A city in darkness

No more.

Do you think I look like pepe?

Robert's content is enlightening. Anthropologists are usually pretty red pilled. History is one of my favorite subjects.

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One thing I want to point out is that I really don't consider myself to be that intelligent. Other people around me do, but that is their choice. I prefer to think of myself as just not being stupid.

Originally shot on 2/14/2022

“If you want to know who rules over you, look at who you are not allowed to criticize.” - George Orwell

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As pure as the driven snow!

This was taken over about 5 weeks ago. I guess being from southern California I have always been fascinated by the snow. No tire chains for me!

Thor News Re - Upload
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I like Thor, he has style.

I re uploaded this video because it is a perfect guide to the situation that one may find themselves in should SHTF and you do not live in a rural setting. AP does a good job of covering at least the basics of what people should know and prepare for.

There is a video game called This War Of Mine by 11 Bit Studious that is a perfect simulator for everything AP is talking about in this video. From their Wikipedia: The game was inspired by the poor living conditions and wartime atrocities that Bosnian civilians endured during the 1992–96 Siege of Sarajevo, the longest city siege since World War II.

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Title says it all.

I bet you already knew that though, didn't you? Don't be a fuckin' Narcissist.

some people would swear this describes their life

Uploading this to show that America had concentration camps too. The difference between these and the German camps were that these were purely ethnically based and the German camps were penal labor camps that did not discriminate based on race.

My mother actually knew someone who was in one of these camps. They are dead now. My mom also knew someone that was near the blast at Nagasaki. Hiroku was her name. Hiroku's body was so heavily impregnated with isotopes and heavy metals that her body would set off metal detectors at the airport. She died of cancer, obviously.

The point is, that if we as a country owe anyone reparations for actions we have taken in the past, it's the Japanese. The people in these camps were stripped of all their property(some business owners) and were given a mere 25$ upon their exit from the camps. The only basis for them being put in these camps was being ethnically Japanese.

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a commenter on PJF's channel has written:
"Pj’s intel leads me to believe that the show is about to begin. We have already been over run."

I agree, all the signs are there. I don't upload enough survival/tactical/prepper content but I'm going to start uploading more. Thanks Pastor Joe.

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Drew has a pretty dope truther channel. You can find that here:

The real show starts at about 20 mins. at least, that's the main reason I re-uploaded this. People in the streets shouting "we need Communism!" That crowd seems staged. Drew talks about it in the video. I think.

Matt at Quantum of Conscious is the one that originally told me about CBO. His style and vibe are pretty unique in the Truth Community. There are not that many ghetto truthers. lol No disrespect, the guy does good work.

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I would post the lyrics but, character limit. You can check those out here:

How did monkeys become people and people turned into sheep?

I couldn't agree more Tom.

Step one, train the people only to consume
Step two, infiltrate adults with the news
Step three, indoctrinate the children through the schools
And the music and the apps on the phones that they use
Step four, separate the right from the left
Step five, separate the white from the black
Step six, separate the rich from the poor
Use religion and equality to separate 'em more
Step seven, fabricate a problem made of lies
Step eight, put it on the news every night
Step nine, when people start to fight and divide
Take control, this is called situational design.

Checks out

Mind control is a subject I have always enjoy studying. Been doing it for awhile. Lately it seems like all I have to is go outside and talk to people in order to do that though. Some people I have known for a long time, scream woke but are really very asleep. Television(or what passes for it, Netflix or whatever) is usually involved.

Melissa and Aaron Dykes are Truth Stream Media

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or you can go over to youtube and watch a bunch of commercials

All seems fabricated to me. Just by the nature of how high profile it is. Still, Kyle did nothing wrong.

Gas the bikes, race car now!

Oh yeah, and the (((people))) he shot(supposedly) were not white.

My theory about some of the events we are seeing unfold before us on the world stage. A little bit about the mandala effect too.

I bet this guy thinks to himself all the time "I hate being right about this".

Church bells and police sirens to be exact.

Apologies for the bad quality, it's old after all. Uploaded for purposes of historical accuracy. The sentiments displayed here may or may not coincide with those of the channel owner despite the fact that all Hitler ever did was defend his country from an international banking cartel that still plagues us all to this very day. Also he is God and his dick was 20 inches long.


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