This covers a different scene from the other dance track. Fast speed GULAG dance track to move the White history of the Gulags off the book pages and into culture. The GULAG has to get into the popular conscience. Not just stay in books, which nobody reads anymore. Nobody has the time to watch a long, dragging, authentic, painfully slow, GULAG film.


Music: Guiseppe Ottaviani

Fast speed GULAG dance track to move the White history of the Gulags off the book pages and into culture.

Music: Guiseppe Ottaviani

Eastern Europe under COMMUNISM, a short video how Communism pushed Multiracialism upon the Whites of Eastern Europe, and the reaction of the Whites.

Hi-speed Gulag dance trak to Guiseppe Ottaviani's music.

Hi-speed GULAG dance track to Guiseppe Ottaviani music

The first thing for us adults to do is to make sure our White children have Pride and are not indoctrinated with the very destructive Self-Hate.

It is massive work we have to do all across the board, in every field.

Two GULAG dissidents in the barracks joke about Supremacist Commissars.

Network series about changing the way people think with Nation vs Empire. Celts vs Roman Empire occupation.

Celtic Druids -- Network series
Question Authority

Celtic Druid -- Network series.
Think Alternative Media

Winter Solstice 2019 - Celtic Druid solstice sunlight at Newgrange, Ireland. The Celtic Druid temple there.

Corruption of the Romano Britons in selling out their own people to the Empire. The Celtic Nation eventually defeated the Roman Empire and drove them from Britain in 404 AD.

I made the first dramatic feature length film in World History to ever mention the name Gareth Jones.

I will post the exact clip from Gulag Barashevo 2015 that shows this evidence.

Like Gareth Jones, I'm Welsh, 1/4 Welsh, with the same fighting blood for Truth.

Artists Against Censorship

Hate Speech Doesn't Lead to Genocide, State Authoritarian Laws Do.

How media monopoly lies can lead to laws which lead to genocide.

Director pitch for Druid Games. Pitch #1 covers the Gods and Goddesses of Season 1.

All these Gulag films have Orwellian subtexts encoded into them. Gulag Barashevo - "Monopoly" scene. "They have a total monopoly, proves they're smarter." Vera: "Monopoly means you can't compete, and are thus dumber." The Gulag films talk about everything we talk about today, they are loaded with subtexts.

SAMHAIN Celtic Druid Morrigan Returns - Full Take 3

SAMHAIN - Morrigan Returns, a full take. Ramping up for a series of Druids versus the Roman Empire.

This is the first promo teaser for Game of Druids series.
It is called SAMHAIN Morrigan Returns, Ep.1
The Game of Druids series is a very long script that will be shot in many episodes over many years and will address the spiritual, cultural, and national battles of the Celtic Druids against the Globalist Roman Empire.

Druid Celtic New Year of Oct. 31, Samhain (Halloween), space and time are distorted as the Ancestors and Gods come back to check up on us and what we have been up to. The spaces of this temporal world and the Other World of the spirits and ancestors, becomes thin and we communicate with them.

Samhain is similar to All Saints Eve in some various Christian religion sects..


A high speed fast paced video montage of just some of the tens of thousands of shots from my three Gulag feature-length films.

The #ADL gets away with censoring on Youtube because they say Hate leads to genocide, it doesn't.

What does lead to genocide is authoritarian lies. Such as Trotsky calling Russians "racists"

Hello #ADL
I made a movie on it.

Scene from Gulag Magadan film. Two dissidents discuss the real underlying media control in both the West and the USSR, by the same Marxist Globalist bankers who funded the Bolsheviks.


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Celtic-Films makes films about Celtic Druid as well as Humanitarian and Human Rights subject matter, such as the Marxist USSR genocide of over 65 million Europeans from 1917-1991.

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