And now I find my self break Them.

The Demonic coruption of my Family...How they target and try to destroy you.

From the Book of Revelations...King James Version.

The Seven Seals.
Excuse my bad reading skills but my tongue and mouth are now been affected by the Neuropathy...and also when I try to make these videos everything stops working correctly. They dont want you to understand what I'm trying to tell you.

Let him who hath undertanding...

Are they realy human?

How those in power decive you into thinking they are the good guys...they dont work for God thats for sure.

Time for some Revelations...

Its Big its White and its fucking Hot...the sun I remember was a pale yellow and not as bright and hot as this one.

Its a program designed to break you down mentaly so you either end up commiting a crime so that you get put away in prison. Or loosing your mind so that they can lock you up in a Mental Hospital. Or you commit suicide. Its all about silencing you when you discover the Big Secret. They dont like Truth because their life is just one big lie to you. The rules are made for you not them. You have no right they have every right...but guess what...their time is up.

2000 years ago when a conquering army entered the enemies territory the women and children would also have been killed because of this obvious fact. Children grow into the next generation of ( in this case ) terrorists. Thats why the Western World is now faced with an even bigger problem...the enemy now living amongst us all in the Western World.

The Final Judgment of the World is all began in 2001...My Story.

Unlocking the code and understanding the truth...who am I...what am I...who are you...what are you.


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Bringing you important information about why the World is now on the brink of disaster...or what happens when a sleep walking population wakes up in a World that as changed into something Creepy...Perverse...and down right wrong.