...just when i thought it Couldnt get Any worse. *eternal facepalm*

Original link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TtJ9wk0v1w4

Hey, everyone!
This is some info i came across a little while back, and found it very relevent to todays world. The meeting itself is from a few years ago, i think..?

Anywho; extra info is below, for anyone interested:

🚨🚨What do i mean, by “its the RED-SHEILDS”..? Heres a fancy list, to help get you started!☺️ Be warned; it is EXTREMELY blackpilling😓😞💔

⚫️UN “African Decent” Agenda:





⚫️The Root💰of ALL Evil/TROAE:




Be safe everyone, and Remember: you ARE loved. <3


..Trudeau the Pansyass Tyrant, making money off all this propaganda, no doubt in my mind.

Original link..: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Gvx0Eqpa0o

Hey, everyone.
These creatures, absolutely HATE Christians, this is a Known fact.
This pastor, seems like a real fighter-- he lived through Communism, so he Knows whats happening. If youre upto it, Please help him out.

Original video:

Pastor Artur info:

..noticing the trend..?
HINT: $$$$$$$$$$$
..anywho. Heres the original link, for those interested:

Hey, everyone..
Came across this, while doing some research. Figured id share with you. These criminals openly discussed depopulation, 2 years ago.

Heres the original link, for those interested:

Things are getting VERY weird...
Israeli police forces decided to attack Palestinian/Muslim protesters, with bombs, watercanons and gawd only knows what else.

Original link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P1pt40ZelgM

.."ive always wanted to be a cyborg!"
Guys. (and gals). These criminals Hate us all. :(

Original link: ⁣https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zrNaaz1isEQ

Hey, everyone! :D
So this is yet another little series im doing, where i find fractions of art/fiction, completely reflecting the reality/factual world they want for us all to have.
This is from a BRILLIANT show, called "Torchwood". It is a paralell to DoctorWho. In this season, it is about a zombie sort of "virus", where the BIG NGOs and Medical Industry KNEW this was going to happen. Just something interesting to consider. With "Event201" and Pfizer/AstraZenica/J&J in Our world.., What are your thoughts?

Hey, everyone! :D
This is a little music video i threw together for you all, of 1 of my favourite songs. :)
Im on my own little journey to learning about our Gods/Goddesses of the past, and Odin is a favourite for me.
The song is by a Brilliant band, Danheim. I hope you all enjoy! :D <3

Remember: you ARE loved! <3 :)

Hey, everyone.
This is yet another little project i put together for you all; i hope you enjoy (or atleast, find informative).
DISCLAIMER: There is visual/footage of ancient civilizations throughout this video. I am trying to depict precisely WHAT/WHO made those Great civilizations fall. I do NOT believe the ancients were evil or bad or anything, but rather; the SAME THING that Made those civilizations fall are Making us collapse in todays world.

Remember: you ARE loved💖


Hey, everyone! :)
This is a Brilliantly done video, by a real cool Christian guy that used to go by "TranspocalypseNow" & "SlaveNewWorld". Unfortunately Several of his channels were taken down, and i genuinely have no clue if hes got any channels/content back up. :(
But? I hope you all enjoy this and find it informative, as much as i have. :)
**The snorting pig at the end is NOT my doing! >.<;; haha thats the work of TN/SNW**

All the best;
Cheers! :)

Remember: you ARE loved <3


Britain gives reviews; Canada follows foot. WHY, is Canada EVERYONES b*tch?!? :(

Original link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qHGSi0IwM3Y

This clown sure knows how to-- ...look stupid.
Hosting failed zoom "summit" to what appears to be foreigners, regarding a future for this ((("country"))).

Original link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I0uAME4SMS0

Trudeau is trying to be smart; by "poking fun" at protesters.

Original link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ievTdZ-cy1I

Hey, everyone!
This is an interesting video, done by a Brilliant guy, "TranspocalypseNow / SlaveNewWorld".
Hes Great at exposing the secret tr*nny agenda in hollywood and politics. His channels got taken down quite awhile back; no idea if he has new ones???

Well? Looks like Vatican is promoting the 1 world "religion" more and more lately...

..God speed, America; god speed.


Hey, everyone!🥰
This is VERY new. As of Sunday April 25, 2021, a Canadian representative for the WHO, declared "darkness before the dawn" for Canada. Is thos whole "virus" thing just an excuse for the Jewish celebration, of "Tikkun Olam"?🤔🧐💭 Watch, and judge for yourself😱

Original link:

Well? Looks like the gang of Mason/Juden are at it, yet again. Uping the anti-human, fear-based propaganda, on ALL the masses..

Original link: ⁣https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rxwIm_0T_zI

This guy, is nailing it. This guy seems real cool.

Original link: ⁣https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=62JSstSp-qA

..c'mon, everyone... we have to look to see WHERE all this JWO/White genocide stuff, is coming from. We need to do this, collectively.

Original link: ⁣https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KlVK-MnMEVw

Hey, everyone! :D
Occasionally ill post music like this. Not everyone will like it, and i gather that; i just think having some positive or funny things to look at once in awhile, would be beneficial for us all. :)
I hope you enjoy :)

Take care;
CA <3

Original link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4an-H8iJsv4

..i dont even know what to say, at this point. These criminals just Keep avoiding real reality. Its nothing but fear from these criminals, all to keep us enslaved..


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