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An Instrumental I performed when I was heartbroken, leaving the Protestant Church.

Little did I know the Great Things God had in store for me!

The Key To Evangelization Is Prayer

Dealing with those blinded by Sola Scriptura.

A Introduction, and my personal way of seeing, the Covenants of God. There is so much confusion and false information about the Covenants that I wanted to create a basic break down that anyone who put in the time to go through the scriptures could see. While the Bible is one book in our view, it is actually 73 books with over 40+ authors. The Term Old Testament literally means Old Covenant. This doesn't mean the Old Testament is not truth, on the contrary, it was the absolute Truth of it's time. The reason the Old Testament is in our Bible is to give the History of the Salvation of Mankind. How can we understand the New Testament, the New Covenant, without first understanding the Old?

This walk through gives a detailed analysis of each covenant, going over the scriptures, and detailing how the New Testament writers interpreted the Old Covenant Scriptures.

If you've been confused about Law and Grace in the Bible, I pray this will bring some Clarity.

Preferring others before yourself.

Of the 5 Solas, Christ Alone encourages Christians to do... nothing.

A introduction to the singular direction of the Channel.

Sola Scriptura is Heresy.

What is Sola Scriptura?
Have you ever heard a preacher say, "I only believe the Bible"?
The Early Church existed hundreds of years before the Bible was put together. The doctrines that ruled the Church then is rejected by modern day Christians that interpret for themselves whatever doctrines they feel like, and ignore the scriptures that disagree with their personal doctrines, cherry picking over the Bible to create a belief that fits them best.

Sadly, today, there are 40,000 versions of Protestantism because of this false doctrine. Everyone making up what the Bible teaches off their own intellect, without regard to the earliest Christians is heresy.





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Hello, I’m Harry Pearce. I’m a Catholic Conservative with some Libertarian leanings Expediter, from the St Louis area.

I like to talk about my journey from Protestant Evangelist to the Catholic Faith.

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