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Perhaps now, more people will be open to the idea of psychological manipulation techniques... many of us have been victims and perpetrators of manipulation on a personal level so it shouldn't be too hard to accept we can be manipulated at the collective level too.

Dr Guy Hatchard has provided NZ with a consistent korero throughout the covid years advising professionals and public alike. He is part of a growing number of medical professionals advising that modern medicine is a broken system. This korero offers alternatives and discusses collective health effects found to be particularly "strong" when people linked genetically practice together.

There is a growing number of medical professionals recognising that our medical system is broken, actively seeking new ways, new ideas and new interventions to help their patients.

Neil Oliver discusses the legal implications of the latest draft, is it a backdown?

Part 2 of the korero. These are things known by practice which leads to personal experience, which is true knowledge, very different to reciting from something written by or heard from someone else. Practice is what differentiates talker from doer, and belief from knowing.

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Gregg Braden is back this week for a closer look at unlocking the potential hidden in our very DNA. He and André discuss the profound power of the human heart and the possibilities that unlock through heart-brain coherence. By merging spirituality and science, Gregg gives practical tools and insights for healing trauma, self-regulating your biology, and harnessing the quantum field.
This episode is a continuation of our last, where Gregg laid the foundation for where we are at as a collective, facing the battle between our very humanness and the development of super technology. Gregg now dives deeper into how we can use that human potential to optimize our well-being and live our most vibrant life.


0:00 - Intro
4:33 - The Value of New Perspectives
7:15 - Heart Intelligence and Power
13:25 - The Heart’s Neural Network
20:40 - Heart-Brain Coherence
31:55 - Cellular Memory Transfer
37:18 - Heart’s Electromagnetic Field
39:40 - Transcending Time & Space in the Quantum Realm
50:15 - Entanglement, Connectivity & Prayer
53:48 - Essence of Humanity
1:01:05 - Harnessing Quantum Field Power
1:03:22 - Remote Viewing & Accessing the Field
1:05:37 - Mirror Neurons & The Power of Visualization
1:09:35 - Heart-Based Problem Solving
1:14:30 - Dealing with Anticipatory Grief
1:17:36 - Earth School
1:21:16 - Transforming Pain Into Purpose
1:29:20 - Trauma, Neuropeptides and the Body
1:34:13 - Personal Identity and Self
1:40:41 - Cultivating Heart Power
1:46:53 - Ancient Gnostic Jesus Discoveries
1:53:12 - Manifesting Our Inner Potential
1:53:02 - Closing Gratitude

What does it mean 3D to 5D? What does it mean, a New Earth? We see there is a polar shift in long held ideas, we see the world changing, revealing, we see the extremes, a division in ideas.

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Check out the link above for more korero on this presentation.

Perhaps the real pole shift occurs in the human mind ... if we get too attached to ideas of the ever changing illusion we'll get giddy.... Staying in a frequency of love as much as we can, assists in life centred harmonious transition.

I noticed my reaction to that horrid bound Christ thing at the Vatican and it came to mind at how effective it is at bringing forth a particular frequency from the souls that find it offensive... our challenge is to see and dissolve all such emissions. ❤️

Arise Homosapiens! ❤️
Sacha Stone address to the Alliance of Indigenous Nations Summit ~ 2024
"Nothing that offends the human soul is law." Sacha Stone.

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New York Times best-selling author and scientist Gregg Braden explains the bridge between science and spirituality and what it reveals about our true nature as humans. Gregg sets the stage by describing the most pressing issue we face as a species right now: the battle for our own humanity. He shares how the innovations in technology and movement towards transhumanism threatens to extinguish the beauty of what it means to be human before we even discover what that means.
This conversation is an intriguing deep dive into that topic, revealing the danger of technology and the divine potential hidden in human DNA.
Gregg also discusses his theory on the true origin of homo sapiens: from debunking the theory of evolution to discovering hidden ancient civilizations.

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These are the times when all is being revealed. Respect to all the great leaders that have tried to uphold the sovereignty of their nations and their people! In order to protect our future we need to fully understand the mechanics of the world we have all collectively contributed to, so we can ensure it NEVER happens again!

I was delighted to see an update on the Kaimanawa Wall here in NZ as knowledge of it spreads through the international community. The content of the video I am sharing with you is not mine all credit to Universe Inside You, I open and close the video with whakaaro naku, thoughts that come to mind from the content shared. The original video can be found here

Take what you can from this common sense korero.

There is NO justification for the genocide in Gaza.! Thank goodness for this brave woman and her straight talking, "common sense", approach.

Propaganda is rife as the world descends into WW3, which is looking very much like the Rothchild Central Banking System and it's allies against the "other", BRICS.

Within this report from Gravitas more bullying tactics from China concerning India's infrastructure boost... China is even making a claim over territory in India significant to it's own plans.

It is no secret that China has been increasing it's influence in the Pacific over recent years. It is also no secret that in 2018 the world saw the biggest military spend ever as countries worldwide armed themselves as never before. There was a korero at the time that the war for the Pacific would be largely fought on Australian and NZ soil.

I'm no medical person or scientist but it looks to me like the fibrous growth recorded by La Quinta Columna could well be the beginnings of the white rubbery fibrous clots discussed in this mini documentary by John O'Looney.

Please listen and share.
It came to mind with slide 1... are we seeing the beginning formations of the white rubbery clots embalmers are finding in the vascular systems of around 25% of those coming to them according to John O'Looney. Has La Quinta Columna studied the clots at all? There should be clues, these slides are like the beginning and the clots are the end... what happens in-between? What can people do to halt the process? What would happen if they were not exposed to ultra-violet light, for example?

I really hope we can start speaking openly about this real soon, like now!

An excellent and informative discussion. I cannot imagine how gratifying it must be for David Icke to finally be acknowledged by those in the academic field. He also provides a very real assessment of the so-called truth movement which to me, is filling up with egos on steroids. It's amazing what people will justify with the words "... but I'm saving lives".

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This video is PROFOUND!
We can observe how all that is happening in the world seems designed to keep our attention firmly fixed in the physical, from war, to transgenderism, disease & cure ... and also to seek solutions in the physical when the real solution lies in taking the inward journey back to the soul so well delineated in this presentation.

Consider this with the previous video, The Great Awakening, like many other "truther" videos, it seeks to unlock the intricacies of the "great conspiracy" and many are seeing and reporting on the next planned layer of soul entrapment relating to the tech of creations like the metaverse. If our only level of resistance is in the plane governed over by the demiurge we can NEVER win... meditation is the practice that disconnects us from the "earthly" and connects us with soul. This is why we must close down from the earthly, people say they meditate when they are making music, or gardening or baking etc... but in action we are connected to the physical, in meditation we close the senses to the outside world completely, turning our attention inward, and in that practice we move through the subtle dimensions that keep us bound. If you struggle with the concept of being "bound" try sitting still for just 2 minutes, attending inward, focusing on the breath or the heartbeat, every day for a week. Why do you think so many people say, they cannot meditate?

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Must Watch! What is Klaus Schwab's "reset" really about?

If it's unlawful for front line workers, it's got to be UNLAWFUL for EVERYONE everywhere!

As findings from Covid Inquiries around the world come into the public arena, MSM NZ does it's best to distract with same old same old, this time gangs and gang patches... though it seems from the data the deadliest gangs don't display insignia.

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How were your travels through these times?

In just 3 years Nayib Bukele and his team have turned El Savador around. Listen as he details how they did it, clearing the corruption at all levels, and providing a blueprint for others to follow.


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