Commander Rockwell

The HOAX is up RABBI !! here's the proof of the Jewish lies about the six million being murdered by Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany. This number has been continually cited and used to get money , privilege , sympathy , and heap guilt on Europeans especially German people. Spread this far and wide !!! Against the law it is to tell the truth !!

SHOW TO NORMIE FRIENDS and FAMILY !! this video reveals the plan and execution of the European race at the hands and power of Zionists - use this video and PLEASE Share . To us the Jew is not behind the curtain , but in plain view

How beautiful it is for white brothers to live together in unity - the Architecture was fantastic - the Jew Commies were so jealous they had to destroy our paradise , lets bring it back, make our nations WHITE again - watch on Jewtube to see the captions in english - - when I uploaded this to Jewtube they gave me strikes

Warning and plea to all white people from 1961 - hollywood let the Jew hand show , when Shatner played a Rockwell-like character in an old film. MUST SEE - the Communist World Order is revealed through de-segregation causing race-mixing to weaken and eliminate European People

Whether it storms or snows
Whether the sun shines upon us
The day burning hot
Or the night freezing cold
Dusty are our faces
But happy we are at heart
We're at heart
Our tank roars ahead
Along with the storm wind

With thundering engines
Fast as a lightning bolt
The enemy engaging
Within our armor plates
Come on comrades
In the battle, all alone
We stand all alone
That's how we strike deep
Into the enemy's ranks

When an enemy tank
Appears ahead of us
Full throttle is given
And we close with the foe
What value then is our life
For the army of our nation
Yes army of our nation
For to die for Germany
Is our highest honour

With obstacles and tanks
The enemy blocks our path
We laugh about it
And simply pass them by
And if we are threatened by guns
Hidden in the yellow sand
In the yellow sand
We find ourselves a path
That no one else found

And if we are abandoned
By that unfaithful luck
And if we don't return
To our homeland again
If a bullet strikes us down
If our fate calls upon us
Yes our fate upon us
Then for us the tank will be
An honorable grave

Ob's stürmt oder schneit,
Ob die Sonne uns lacht
Der Tag glühend heiß
Oder eiskalt die Nacht
Bestaubt sind die Gesichter
Doch froh ist unser Sinn
Ist unser Sinn
Es braust unser Panzer
Im Sturmwind dahin

Mit donnernden Motoren
Geschwind wie der Blitz
Dem Feinde entgegen
Im Panzer geschützt
Voraus den Kameraden
Im Kampf steh'n wir allein
Steh'n wir allein
So stoßen wir tief
In die feindlichen Reihn

Wenn vor uns ein feindliches
Heer dann erscheint
Wird Vollgas gegeben
Und ran an den Feind!
Was gilt denn unser Leben
Für unsres Reiches Heer?
Ja Reiches Heer?
Für Deutschland zu sterben
Ist uns höchste Ehr.

Mit Sperren und Minen
Hält der Gegner uns auf
Wir lachen darüber
Und fahren nicht drauf
Und droh'n vor uns Geschütze
Versteckt im gelben Sand
Im gelben Sand
Wir suchen uns Wege
Die keiner sonst fand

Und läßt uns im Stich
Einst das treulose Glück
Und kehren wir nicht mehr
Zur Heimat zurück
Trifft uns die Todeskugel
Ruft uns das Schicksal ab
Ja Schicksal ab
Dann wird uns der Panzer
Ein ehernes Grab.

abortion - from a Dr. acknowledging the baby and yet has killed 1200 mirrored for THE LAST WHITE MAN

70th anniversary of the Globalist instruction manual - although never meant to be so, they have used it and will , in time, make all of us say 2 + 2 = 5 , which method works on you is up to the individual...trouble is most people won't need "treatment"

the grand Jewish scheme of genociding the white race

Tucker trashes Univision Anchor Jorge Ramos

Enoch Powell the prophet of British Nationalists - will the British Heed him now ? Will Whites the World Over, rise to retake our power ? I will , I will !!

maybe just maybe its not too late for Britain , can she retain her Identity ? We must organize and fight back for the possibility

Commander McBragg is relentlessly chased by the Ooga Boogas . Does this sound familiar ?

Commander Rockwell advises we as whites , stick together , vote together , survive together

Commander Rockwell - the great American patriot and Loyal to our race .. we must all band together and fight back now .. the hour is upon us... will we listen now ?


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