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Timelords: BEWARE.
These ghastly things are EVERYWHERE. Where 1 Leaves, Another takes its place. As long as theres dark Money and Heavy Funding behind all these stupid fancy projects, there will Always be Daleks running the show.

...Juuuuust when you thought it Couldnt get Any WORSE.
..Seems those BANKER$ are Ahead of us, yet again.
The BANKS and NGOs in $witzerland, created the Unthinkable: Buying up Airbnb, and using it as an excuse; to bring in MORE invaders.

Well? The UN Guy is reaching out to his "Elite" friends again-- only this time around, he ~ADMITS~ to the use of Behavioural Sciences to get the NWO message across to the whole world.

"Fire Season" begins, in 2024.
How far WILL these criminals GO, to Force everyone into the "smart city" areas..? Weird, how all this fire activity, is always "EXPECTED"....

Hey, everyone :)
What was ~Supposed To~ be a mere "review" of the Met Gala of 2024, strangely took a turn for something else! :0 This isnt normally the sort of content i work on (my channel is.. nearly 100% focused on Exposing the White Genocide and how its connected to the NWO-- but on occasion, ill have something different). This is a topic i became fully aware of, on my journey to waking up from this beast system. It is a topic that i personally think Does need a bit more attention, as both women And men are affected By this stuff, on a day-2-day basis. What IS the "ideal man" and "ideal woman"..? Hollywood has always shown us. The problem is, we, (the public / peasents / "lesser thans") couldnt always See.

Hey, everyone🥰
Just something alittle short n sweet, for the middle of the week.🥰

Trudeaus’ pansyass tried so hard to be “relevant” to the real world, when we all Know hes … probably the World's #1 Pansyass Tyrant.😒 His version of Starwars and May the 4th.🙄😑🤦‍♀️

Original video from: Memeology101
Extra edits: Myself / CelticAwake

Hey, everyone! :D
I know most things these days seem Real "doom n gloom" lately, (the "blackpilling" of my channel doesnt help... oops), but? No matter HOW Bad things get..., 1 thing i find that always helps me, is to just take a "time out", to enjoy the more simple things in life-- and Music has always helped with that. :)
I hope this helps anyone out there, that might need to feel more uplifted. If you dig Jazz, hopefully this piece helps. :)

**NOTE: "WGW" = White Genocide Watch**.
...Seems the White genocide is amping up more and more.. and YES, this IS what the "vaccine" WAS created for; aside from the "No Borders" business. ALL THIS, ~BECAUSE~ Whites ARE the Only races, that Gets in the WAY of the NWO. These criminals will stop at NOTHING, until the MEMORY of us even Being a thing is Gone.

Well? The tiny little tyrant is at it, yet again.
Here, the UN Guy reaches out to Middle Eastern banks, giving Praise to how Banks are a ~crucial~ part, in the creation of new society and "turning the tides". You CANT have the White Genocide and NWO, ~WITHOUT~ banks...

Its exactly as stated. While everyone is distracted by LGBT, wars, and everything in between; the UN is working VERY hard to create Legal treaties, "for the greater good". Some of this stuff MAY seem Good, but you got to remember: ALL these NGOs / Banks are RUN ~BY~ criminals. Theyre just virtue-signalling, While THEY Destroy OUR world. Everything stated here, is POLICY; it is NOT Law.

**PLEASE NOTE: Some of the Audio might be a tad "off". SOme clips are louder than others, so i appologize in advance for any inconveniences this may cause. **
Hey, everyone :)
This video is.. somewhat devistating, with regards to just How the world of Tech, IS getting out-of-hand. As such, this video Will NOT be suitable for younger audiences, as it contains VERY freaky/scary stuff. :(
Please dont get me Wrong, scaring the masses off is Not my intent at all: it just so happens that the way the world Really functions..., its Not good. My only intent is to Expose the White genocide / NWO, and help people figure things out, along the way. Big tech seems to be 1 out of Several problems, when it comes to the NWO coming in to full fruition.

...im Really starting to think, these fckn Robodogs are the Real cause behind all the "wildfires" the Entire Western world has been experiencing lately...
Not too sure When this """""fire"""" happened, but it appears it is likely somewhat recent. New Scotland (Nova Scotia), Canada.

These criminals Need to make up their damn minds.
Theres either "too many humans", or "not enough humans".
Eitherway-- the tech they use, is Extremely NON-"environmentally friendly"...

