinks the Brett Kavanaugh should re3sign. He says it is because he is divisive, but the reason is that such behaviour would be chivalrous. Of course, in this time and age, also stupid.

Link to Perception Bias: From Tim Pool to why there are race/gender commissars in academia.

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Cassandra dissects 5 minutes of lies by a vegan firebrand. Enjoy the nonsense-fest of this picturesque sect of fact deniers called vegans..

Gary Yourofsky's video.

S Sathapathy, U. K Mishra, N Sahoo and C Bhuyan, in a paper published in Journal
of Entomology and Zoology Studies, 2017; 5(6): 773-777

Mike Chen's video. The guy has a channel on food, food and food. He is into all kinds of food, but he loves his beef big time.

An actual cow chewing side to side. Try doing that and feel the pain.,

Skull and jaw of a cow.

Skull and jaw of a Human.

Kids catching a rabbit.

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Wakassandra points out that, for Elisabeth Warren to claim membership of an oppressed minority, her lineage with that ethnic group should cover the period of oppression. Doing some simple maths, Wackie demonstrates that some 90 years passed between the birth of her native ancestor and the Trail of Tears. She also points out that the genetic matching was with Mesoamerican and Andean Indians, which leaves open the possibility to her being the descendant of a Spanish conquistador and a Tlaxcalan noblewoman. Which would be awkward, as if would leave her as the descendant of an Indian ally of the Spanish Conquistadors....

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After lots of problems with hardware and software, finally another video!

Science related perception and bias. From Tim Pool as an example of (believe it or not) impartiality bias, to the reproducibility crisis in academia.

Cassandra discusses the idea of perception bias, and how you can have too much, even of something good. She developes the idea of how perception bias has been eroding the ability to construct rational thought structures in academia, through the influence of cultural marxism (although she does not use the words) leaving not only to absurd ideas like labeling neurodiversity disorders like autism, selling in lecture theaters the idea of human being herbivores, and finally reaching the point where ethnic minority females are supposed to act as political thought commisars and humilliate senior white academics in the STEM field. She also questions whether corruption in academia, specially connected with then ecomomic boon caused by all the “save the planet” initiatives (ozone gap, CO2 emissions, the Great Reef Barrier is in danger) has let to too many people in academia having dirt on themselves that prevents resistance to the politically-led intellectual subversion of academia.


SS-girl on the cover picture by FVSJ

Tim Pool's commentary about research on social media triggered cluster “transgenderism”.
Don't say autism. Call it neurodiversity and prevent it is a blessing.
Soy lecturer explains why you are not a carnivore. Kill it with what you have. (9.02)
The Golden One, actually laying on vegans who do not have a problem with Halal.
Kids outrun rabbit and catch it with bare hands.
Science replication crisis. The results in 50% of scientific papers cannot be reproduced.
This website contains pdf files from a large number of scientific journals. They can be downloaded for free, although they accept donations. Of course, it could be argued this isn't ethical. But then, is it ethical to tell use that we have to believe them on the basis of a research we cannot assess?
EPSRC funding website, with details of all the diversity programmes
Minority wahmen to explain to old white professor how to do science, and the expectations by the programme leader at Birmingham University that they will be made “uncomfortable”.
A reminder of the Winter traffic collapse in stockholm a couple of years ago because the council decided to give priority to the removal of snow in roads/paths preferentially used by wahmen.

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Is the motion of Earth through space what causes the ozone gap?

The girls of the Legion come up with their first abstract theory. They are not doing any critique, so their expectations to trigger anybody are low, but they still hope somebody will go “but muh ozone gap!”

The question is: if Earth is moving through space in a movement closely resembling an aerobatic maneuver, specifically a climbing barrel roll, and this movement combines with a centrifuge effect due to the planet's and atmosphere's rotations, would that explain the nearby high concentration ozone patch when there is an ozone gap, and would the surging ahead and falling behind the sun explain the fluctuation between northern and southern pole gaps and no-gap states of the atmosphere?

And the unspoken question, to be discussed in another video is: Should we bring back CFCs?

On the topic of the Sun's displacement from the galactic plane.

Y. C. Joshi Displacement of the Sun from the Galactic plane Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 378, 768–776 (2007)

You can access the paper going to this website: and entering the following access info: doi:10.1111/j.1365-2966.2007.11831.x

A classic: the ozone gap! Please do not be a spoilsport and ignore the big red blob nearby!

Model of the ozone layer, with swing of the gap between the North and South Pole. (from 2.04min) Dynamic effect of acceleration/deceleration?

