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We Can't Be Contained (Version) · The Make-Up

After Dark

℗ Dischord Records

Released on: 1997-01-01

Artist: The Make-Up

Also, he's right. We really can't be contained.

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I clipped what I think is the most significant part of the video.

Oh and btw Matt, it's Bohdi Satva pronounced bow-dee sut-va. Bohdi Satva's are Buddhists that have attained full Buddha - hood but remain behind here in this realm as kind of shepherds that keep a light lit so that those that seek ascension can see the path out of the darkness toward Nirvana. You have always reminded me of such a thing. Well, you are a drunk Buddha. Nice haircut, I've got the same one. Gets me accused of being a skinhead by the rabid liberals here all the time. Bodhizafa(what you said) is a beer that is produced right here in the Georgetown district of Seattle. https://georgetownbeer.com/beer/details/bodhizafa-ipa cheers!

Originally shot on the 10th of June. Recently a friend and I were discussing me and Niki's recent contact and the topic came up that perhaps my only interest in her was sexual. This video is for the purpose of dispelling that suspicion. Also this is for engraving in reality my testimony of all the positive things I like about her and speaking about how much I enjoy her company. In many ways she has improved my life and done much to encourage me to curb some of my less desirable aspects, and for this I am very great full. I love you Niki.

more unintelligible ranting. thanks for your time.

Ok! OK! I was just kidding, the angels can come back now! lol No, I just need to be less of a fuck up and concentrate on my life more.

I know that I should keep my mouth shut out of respect for everyone involved. What if by doing so they die though?

Angels on our shoulders. It's good to know I'm at least ahead of the curve with my karma. Now please go bless someone who really needs it.

more on this later

A video of me in my natural habitat. Flute Gnome Rocks!

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Just like a woman's embrace.

I hope you have many more.

I was in lock step with my brother and sisters. Hail Victory!

Walk and Talk around my current neighborhood. Just trying to elaborate on some things going on and my plans for the future.

Reflections On European Mythology And Polytheism by Varg Vikernes


I'm officially no longer a vegetarian. I'm not going to start chowing down on burgers tomorrow, but things need to change. I'm now a pescatarian. Salmon good.

who knows if it was a homeless person or somebody that lives in my friends building. Funny how I was just talking about hurdles that life throws at you. I can't do anything except keep going.

I'm going to break free. I thought this was the end but it's only the beginning of a whole new level.

Just a little explanation in case people don't understand.

I think I get it. It took some contemplation but I'm starting to see. I love you Regan.

Just a small glimpse of the degradation of American society. More later.

My rickety ass kit sounds like a load of dirty dishes being thrown down a dark staircase. Most drummers that are any good have been doing it since they were teenagers. I never really had the money to afford a kit until I moved here to Seattle. I don't practice enough, moving my shit from storage unit to storage unit until somebody says something then just moving on. Drum school is expensive, way more money then I have. Anyway yeah, I know I suck.

My friend that lives up in the Bellingham area has 2 pets. The iguana is called Stelios and the chinchilla is called Little Foot. Cool and very interesting animals.

The best birthday I have had in over a decade. Thank you SO much. Still though........I hope she comes back.

a better time

I won't deny I'm a gamer, have been ever since I was a little kid. I have actually owned a hand held game like the one that Matt shows in the beginning of the video. He makes some very good points in this video, like always.

Quantum of Conscience

The important part of this video is the list that she talks about. I've seen it in action, so I know it's real. In many ways she is just another Alex Jones clone.

Lisa Haven


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