Most people want either no change at all or fast change into the direction they consider positive. So if you want to change something it seems to be important to find the right pace. That sweet spot between "slower than natural change" and "fast enough the ones not wanting any change will notice it too early".

I did not do some extensive research but from my general experience I guess this theory is actively used in politics. Most likely since the first leaders of human groups arose and definitely since the first time there was a leader having to care about some others which would have been able to overthrow him. (Which probably was the same point in time since even the leader of a pavian horde or a wolf pack has to "consider" those things)

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I see that I am not capable of doing as many videos as I did during the semester holidays. That's no surprise. But it's a good time to reshedule my work a bit. My current goal is to put up one video per week of a reasonable quality. Not top-notch but something where you can see I put a bit of effort in it. Either in postproduction, in filming, in doing research or preparing some experimental setup.

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That's what I think why conspiracy theories are:
A) Not harmless
B) Not something affecting mentally unstable people only

It is my opinion, of course. I have not done any scientific research. I just read newspaper articles and websites about it and watch TV-documentations.

The experiment with googling:
The case in Minden where a conspiration theorist killed a random victim: (in German)

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