Helical model solar system. Also illustrates the heliosphere. The slides show the bow shock caused by collision with the interstellar medium, in the direction of advance of the system. The heliopause is the theoretical boundary between the heliosphere and the interstellar medium, and the termination shock at the back is the tail of the heliosphere. (Heliosphere link)

All artwork by Cassie-Fooky.

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Cassandra follows up on the effect of climate change on the Arctic Sea. Here she follows the exploits of an academic who spins masterfully trying to show that the melting of the Arctic Cap is not going to improve navigation in the Arctic. She begins to suspect that he is not being too honest when he dismisses the potential of Arctic routes because traveling between destination in the Equator will not be made shorter traveling through the Arctic.

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(1) Pierre-Louis Têtu, Jean-François Pelletier & Frédéric Lasserre, The mining industry in Canada north of the 55th parallel: a maritime traffic generator? Polar Geography, Volume 38, 2015 - Issue 2, Pages 107-122
For the web access to the online journal:
Full text online

(2) Guy, Emmanuel et Frédéric Lasserre (2016). Commercial shipping in the Arctic: new perspectives, challenges and regulations. Polar Record, online version, janv. doi:10.1017/S0032247415001011. Accessible through:
Article in Forbes online:

Artwork: the red croissant, by Shann Gorman

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Top Hat and Champagne video on Kingdom Come

Metatron's review:


METRO review by Quartermass (sorry, Middlemass)

Cassandra, the thermoplastic bimbo from the Legion of Scientific Heresy, does not feel like Jordan Peterson needs her aid, but still thinks that having a dig into SJWs is fine and dandy.

She reminds you of some previous work about (or against, or in favor) fossil fuel burning, the ozone gap that wasn't, and how stupid the idea of Wakanda is.

Then she moves on about the fact that SJW need having their facts checked. As if that would help!

burn fossil fuels



Genetically Modified Skeptic

Maps of Meaning, number 8.

Sea turtles.

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Astrophysicists spend a lot of money in trying to figure out the workings of a system that contains us, the Universe. That is a bad start because one of the requisites for the study of a system is that the observer is outside it. Others are to have validated methods of measure, which have been checked against standards, and that extrapolation is a nono.

Funnily, while personalities like Neil DeGrasse Tyson bang about how can anybody still believe in God, he has no problem with a blatant contradiction between his colleagues which begs the question: if they can show such a disunity of thought, why would other people care for what they say?

Cassandra points out all this with that unreal mix of sexiness and brain of hers, and then Cassie-Fooky barges in, and.... is herself.

Cassandra manages to rally and elaborates on the conflict between believing in a self-creating universe and claiming this is a hologram, which would need a creator/creators of sorts.

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Acknowledgments and references

First article quoted, from Phys. Org.

Quote from Stephen Hawking in a video from Discovery Chanel” from 31.55

Reference to an article from Discover Magazine, in which it is suggested that this universe is an holographic projection from a “realer” universe.

Video on hologram vision equipment and hologram table.

representation of a type of hypercube. CC BY-SA 3.0,

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Why Wakanda's political system and scientific advancement are mutually exclusive.Yet another alter ego to Cassandra of Cyberland enters the fray: Wakassandrah!
The sub textual bottom line of the video is that the Wakanda universe is actually an insult to democratic activitists in Black African countries. Sadly, Cassandra does not do nuanced, and she is the nicest of them all.

So brace yourselves (if you are a masochistic SJW) or get the pop corn and enjoy while Wakassandrah explain how, in a society with any form of intellectual inquiry, there will be all forms of intellectual inquiry, including debate about law, government, the powers of the ruler, the sources of its power, and the legitimacy of its power.Spoiler alert: at the end Cassandra takes over and explains what would likely happen to a place like Wakanda, and uses a cheap trick to try to get you to watch an earlier video.She also left a typo so that somebody leaves a comment saying where it is..... :)

Graphic sources and links to videos:

Hercules Poirot Image

Sargon of Akkad

Foundation Economic Education

Wikipedia Commons for all other illustrations not specificlly mentioned are found in a comment below.

Sam Harris on a comparison between translations into Spanish and Arabic.

Excerpts from HuffPost's The Post Episode 3.

For the origin of Cassandra's penchant to designate people she intellectually despises and pieces of pastry, see Part 1 of her video on the Melting of the North Pole Ice Cap.

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So, if you actually look into ozone maps, you see that next to the famous hole in the ozone layer, you find a patch of very high ozone concentration. We can have some fun showing that the amounts missing from the hole are present in the patch. A simple graphic integration method shows this to be the case.

