The ultimate perversion: healthy young women refusing to become mothers.

How man-hating lesbians exploit sexual abuse to promote their own sexual agenda.

Transgender hysteria reveals our shared legacy of sexual ignorance and arrogance.

Who are the crusaders for "equality" that couldn't care less about the problems of boys?

Beware of opportunists and profiteers who claim they want to "protect" children.

Body shame and breast shame: the money trail.

Is the scary talk about sexualization based on fact or fiction?

The real reason women fake orgasm. Disclaimer: None of my videos advocate, defend, or excuse any kind of illegal activity.

Lesbian feminists want heterosexual men to feel ashamed of our normal and healthy sexual instinct

Lesbian teachers in our schools?

Lesbians are over-represented among the crusaders who created and spread the mass hysteria over child sexual abuse. The problem isn't lesbianism in itself, but the way some lesbians have tried to force lesbianism on little girls.


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