Caveat Piet

Caveat Piet

Oh Canada


Men, women, old and young... the police treated them equally.

When you have volunteers to do the dirty work, who needs communist police?

Nothing is foolproof. Not even Winnie the Pooh can guarantee your safety.

No better toys than a cardboard box.

A woman risked her life to speak up against Communist dictatorship.

A police all suited up yelled at a villager being tied to a post. I think the commies really like the virus because now they have an excuse to abuse people however they want.

People are doing their best to keep the virus at bay. This lady is particularly creative.

Meanwhile, China is boarding up all building exits. That's normal.

Local authorities are chaining people in their homes with no promise for immediate rescue should any emergency takes place.

A husband was kicked and dragged by a group of cops while his wife looked up helplessly. Another guy dared to support Wuhan was severely beaten by a mob of volunteers.

Warning: This video contains disturbing material. If you don't want to be disturbed, watch only the document translation and skip the last two video clips. I cry for humanity.

China doesn't seem to be overreacting at all.

Having the possession of a mask for even a minute is better than none, right?!

Don't want to touch the buttons in your elevator? Here's an idea.

Want Dictatorship? Justin Trudeau will guarantee a free delivery to a city near you.

Multiple memorial sites were set up for the good doctor.

You can confine the people in Wuhan but you cannot crush their spirit.

One thing I know for sure, they don't like where they're going.

This was recorded near the beginning of the outbreak. Medical students talked among themselves but were too afraid to speak up. I wish I could say what happens in Wuhan stays in Wuhan.

The Chinese don't seem to be too concerned, obviously.

These videos were posted yesterday and today, back to back. Not sure what they're burning but they sure have lots of it.

Don't have the background details. The video shows an angry woman standing up to Hong Kong police.

Wake up, Canada. Don't be a sheep!

Bootsie patrols our backyard.


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