Music Moves Me

Cliff Treadway

If ever a song could bring inspiration to the uninspired; this could definitely be the one.

Women will often give us guys the blues. But the pain is usually well worth it.

Yeah! Frankie Valli goes Hawaiian!

Iz Kamakawiwo‘ole was pretty much a Hawaiian institution in his own right.

Incredible! I’ve never heard or seen an ukulele played like this. That’s Hawaiian talent!

This has to be the most beautiful song I’ve ever heard from the islands.

That seems like a good goal to me.

Steve Oliver is a talented vocalist/guitarist who can make his nylon-stringed guitar sound like just about anything.

I think I bought the record “Whenever You Need Somebody” in the middle 1980s. I loved all that album’s songs.

A whole heck of a lot better Bob Seger’s old time whatchamacallit.

A lot of good memories come from this music.

Earl Klugh seems to have a uniquely artistic style that can’t be expressed. Even Chet Atkins called this man “the greatest guitar player in the world.”

Rise was probably the first record I ever bought on my own. Herb Alpert is originally from New York City but his musical career began in my home state of California. …Pretty gosh darn good for a Russian guy with a glorified piece of plumbing.

We definitely need more love and happiness all over the world. Perhaps we should all set aside our self interests long enough to generate a little more love.

It’s a nifty little Greek establishment just down the street; much better than Cheers.

Romantic jazz piano.

Gotta love this relaxing, jazzy tune.

This tune seems pretty darn energizing.

Jay Soto seems a relatively unknown artist. But I do remember hearing his music on The Weather Channel.

Good times; good memories.

Who doesn’t admire a sweet smile?

Relaxing old favorite.

At last! …History you don’t have to question. Of course it’s true. Larry recounted the whole thing..

This number contains an extra-special sense of romance.


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I love music! …I have a special affinity for instrumental smooth jazz; but I include other styles and genres here too. Music moves me. I hope it moves you too.