This is a mirror of a video posted to ODD Reality's YouTube page before it was removed. It was posted a few days after the Parkland shooting. He asked others to download and share, and so too do I. If you like this content, please check out ODD Reality on YouTube, as well as subscribe this channel for more censored and "limited state'd" videos.


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This channel serves to preserve information and the "digital books" Google and YouTube have been burning en masse. Now that our history is mostly digital in nature, while this usually allows for the quick and instant sharing around the world, it also makes it more susceptible to censorship than ever before. Once something is flushed down the Google memory hole, it is almost as if it never occurred. Shadow banning, de-platforming, de-listing from search results.... Scary times.

This channel will post videos that have been removed by the big social media platforms, or is of a particular nature that I feel it is at risk of eventually being removed. I believe we are in a crucial period of time right now where we must act to preserve history and information. People are waking up now more than ever before, and thus, the big tech companies are pushing back, hard. So to will we.

If you are the creator or owner of any material posted to this channel, and do not wish to have a back up copy of your work preserved and shared, and wish for it to be removed, I will kingly do so. No copyright infringement is intended whatsoever. If your content is appearing here, it is because it resonated with me, and I wanted others to have the opportunity to experience this as well.