...not too sure about anyone Else out there, but ive been freaked out by stuff like this, since discovering the Jetsons / Rosie.
Having this crap FORCED on us, is... NOT the way to go about this. We should ALL be able to Have a Say in this. The AI / Robot takeover has gone Waayyy too far...

Well? The NON-Governmental Organizations over in $witzerland, are at it yet Again. Openly sharing ideas on how to ~LEGALLY~ traffic """""Migrants""""", AND get away with the White Genocide.
The question is: ...is ANYONE out there Capable of putting 2 and 2 together? Or would they Still, rather look the other way, and Ignore those blasted BANKS & NGOs Behind all this mess..?

Well? Im really at a loss here, as to What to say.
Its as Plain as day AND night; that these CRIMINALS, absolutely HATE humanity--they are ~Openly~ Declaring a "Global food crisis", While ~CREATING~ it; And they have the Nerve to Beg for more heavy funding for Their projects. ..As they blame Humans.

**The guy in the thumbnail picture, is the CEO of the company the UN is supporting**
Hey, everyone--
This is yet another little update on where things are headed, regarding this "World Order" business. Here, the UN suggests ways to do International financing, in order to transform the economy-- by increasing funding for THEIR NWO projects.

Hey, everyone;
Hope youre all managing ok, in this crazy world..
This is just a little update regarding whats been going on in the world of AI and Robotics. These RoboDog things have been around for awhile now, but they keep getting more and more advances to their fatality skills.

...they ~openly~ call for "Government INC.". No joke.
Also? If you ever hear these criminals discussing "private sector", thats just Criminal Banker slang, for "BANKS".

...its Exactly as the title suggests. As America is going further and further down the drain to Oblivion, these BANKING CRIMINALS are discussing other things They find important. Im Telling you-- these fckn Banking criminals Really have it out for America.

Well? As this world seemingly goes more and More down the drain, with threats of World wars, "Civil" wars, and the complete Genocide AND Democide of all various White races everywhere, Hollywood is sad that its not getting enough attention. So? Here, we have another Hollywood parasite, trying to trick the masses-- not only in Africa, but Everywhere; with new found so-called "discoveries", and pretending he played NO part in the destructuion of the West. (HINT: Hollywood was Designed to Destroy).

The UN Guy gives a fancy little speech, on the ~PERMANENT FORUM~ for People of African Descent. This IS a topic that i Have done videos on, in the past-- but Several of my videos are being heavily censored. For anyone whom May be curious? ALL of this White genocide madness IS coming from $witzerland. The UN, is only 1 out of ~SEVERAL~ anti-White NGOs.

Hey, everyone--
Sorry im a tad late on this one, i tried getting it up last night (April 7), and had The Worst luck.
Anywho, this video is in relation to what CERN plans on doing during this Eclipse, as well as the weird engagement of NASA in this. Im not exactly worried about the Eclipse itself (these things happen all the time); i just find the timing of all this stuff strikingly odd.
If you are familiar with the weird satanic rituals that both CERN and NASA are Known to do..., what could Possibly go Wrong.....?

Hey, everyone :)
I know this is super random, but i felt the need to share.
I see LOTS of people either getting Excited about the Eclipse, or getting downright Scared-- even so far as to declare a "state of emergency" over this thing.
This video, gives a unique Navajo perspective on Eclipses-- and what it truly means, during the time of the "death of the Sun".
These things are a natural part of the cycle of life; rather than being overwhelmed by it, we should spend the time to reflect on things, and the more simple appreciations of Life :)

Another day, another month; and another Pansyass move, to OBLITERATE Canada (and the Entire Western world).
Seems Trudeaus' pansyass is getting his way, again; with tyranny Against Canada and White Canadians as a whole. Seems America and UK arent too far behind...


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🦅A Celtic-Canadian, stuck in the hellhole land of Pansyass Tyrants. I go after the Banks & NGOs that Are, 100%; responsible for the White genocide and world j*wry. Its a Nasty blackpill to swallow... but Worth the Freedom. <3
🦅If we dont stand together in this mess, we fall apart divided; and the genocide happens quicker. I create/share info on almost ALL White countries, as i see us as family.💖 The 1 common theme for us all, is: they hate ALL Whites.

.🇨🇦You May be near death, and on your Final breath, O dearest Canada; but a Great Love can still be found for you. I love you; and wish for nothing more, than your Graceful revival, and a renewal of Our peoples.🇨🇦💖✨