Stay positive and keep fighting the good fight.

I gave her the ribeye. 14/88 !!!

Just hangin out with my friend. It's nice to have some company.

Life is to short to not cherish those precious few rare moments.

Just leave me the fuck alone. I'm tired of being around people. If I do resurface on the internet it's not going to be for awhile and it won't be in the same context as it was before.

So I'm sorry to the very few people who may have enjoyed my content but I just don't feel like I'm any good at this. So I need to just stop wasting my time and concentrate my efforts on something more fruitful. Later.

I'm tired of making content. I've come to the realization that I'm just not good at it and it's a waste of time for me. No, this is not a plea for attention or cry for help. No, I'm not depressed or planning on killing myself. Just leave me the fuck alone. I don't really want to talk to or be around people anymore. I'm done.

I smoked weed for like 20 years of my life. It was a mistake.

Yeah, I know I kinda went off topic here. I don't care. It's just some shit I wanted to get off my chest.

Oh, and I know I said as long as they love you back or whatever, I meant to say and they are also of legal age. Most people understand that is implied but I have to spell it for those retards that are pedophile witch hunters and will take any opportunity to call somebody one.

I have a suspicion that she watches my videos based on what I've seen on her IG from time to time. I wish I knew there was some way that I could know for sure that she gets the message. I know there is a bunch of people out there that don't approve of us having anything to do with each other. Namely her parents, cops and trolls. I wish one day she will have the strength to tell them all to fuck off. oh well.

nothin like freezer burritos on Mexican independence day.

What I look like With Dredlocks. I think I was about 22 or 23 here. Good times.

Improve your accuracy and let off some steam at the same time.

When the world all comes crashing down around you, don't say I never warned you.

Ok, so I'm glad I could put some effort into getting that off my chest. It probably won't do me any good, but it's the thought that counts right? I hope I cleared some stuff up for people.

some people change and some people don't. I definitely can.

Maybe someday the USA will not constantly be at war. It would be nice if we were not the globe's designated police force.

The world is full of a great many great things. Life is to short to be focusing on negativity. It's always refreshing to see the calm in the storm has taken the form of a beautiful young woman that has an affinity for speaking wisdom. It's nice to see that people like this still exist in the world.

No, I am not crazy, paranoid, mad I got in trouble or any thing else you have been trained to believe are the reasons why people act negatively toward the police.

I have to keep saying this shit to try hammer home the idea that the LE are not the invincible gods that they think they are that have the right to dictate to people things that are outside the law.

Please pay attention and try to take everything that I say into consideration. Thank You.

Feels good to be making an effort to improve myself. somehow.

I Love street musicians.

Trust me. When SHTF and Judgement Day comes you are going to be in the situation you are in for a reason.

His name is Mike, he's a pretty cool guy:



Dang, missed uploading this on the 22nd by like 3 minutes. Oh well, no big deal.

Life has been pretty good to me lately, can't say I have much to complain about. I just hope this trend continues. I need to do my part to keep up the good fight and be a strong person. Who knows what life is going to throw at me next.

Only consume food right before you are about to engage in some kind of activities or go to sleep. Drink water. Also like 2 tbls of vinegar in a glass of water like every other day or every 3rd day.

Stop eating junk food like soda, chips, fast food. Get some exercise everyday. Walk, bike, get a job that involves physical activity. Don't be a sloth.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! Cheers!

Recluse's have existed through out history. Maybe that is my life's calling. To be perfectly honest, I've just grown tired of being around people all the time. I've never been a huge contributor to society and society has definitely never had a huge positive impact on me. In fact, very much the opposite.

I just want to go live out in the middle of nowhere and not worry about this shit anymore.


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