The Catholic Church has been falsely accused for centuries of teaching that anyone can buy their way into heaven. It is often alleged that Catholics pay priests to obtain indulgences or think they can secure heaven through monetary or other donations.

Basing himself almost entirely on Scripture and the historical record, Robert emphatically rebuts these charges by outlining what the Catholic Church has always taught and still does teach concerning indulgences, justification, salvation and the relationship between faith and works.

This is a very valuable presentation in light of the current world-wide commemorations celebrating of Martin Luther's 1517 revolt.

If you are interested in purchasing any of Robert's books, especially his best seller Defend the Faith!, you can do so at

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A children's cartoon about the Eucharist.

This 49 minute video may be shown to children at your Eucharistic Miracles exhibition or at any other appropriate Church event. The video was put together by Antonia Salzano Acutis, and as such, the copyright © 2016 rightfully belongs to her.


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