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Bilderberg Gates thinks he is at a eugenics meeting and openly discusses population reduction via vaccines and healthcare

💥💥💥MOST won't watch this because YT has put a boring thumbnail on it.... it is a TRICK to keep you scrolling past it!!! 💥💥💥
To those of you that have NO IDEA of what REALLY goes on OUTSIDE of the USA... this is a MUST WATCH!!
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A Serbian citizen discusses what they did when Milosavljevic attempted to fraudulently steal the election in 2000.

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The Executive Order:

Trump Attorney Sidney Powell Interview re “Staggering Statistical Evidence” --

Trump Attorney Lin Wood interview:

Congressman Interview:

Dominion is based in Canada per Bloomberg:

Scytl is based out of country:

Scytl’s connection to Ovum:

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Yuri Bezmenov is a name few Americans seem familiar with today. Mr. Bezmenov was a Soviet informant and KGB operative who defected to the United States in the early 70s. In an increasingly difficult to find 1984 interview with G. Edward Griffin titled “Deception Was My Job”, he laid out the four stages of “ideological subversion” created by radical Marxists to indoctrinate and weaken nations from within.
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Professor Bhakdi is a Thai-German specialist in microbiology and co-author of Corona, False Alarm?: Facts and Figures.

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Laura Ingrahm cut a doctor off quickly and states because of "the tyranny of cable" after he says 'if you take this vaccine, you will go to your doom'.

MUST WATCH!! MSM is censoring this!!

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Project Veritas

James O'Keefe

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Here's video pulled from the Delaware County, PA live stream of a ballot workers filling out ballots.

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The Nation State
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#antifa #USElections2020 #Trump2020
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Seems like right after James Woods posted this video, [email protected] was suspended from twitter :(

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich
Must Watch, Full of new information.
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Get ready and stay ready citizens. Constant vigilance is the price of freedom and today they are checking receipts. UPDATE: -
Shootout later that night in Clackamas County - Rooftop Koreans - Amputation by Fireworks - A Boog with a Kitchen Knife - They Lose the Bearcat a while, things got pretty crazy.

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The Start .. takes us all the way back to the last Patriot President who tried to do something about THEM! We remember those who fought the good fight.. and we pray for those we still wonder about .. if and when they might return and take up the sword. Until then.. we carry on knowing they live on in us and their memories will never be erased or torn down!! We are Americans! No matter how many of those who are asleep fight the new reality.. we will never give up on our fellow Americans.. the Storm brings the rain on both the fallen and the righteous.. Please visit this GREAT PATRIOT American Prophet
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Why didn't Obama fix the post office during his 8 years in office???

Millie Weaver was arrested today on bogus charges right before she was about to blow this open. Friends got it released.
t/y Gaberz_3.0

Chanel Rion | One America News Network reports on Joe Biden listed as a criminal suspect in Ukrainian Court. Must Watch!

Millie Weaver was just about to break open a big story on Shadow Gate, and her and her husband has been arrested for burglary.


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