An interpretation from memory. Whistled. At 11 pm. In my armchair. Live, unplugged, uncut and in one take. Sounds creepy.

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"Von guten Mächten"

Strophen 1, 2, 3 und 5.

Text geschrieben von Dietrich #Bonhoeffer. Pfarrer. Für seine Standhaftigkeit verhaftet und getötet von den Nazis.

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Gesungen von Peter Guhl. Ad hoc. A capella. #unplugged

Ein kurzer #Aphorismus über #Angst und #Tod. Von Peter Guhl

Eine kurze #Fabel von Gotthold Ephraim #Lessing.

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I expect the next months or even years to be rough for the platforms. Ad revenue is going down and politicians seem to be determinded to crush everybody publishing stuff on the internet. Controlled by newspaper and traditional publishing companies wanting to regain control over the creators by force. And if the platforms are in trouble they will make the creators suffer. But every war does end one day and I can tell you this:
1) Creators are and will always be creative. They will find ways.
2) Fans of creators are and will always be creative. They will find ways.
3) Companies often lose their ability to be creative and innovative over time. Time works against them.

I am on Youtube, Dailymotion and bitchute plus I can operate a LAMP environment myself. So I can publish as long as there is internet.
I have patreon, tipeee, paypal, flattr, bank accounts, bitcoin and litecoin. So I can recieve money if somebody wants to pay.
I can write music and texts, I can sing, talk in 5 languages and I know how to research and learn stuff. So I can make *original* content.

Companies only taking other people's stuff to make money for their own pockets have far more to lose than I do. They seem to be more successful than I because they have far more in their bank account, but if their business model collapses they'll completely vanish. Even the data they collected from us will become mostly worthless in just few years.

I am not important. And I right now I have so many high priority stuff to do that I can't give youtube much energy. So I can't do more than maybe a "quick and dirty" video every then and when. And Youtube just released another apocalyptic bots to fight pedophile predators and weeding out many innocent creators in the process. It's not a good time to be Youtube, but it's also a really, *really* bad time to be a Youtuber.

I'll be back when I have some time. Until then I can recommend countless Youtubers I watch whenever they put something up. Here the ones I can remember right now:
Jörg Sprave / The Slingshot channel
Scholagladiatoria Matt Easton (HEMA)
Camille & Kennerly, The Harp Twins (Music)
Anton Petrov / What da Math (Astronomy)
Mai Lab (Mai Thi Nguyen Kim, Science, in German)
Shadiversity (HEMA, History)
ZNA (Building stuff)
ZGB / Zombie go boom (destroying zombie-head-analogs)
Survival Lilly (Bushcraft)
Scott Manley (Astronomy, Spaceflight)
Hydraulic Press Channel and Beyond the Press Channel (Lots of Finnish humor and big machines)
Marion Le Solliec (celtic and electric harp)
Pentatonix (Acapella music)
Blood & Iron Martial Arts (HEMA)
The King of Random (Building stuff)
Skallagrim (HEMA)
Quarks & Co. (Science, in German)
Terra X (Science, in German)
Peter Hollens (Acapella music)
Evynne Hollens (Vocal music)
Pomplamoose (Music)
Melissa Flutes (Music)
DONG (Science)
Veritasium (Science)
The Metatron (History, Martial Arts, HEMA)
Lindybeige (History, stuff and sometimes Lindy hop)
Lindsey Stirling (Music)
Avi Kaplan (Music)
Walk off the earth (Music)
And many more I forgot to mention. You can probably see my subscriptions in my profile anyway. But I don't watch all I am subscribed to.

And if you like to stay, as I said, I'll not completely go away.

See the CERN website for information about the MyWeb30 celebrations. We are celebrating 30 years of World Wide Web. Created by Sir Tim Berners-Lee at the CERN in Geneva, Switzerland in 1989.

See the hashtag #ScienceReclaimsTheWWW at or to see what I personally do to fight fake science.

