I actually dislike the word smart, use several other definitions of intelligence, and explain their differences. The transcript was authored by me alone.

Is there a third option for vegetarians/Vegans and meat eaters? I explore this possibility. The transcript was authored by me alone.

I explain who truly suffers persecution from society. I offer advice and solutions. The transcript was authored by me alone.

About beards and their implications. The transcript was authored by me alone.

The best explanation of polls and statistics you will ever encounter. The transcript was authored by me and nobody else.

An interesting take on the video game phenomenon.

Are autistic people hated for no reason? To extent is the prejudice against autistic people?

If you're going to reject Christianity, know what you're really rejecting. If you're going to embrace Christianity, know what it truly entails. Surprise: most people don't.

Christians: Are you real or fake? Atheists: Want to stick it to phony Christians? An eye-opening video. My website: wowtruth.com

I mediate between meat lovers and hardcore Vegans. My website: wowtruth.com

Men Going Their Own Way. Comparing independent men with MGTOWs (those who despise marriage) and MRAs. My website: wowtruth.com

Comparing the importance or lack of importance of animals to the importance of humans. My website: wowtruth.com

I examine the claim that Christians have of being controlled by God instead of their own will. My website: wowtruth.com

The problem of misunderstanding words, language, and symbols. My website: wowtruth.com

Analyzing the claim of bigotry against Black people. My website: wowtruth.com

I showcase the widespread discrimination of physical and mentally handicapped people. My website: wowtruth.com

I discuss aspects of virginity that you have never considered. I also discuss celibacy. My website: wowtruth.com

I tackle the problem of religious people believing in the concept of an eternal torture in Hell. My website: wowtruth.com

I have an interesting twist on the classical Christian understanding of Heaven. My website: wowtruth.com

I explain the philosophical implications of searching for alien life, and the possibility of contacting other worlds. My website: wowtruth.com

This video is literally about shit. That is, human waste. My website: wowtruth.com

Some people may greatly benefit from becoming a hermit. It may even be you! I explain this subject in detail. My website: wowtruth.com

I made a video challenging the character of infamous YouTuber T J Kirk, formerly known as "The Amazing Atheist." He saw my video, put it on the Drunken Peasants podcast, and him and his friends challenged me back. This is a response video to their podcast segment. My website: wowtruth.com

I explain this Right Wing system, which is a far superior alternative to both Marxist "Socialism" and Capitalism. This system, which I like to call Folk-ism, is based on ancient principles and natural law. My website: wowtruth.com

I analyze every point and counterpoint of the death penalty argument. My website: wowtruth.com


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