Should US taxpayers stop funding the UN? Should the UN be kicked out of the US? Should the UN be the authority censoring opinions and vloggers off the internet that they don't like, or agree with? Please comment below.

Should lawyers gouge so much of client's cash and assets in legal fees? Vietnam Veteran is forced to live in freezing temperatures, no longer has use of his car, lawyer is trying to turn him out of his home, and is trying to take as much of his almost common law wife of over 15 years, and his, $146k joint account. She clearly left him car, house, and cash in will. Should lawyer's fees and hours for shuffling papers be all or so much of a client's assets just for shuffling papers around? Is the lawyer fees and hours a scam to embezzle money utilizing the "legal system"? This video has already been sent to NH Atty General and will be used to try and advocate for national legislation to change the feast on us by lawyers. Steal a candy bar from a candy store and we can get jail time, A lawyer can put thousands to millions of client's money and liquidated assets in their pockets. Should the lawyer in this case be hauled away in handcuffs after being arrested?

Was US DHS Homeland Security set up for gun confiscation, the end of Free Speech, and the nullification of the US Constitution? Will a US gun ban and confiscation mean UN occupation? Do international bankers, corporate owners, and billionaires take over and own everything, including us, if they succeed?

How would you live if the IRS sent out a levy notice to anywhere you got a job to seize 100%?

What if you were blacklisted and homeless shelters and anywhere to get assistance is null and void for you? What if you were blacklisted and you can't get just from police and in civil and criminal court case nationwide in the US? What if police, local, state, federal agencies, the US DHS Homeland Security and TSA will harass you on sight?

What if you were threatened with arrest for voting, wanting to run for political office, wanting to have a breakfast and coffee nook to talk politics, or for speaking at a public town hall meeting where the public was invited to speak? What if your life and family was threatened for having proposed Civilian Oversight of Police to legislators? Ritt Goldstein did this also around the same time that I did in Connecticut. Goldstein was so terrorized by police that he fled to Sweden seeking political asylum.

Homeland Security overtime is paid to State Police and others. For lodging a complaint against a police officer who was being paid federal tax dollars to covertly run operations to take away guns and end the 2nd Amendment, who threatened me with being put on the International Police Union Enemies List if I didn't leave Connecticut so he had a shot at my then hot wife, the IRS and everything local, state, and federal has been thrown at me in some measure.

This is how to survive as long as their is cash in circulation and/or others are willing to socialize, barter, and hang out, off-grid.

State Police and others working for Homeland Security overtime can cost federal taxpayers $200 to $500 per man hour for what is paid to officer/official/operative plus gas, lodging, and other expenses. I had 1 to 4 State Police assigned to just me 24 hours a day, to watch me work, go out to eat, get a haircut, shop at a big box store, sleep, have sex, and live in real time. I have cost you 100's of thousands of dollars, if not millions of your federal US taxpayer dollars.

I have broken no laws. Would you like to know where some of the 10's of trillions of US taxpayer dollars that are unaccounted for are being wasted on? Well, watch the video. You are paying out the butt in taxes to pay the most worthless citizens their are the dregs of society, to take taxpayers offline and punish them for pursuing the American Dream, showing some of them what a nightmare the Deep State retaliation can really be.

Expose public corruption, judicial abuse, and police brutality/misconduct and be glad that you are allowed to remain breathing, I am. I have Chronic Lyme Disease, so please excuse typos.



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