We checked in on Willie and his farm only to get some fantastic music from Kate.

Aragmar, AKA The black Knight on Amazon who is one of the most highly acclaimed authors around. His #Starshatter series is amazing.

We talk with Feldiarts Blancaart and Curryhobo about the explosive growth in the art community on Minds. The art finder and minds mascot hashtags have really drawn the community together with large subscriber growth and all kinds of great connections being made.

I speak with @ashinine and @hindudindu about their first few days on Mind and what they thought about the platform. We go through all the monetization options and some of the cool features like Tokens, boosting and more. One of these guys managed to gain 6,000 subscribers in his first 4 days. It was a lot of fun and we laughed quite a bit as these guys are serious shit posters.

@Satorid @curryhobo and @Cartman1 are my guests.
Satori and Meg ran a round table like series for 20 episodes before I ever even knew this site existed and Curry Hobo is the artist behind the characters used for my intros and thumbnails.

We discuss the evolution of the Infinite Imaginarium and it's future as well as how artists can leverage minds to connect, collaborate and create. #art #minds #infiniteimaginarium #creativity

This group is focused on providing artists a place to submit their art and get feedback from like minded creators.

MindsGaming has been here since 2015 and not only has a founders badge, but is also instrumental in the management of the MCOSI group. We discuss his experiences here on Minds, the importance of secondary markets for the Minds Token and even discuss some advise he would give to new channels here on Minds.

Willie tells us about his past, how he came to minds and even sings a few songs for your pleasure so grab a bag of peanuts and a beer and sit back for some good laughs.

Shout out to @Myincal and @AdamBaums for helping to gather all the right memes one would need in a situation like this. Subscribe to Meme Supreme Group for more.

A new user to Minds reached out to me to tell the story of what's happening in German politics. I found it to parallel what just happened in Iowa in many ways and thought it made for a great story.

This is a new format where I'll try and do ten or so minute talks discussing specific issues. If you have a topic you'd like to discuss feel free to contact me.

Please subscribe to @Unstern on Minds, I think she has a future here.

@Yotivationnation @MissKitty22 and @myincal join me for a fantastic conversation covering topics from what keeps us here on Minds to last night's Super Bowl half time show. I laughed so hard listening to this replay and the last bit where I ask everyone to say one last thing was just fantastic.

Probably goes without saying but if you're a fan on Meme Supreme than you don't want to miss this.

The 3rd person to ever agree to an interview with me was @OvationEddie, he had a channel on YT with 40k subs that was taken out from under him. He was rebuilding from scratch and I convinced him to come here to #Minds so he did and not only did he agree to let me interview him but he showed up every day to remind his content ever since.

But last week he was BANNED from Minds out of the blue and had he not known me he would have given up right then and there.

I've invited a lot of channels here to Minds, and if any of them have an Issue I'll fight like hell to support them. Fortunately so will Minds and this roundtable proves it.

This is the most important video I've ever done IMHO and I hope you like and share it.

SUBSCRIBE TO @OvationEddie And send him tokens so he can rebuild his subscriber base.

Chris is a LONG time member of Minds who's always been an active and loyal member of the community. We cover some of the subjects discussed in the most recent Minds Community Open Source Initiative meeting, non-violent communication and some of our experiences on Minds.
#Minds #Interviews #Politics #MCOSI

What a great honor it was to spend some time getting to know this fantastic person and I hope every one enjoys this interview every bit as much as I enjoyed recording it. We discussed a wide range of subjects from her background to some current events and even discussed the massive migration of users from Vietnam to Minds that occurred a few years back.

We talk about what he does to not only help some new channels find their feet but also some of the drama that's occurred over the years and how he may or may not have been involved. We also discuss some of his favorite channels and groups here on minds and feature some of their works.

I'm starting a second interview series I'm calling The Minds Roundtable #Mindsroundtable
I will invite in new guests each week and allow them to bring up the topics they want to discuss. In this inaugural episode I speak with @Willieleev1971 @Luculent and @WalrusMallone. We discuss how to help new channels get started, how the blocking system currently works (and how it should work) and the vision we have for minds being a place for real people to be real people vs what you see on sites like Instagram.

@Luculent is one of the Co-founders of the Minds Community Open Source Initiative #mcosi

He has a huge following here on #Minds and is always one to speak his mind. In this interview we cover EVERYTHING, so you don't want to miss it!
Are you being #shadowbanned? Is your channel being hidden.... NO.
If that were happening he'd be on it.

Xander Miller is the Director of Quality Assurance for #Minds. We discuss his daily routine and working process as well as his association with #MCOSI and even some of the things that are currently under development within #Gitlab.

My latest interview is with @SickOfTheLies
We covered a range of topics from politics to music and memes. Turns out this guy's an (almost) professional bass player in a real rock and roll band. At about 28 minutes we play one of his tunes.
#Memelord #Memesupreme #Minds #Interviewsonminds #Memewars

BTW This is my first interview with my new microphone so the audio's gonna be pro level from here on out!

Mark is one of the co-founders of the Minds Community Open Source Initiative. We discuss a lot of the work that's being done on Minds.com and what to expect in 2020 from both MCOSI and Minds itself.

Happy New Year @AmericanBravado @Willieleev1971 @NearMiss @Luculent FawkesnewaUSA Happy New Year!!!

I also want to shout out to all the people I interviewed last year...
@TrumpFanNetwork @OvationEddie @AmericanBravado @SeekingTheTruth101 @FretzCapo @Elicia @GopAaron @JustinAntitheist @SatoriD @Yotivationnation

Yotivation Nation is a popular channel on Minds who has a very interesting story about several different topics from Deep State to Big Tech, the Vegas shooting and more.

Elicia covers her background and previous fights against censorship while covering serious topics with real impact. She's gone from seeing 250,000 views on her videos to losing her channel and having to fight back up again and again.

American Bravado is a content creator with a rather small following for someone with such a great sense of humor and video editing skills. (This is the full 30 minute video.)

We cover all kinds of censorship related topics like PScores, page rankings, COPPA, Article 13 and a whole lot more in this long form interview.

In this nearly 1 hour interview I speak with Justin Trouble and Tabatha, two of the foremost experts on the Antifa / Proud Boys events that have happened in the Pacific Northwest over the past few years. Not only does he make detailed videos which summarize all his research but his website (link below) is the most comprehensive database of raw video and news links I've ever seen on the subject.

Subscribe to Justin on Minds here www.minds.com/JustinAntitheist
His YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCG5Kp09WJc3rJ5QjUY_AEug

SatoriD is a poet, a visual artist and all around great guy who's been active in molding Minds.com since the very start. He's a mind artist an an amazingly talented editor who was kind enough to chop up this interview in his own unique style, I hope you enjoy!


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