just mind your own business. I'm not trying to burn the house down or sell drugs so kindly fuck off. Cops need to just do their own job and stop relying on other people to do it for them.

I can't believe people are this obviously fake and stupid.

Shit's pretty funny imho. Out of the mouth of babes and all that.

Be Not Afraid

the contents of this video are commentary, nothing more.

Hello this is Doobag7. Buy bitcoin it's not the mark of the beast. I swear.

It's the best room mate I have ever had.

Just talking about some future videos. Also, VR for Quantum of Conscience, 1 of my favorite channels.

I hope everyone is doing well.



Here's the specific video of Varg's I was talking about:

Woohoo! I still love this place too. I wish Niki was here though.

Work, school, where I live it all sucks. I suck at it all and just about everybody hates me. Usually over shit I have no control over. Oh well.

whatever. just leave me alone.

Low-life parasitic scum, every last one.

Love you baby!

I'm pretty sure I've made myself clear on some of these points before. I felt the need to reiterate. If you don't like what I have to say fuck off I don't care. Maybe go read the description of this channel and figure some shit out.I got this up later than intended because YT took their sweet time editing it.

Just don't worry about it dude. Work hard and you will get what you want. There in lies the problem: this younger generation doesn't want to work for shit.

I just want to be left alone. I've lost my faith in the majority of Humanity.

My call in to Informative Info's show.


Do some actual research into the subject before you make a decision:


Also there is a youtuber that goes by Cultured Thug that has some documentaries about this subject that are very informative:


Don't be racist against fleas you guys! Even if they have formed the New World Flea Order that is plotting the demise of your people. Never ever feel negative emotions toward them. Just deal with them.

Basically a VR to Varg over at ThuleanPerspective but also relevant to a handful of other youtubers that submit to censorship so they don't have their precious hard work of pointing a camera at themselves and running their mouths taken down. Who cares. Better to die on your feet(political suicide) than on your knees like a coward.

Didn't vote, don't care. I'm just a political spectator and that's all I'll ever be.

Hope everyone stays safe. My thought are with those that I love and the future.

Learn to develop functional and rational communication skills. Stop hiding behind a mask. Or don't, that's fine too. Just understand I'll never trust you.

Whatever. You know, words.

Re-uploaded because first version was way to long.

I Love you Niki.

For those of you who don't agree or can't handle it, mind your own business. Thanks.



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