My call in to Informative Info's show.


Do some actual research into the subject before you make a decision:


Also there is a youtuber that goes by Cultured Thug that has some documentaries about this subject that are very informative:


Don't be racist against fleas you guys! Even if they have formed the New World Flea Order that is plotting the demise of your people. Never ever feel negative emotions toward them. Just deal with them.

Basically a VR to Varg over at ThuleanPerspective but also relevant to a handful of other youtubers that submit to censorship so they don't have their precious hard work of pointing a camera at themselves and running their mouths taken down. Who cares. Better to die on your feet(political suicide) than on your knees like a coward.

Didn't vote, don't care. I'm just a political spectator and that's all I'll ever be.

Hope everyone stays safe. My thought are with those that I love and the future.

Learn to develop functional and rational communication skills. Stop hiding behind a mask. Or don't, that's fine too. Just understand I'll never trust you.

Whatever. You know, words.

Re-uploaded because first version was way to long.

I Love you Niki.

For those of you who don't agree or can't handle it, mind your own business. Thanks.


I love you Niki. That will never change. I promise.


Just another reason to go live out in the woods away from everyone.


I can see you watching me you fuckin idiots. No, I'm not paranoid I can actually see you lamely attempting to hide. I don't care what people think of me, otherwise I wouldn't be making a statement like this. You are just not as good at hiding as you think you are. I could give a fuck either way. I hope you enjoy watching somebody who is getting their life together. Maybe follow my lead?

Just wake the fuck up! Stop spending your time on stupid shit designed to turn you into a fucking mindless zombie! I refuse to stay quiet about all the evil I see everyday. Never forget! Never forget all the atrocities you have seen and never stay quiet about it.

Payday Mansanto - Chosenite's Lament

There are only 2 types of people in this world: Awake and Asleep. There is only 2 things in this world that will ever matter: Truth and the Lies that try to hide it.

More and more people are waking up. The community of true human souls will never die.

Are they leaving bread crumbs for people who are truly interested in the truth? Is there some group of people trying to purge the dumb people from the planet so that only the worthy make it to paradise?

Leave degeneracy behind. Improve yourself. Everything else you want will follow.

Still a very beautiful city. Even if I can't say that for most of inhabitants. Remember, Beauty is far more than ski

This video is not as much about Fascism as I would like it to be and I didn't really even talk about everything that I wanted to talk about. Long story short: Styx is a chicken shit idiot and this guy Kevin Miller is a biased dumb fuck.

Here is the original Styx video that I commented on:

Shout outs to Europe and all the people there suffering from the Mass Immigration that is threatening their culture and sovereignty.

Hey There Europa - Pale White Skin (NatSoc Uploads Edit)


Guitars are shaped like a woman for a reason. It's symbolic. For lack of a better place to put it I just sleep next to this one.

Get off your ass and get something done.

Sorry If I seem to be repetitive sometimes. I usually just say what I am feeling and I often feel the same thing more than once.

Stay positive and keep fighting the good fight.

I gave her the ribeye. 14/88 !!!

Just hangin out with my friend. It's nice to have some company.


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