Besonders politische Agitatoren deuten gerne modernen Wörter aufgrund einer vermeintlichen oder realen Wortentwicklung (Etymologie) in ihrem Sinne neu. Das ist im besten Falle erheiternder Unsinn, hat aber im Zeitalter der flächendeckenden Desinformation oft sehr gefährliche Effekte. Dieser kurze Vortrag erklärt, wieso es grundsätzlich unsinnig ist, den modernen Wortsinn aufgrund irgend einer Bedeutung zu definieren, die das Wort vor 1000 Jahren hatte. Kurz:
- Wir leben hier und heute und sprechen die Sprache so, wie sie heute gilt. Nicht so, wie sie in der Antike oder im Mittelalter verstanden.
- Sprachentwicklung ist oft eine Folge zu Zufällen, Moden, Missverständnissen oder sogar einfach nur Schreibfehlern, die sich verselbständigt haben.

Apparently it's not done with knowing languages or having good ideas. I learnt that I still have a lot to learn!

Cooking food on my 1.4m diameter solar cooker in September 2018.

It was a bit overcast so cooking took about 1 hour. The camera stopped after 30 minutes and I failed to notice it. But this is what I got, cut down to an acceptable size of 8 minutes.

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Just goofing around while trying to shoot a channel icon for twitter (#ScienceReclaimsTheWWW)

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1 Minute Schneefall in Sirnach

Einfach so.

This is part 2 about the harddisk dock I got. Installing and testing it using Debian Linux.


This is the unboxing and presentation of a new harddisk dock I got for my computer repair workplace. It serves for salvaging customer data as much as for servicing my historical computers and, of course, my own company PC.

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Part 2 of this will be connecting everything to my PC and test it. This can't be done right now because the device has been in the post box over night at temperatures below 0°C. It will get condensation water inside now and needs to warm up and get dry until it can be powered up safely.

I plan to edit the video a bit and make a better version in the future but for the moment this will have to do.

This is an urgent call to action! We have to make #ScienceReclaimsTheWWW trending everywhere! Science has to get the world wide web back!

You may have seen my video about article 13 where I said it will probably not kill us all instantly as some seem to think. And I still think many are overly dramatic about it due to political reasons or because they are commercially interested in the stuff.

At the other hand, I have seen what happens if politicians try to regulate the internet. In Switzerland we have:
- No net neutrality
- Secret services having the right to hack our computers without much control
- Private gambling companies having the right to block competition out by tampering with the integrity of the internet
and I expect more to come

So, there is no reason to trust in the EU lawmaker's ability to pass a good "article 13" which actually works.

To conclude:
There *must* be a fundamental right for creators to:
A) create
B) publish

Laws must be balanced! They cannot give real or even fake copyright holders the right to curb the planet's creativity at will! And they cannot give computer systems the power to do that without any way to appeal!

I got convinced to do ghis by by The Metatron.

Me improvising something which is not quite unlike baroque music.

Quick recording in my kitchen.

Meiner Ansicht nach ist die Entscheidung für einen Glauben im (mehr oder minder) religiösen Sinne eine von verschiedenen Varianten, sich mit dem Irrationalen in einem selbst zu versöhnen. Anstatt damit zu kämpfen gibt man ihm Raum und einen Rahmen. Was es hingegen nicht ist, nicht sein darf, ist eine Kapitulation vor dem Irrationalen und ein Verlassen der rationalen ("realen") Welt.

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Unpacking the Farming Simulator 2018 Collector's Edition and trying out the C64 version in Vice.

Was wäre, wenn das Internet technisch genau so funktionieren würde, wie sozial?


Seems like the last day of the year is also the "let's spam Peter really well"-day.

This is my 2nd try to give one of those hated used-car-sellers' business cards what it deserves. This time: sulphuric acid (10%)

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Ramblings about definitions of years, centers in a metaphorical and physical way, stars, planets, galaxies, big bangs, gods... you know, just the usual stuff.

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Is the silent majority we have in every type of democracy actually content with the political system and does not see a point in gettint involved because it's running alright? Or is this hypothesis WRONG?

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Zum Heiligabend 2018 singe ich das Lied Nr. 66 aus dem Kirchengesangbuch der Evangelischen Kirchen der Kantone Glarus, Graubünden, St. Gallen und Thurgau, gedruckt in Frauenfeld 1920. Das Lied bzw. zumindest der Text ist von T. (?) Versteegen (geb. 1697). Ich singe die Strophen 1 bis 3.

Frohe Weihnachten und ein Frohes Neues Jahr!

Peter Guhl

I just felt once again like singing. The text is a well know German nonsense-poem "Dunkel war's, der Mond schien helle" ("It was dark, the moon was shining bright").

The song was improvised without practicing. Right from brain to voice.

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