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The origin of the globalist plot against humanity.

Paganism is the act of doing that which is right in your own eyes. It is a disregard for God's standards. When conservatism is secular in nature, rather than being founded upon the standards of God, it is another form of paganism.

Globalist predictions fail continuously and their propaganda is constant.

On December 3, 2023, the USS Carney, a guided missile destroyer, and three merchant ships were attacked when missiles were launched allegedly by Houthi Terrorist. Is this incident our 21st Century Gulf of Tonkin incident?

Whistle blower exposes the Pentagon and Covid Shots effects.

I take the Challenger for a drive and discuss the reason I believe Trump will win the 2024 election.

A biblical look at modern mind control.

If we obey the NWO mandates and shutdowns, we will thrust the world into a thousand years of a new Dark Age. Resist!

I made a mistake. It is not the book of Ruth. It is the book of Esther. Esther was the queen, not Ruth.

Did the universe come into existence by God or by magic?


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We are living through a worldwide paradigm shift from globalism to traditional nationalism. The yoke of globalist tyranny is being challenged and a world war is being waged. God is moving among the nations and intervening against evil. May we be victorious in this epic battle between good and evil.