Video clips from March 22 and 23, 2020 - Lisa loves to bring back the toy balls when I throw them out onto the balcony. I could do that for hours probably without her getting bored. Little Hero was getting into it as well at the end of the video.

I'll upload some of the older videos from youtube as well as new ones soon.

From March 25, 2020 - Siblings Lisa and Hero rolling in the warm sunshine! Sonic was simply enjoying the warmth while watching the birds. The weather was wonderfully warm, almost like summer. The spring had started off so great between February and last week. I added the balcony cover so there is an area of shade for the cats. But now the weather turned and we're basically back in winter. It even started snowing this afternoon!
Samantha (Sonic's sister) is not in this video, because she enjoyed the sun from the bedroom window.

February 28, 2020 at around midday - Just one of the many very windy days we've had for weeks. Only Hero and Lisa wanted to go out, but they kept running in when the wind became too strong and scared them a bit. Still, they enjoyed watching the dry old leaves being blown around on the ground.

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When I took the video yesterday, Sunday, May 12, the wind just started picking up. It got much more stormy over the night, which I could not film because of darkness. It's still really ugly and windy outside. We are lucky here, as it's not really bad, but other areas really get blown to bits.
This type of weather has been going on more or less since early March, with a few small breaks in between. It's been like that for most of Europe. The alps continue the get heavy snowfall and the temperatures are so much lower than they should be, yet the weather people on TV call it one of the warmest springs? Wut? Maybe in another dimension.


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Currently uploading all my youtube videos to this channel, which takes a while. Once I have done this, there will be new videos of the cats, life and videos I do outside with a gopro.