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This was originally about 45 minutes long. 2 videos uploaded by the ISGKC crew on their youtube channel and I condensed the lecture to the more interesting excerpts. See more here

The Islamic Center of Kansas is building expanding in Overland Park, KS and you can be sure the plan is Sharia supremacy. See more here.

This video from the Muslim Arab Youth Association and Islamic Association for Palestine Convention in Kansas City 1989 is hosted in the Youtube "FAVORITES" playlist of Mohamad Albadawi. Albadawi is a leader with the Muslim American Society and the Islamic Society of Greater Kansas City.
See more from Mohamad Albadawi here.

Dawah is a pretty pathetic way of getting credit with Allah...... earning points for converting people to Islam....

Linda Sarsour is coming to Overland Park, KS - January 11, 2020 see more here

A few months before the 911 attacks Senator Arlen Specter spoke before the AMC National Organization (Like a boss) and called out Abdulrahman Alamoudi (AMC Co-Founder) for making statements about "destroying America". Just months after the 911 attacks, AMC Heartland Chapter President Mahnaz Shabbir (adviser for the Overland Park Police Department) still found it appropriate to invite AMC National's Eric Vickers to the Heartland. Alamoudi would be exposed and charged as Al-Qaeda.........


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