Cassandra enjoys debunking arguments based on twisting the facts but, when it comes down to counting squares to show that you missed a huge blot right on the middle of the landscape of reason, she takes a step back and leaves it to her childish and utterly condescending alter ego, none other than Annoying Pirouetting Sailor Marionette Cassie-Fooky, to show you that one and one equals two. But don't feel too bad. At least she is going to teach you about the beauty of counting squares. And she will also scold you for dumbing yourself down by spending too much time with your smart phone. Because she really cares.

Sample ozone layer map

Sample website describing graphic integration methods.

A Youtube video by Computing Forever on the subject of smart phones and cognitive impairment

A sample website with contents on trigonometry

Link to the original article where the safe space cartoon was posted

NASA youtube video showing the “ozone gap” swinging between the north to the south pole over the years.

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The polar ice cap has grown so so thin that there is a surge in the production of plankton BENEATH THE ICE. Because this is linked to the climate change it must be HORRIBLE NEWS. Because there will be more fish and stuff in the sea.

Enters Cassandra, definitely the most plastic denouncer of pseudo-scientific righteouness, who comes back to shock those who find the solace of moral superiority in embracing the half-truths of people in academia with vested interests in pretending there are problems which aren't the and that they should be given money they shouldn't be given.

Today it is time to explain why the melting of the polar cap is excellent news.

In today's broadcast, she examines the verbal pirouetting by researchers who have found out that plankton (in particular the vegetal variety, phytoplankton) is beginning to mass beneath the ice cap because it has thinned so much as to allow photosynthesis. Of course, because it has been caused by global warming, it has to be bad, isn't it?

In the upcoming part 2 of this video Cassandra will go on to show more twisted verbal pirouetting by other researchers trying to explain how the melting of the ice cap is going to be bad for artic shipping, and failing. She then will wrap up paraphrsing Inigo Montoya's immortal quote: "You keep spending money on climate change. I don't think you are spending it the way you should spend it". Stay tuned!

Reference for the NASA video:

Reference for Australian Broadcasting Corporation article on Dr Donat "The Donut" cited in the video on Burning Fossil Fuel and Save the Earth!:

Reference for Dr Horvat "The New Donut" article in the Harvard Gazzette:

Reference for the paper by Seiber and Drazen on correlation of oxygen consumption and typical presence depths (and much more!): Brad A. Seibel,* and Jeffrey C. Drazen,The rate of metabolism in marine animals: environmental constraints, ecological demands and energetic opportunities, Phil. Trans. R. Soc. B (2007) 362, 2061–2078 doi:10.1098/rstb.2007.2101

Pictures from and, except for Polar Ice Cap 1984-2012 (video cover and inside), from NASA.

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Cassandra is a very naughty sex doll who has become worked up with all the nonsense alive individuals have come to believe in many subjects, and wants to set the record straight. So, she has joined this underground organization, the Legion of Scientific Heresy.

In her first broadcast, she tackles the question: if fossil fuels are former organic matter lost to the life cycle, why should we not get them back into the biosphere?

It is not that she does not mind if she hurts your feelings saying the things she says. She actually wants to.... Prepare to suffer!

Links to the various pieces and articles.

Nature link:

Science link:
Australian Broadcasting Corporation link:

Climate change News link:

Reference and Link to our naughty heroes: Claussen, Martin, and Veronika Gayler. “The Greening of the Sahara during the Mid-Holocene: Results of an Interactive Atmosphere-Biome Model.” Global Ecology and Biogeography Letters, vol. 6, no. 5, 1997, pp. 369–377. JSTOR,
Refference and link to the "more CO2 more plant growth" paper: Dippery JK, Tissue DT, Thomas RB, Strain BR. 1995. Effects of low and elevated CO2 on C3 and C4 annuals. I. Growth and biomass allocation. Oecologia 101: 13–20
Pictures from except whe stated otherwise.

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Tongue and cheek challenge to some very strong conceptions in (mostly) environmental issues. Cassandra, a very scantily clad sex doll, takes the mickey out of people who adhere with quasi-religious fervor to SJW fads to be better-than-thou while at the same time forgetting their brains home.

She does it bringing forward evidence, often showing the verbal sleight of hand used by the SJW activists. In her first broadcast, Cassandra shows how there has been evidence showing that global warming and higher levels of CO2 have had an impact in the increase in vegetation in and rain over deserts for about two decades. She also shows the nutty (non-)arguments presented to show that these consequences are bad, because climate change HAS to be bad.

And this is only the beginning.....

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