Another non-alcoholic beer test. This time "Waldhaus" from Southern Germany.

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#Trump und Pence?

Wohin könnte man denn fliehen?
Frankreich, wo der Name Le Pen seit Jahrzehnten den 2. Platz der Präsidentschaftswahlen belegt?
Grossbritannien mit den Leuchtfeuern Johnson und Farrage?
Polen mit Kaczinski?
Orbans Ungarn?
Nordafrika mit Libyen?
Naher Osten mit Irak, Syrien?

Die einzige nicht offiziell rechtskonservative Grossmacht ist Xis China. Wollen wir wirklich von #Xi gerettet werden müssen? Dessen Vorstellungen von Freiheit sind auch nicht grade unsere.

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Kurz gesagt.

Noch kürzer: Wer #Profit machen will braucht #Kunden. *lebende* Kunden. Tote zahlen nicht!

Und, so nebenbei: Wir hier sind die besten Kunden der Konzerne! So hemmungslos wie die Westler konsumiert fast niemand auf dem Planeten. Also wird auch nieman den Typus weiss-europäisch-männlich ausrotten wollen.

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Just to keep the channel kind of alive. What I did last week and what I'll do next week:
- Semester end exams for #college
- Semester end exams for #college

I'll see you when I am done with the Semester end exams for #college...

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Well, according to the internal list including non-public videos and stuff this is number 400. Nothing else to see or say here.

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Ever wanted to be a supremacist yourself but didn't know how to do it? Did you think you can't become a supremacist because you are not a white hetero man? Watch this video!!!!

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PS: Satire! For the ones who don't get it!

I want to recommend to you "La Rubia" from Per-Olov Kindgren's channel Sometimes, especially in stressful times, you have to step out of the #river of time and take a #timeless #moment for yourself. This music is for me a way to do exactly that.

Thank you, Mr. Kindgren, for sharing your music with the world!

#IMHO we are all on the #run. It's our life and it has been that way all the time since #humanity exists. Or even before already.

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#lifehack: Ever wanted to open the curtains without having to leave your bed? Well, here's the trick: Take an arduion and a motor, a raspberry pi minicomputer with WLAN, connect it to an internet cloud service via VPN, secure data transfer via blockchain, write an app for android and iOS, install it on your phones, connect the internet cloud service, check the security certificate manually and select "open left curtain" from the drop down menu usinc voice activation.

Or you can do it the way I did it. This will take you only 5 minutes to make it work.

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Manche #Argumente sind einfach schon derart #abgelutscht, dass man dazu nicht mehr viel sagen kann.

Ich bin dann mal weg. Manchmal kann ich die #Menschheit einfach nicht mehr ernst nehmen.

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Peter explains lame jokes.

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Die Abstimmung in der Schweiz ist vorüber. Die EU-Wahlen für die #EU sind nächsts Wochenende. Wer irgend kann muss unbedingt #wählen gehen! Sucht nicht die #Partei, die alles perfekt macht, denn alle machen Fehler. Nehmt nicht die Partei, die alles verspricht, denn das kann niemand halten! Aber nehmt die Partei, die am wenigsten schlecht passt oder mit der ihr am ehesten auskommen könnt, denn ihr werdet immer damit leben müssen, dass Parteien regieren!

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The new #feature is that you don't have to read answers to your comments on the main video page anymore. But this means, the videos don't get views and #ad impressions anymore whenever somebody returns to engage into discussions in the comments. Less impressions normally mean less ad revenue. Not only for creators, but for youtube too. I wonder if they counterbalance this somehow.

However, for the viewers this change is great! It was rather annoying to have ads playing all the time whenever you just wanted to see what somebody answered to your comments!

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Die #Fabel "Seltsamer Spazierritt" von #Johann #Peter #Hebel. Vorgelesen aus dem Büchlein Hucke, H. (Hrsg.). 1983. Auch der Löwe muss sich vor der Mücke wehren: Die schönsten Fabeln. Köln: Buch und Zeit.

Eine kleine Geschichte zum Sonntagabend

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Eine kurze Erklärung, weshalb meiner Meinung nach in der politischen #Mitte die dümmsten #Politiker sitzen. Zumindest, wenn man es nach der aktuell meistverbreiteten Definition von "#Erfolg" betrachtet.

Einigen mag das etwas provokativ erscheinen.

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Actually just the endcredits I actually wanted to show at the end of every video I make. Currently I often do videos without editing and so I do not actually have a way to place the endcredits there.

I'd say, playing a #harp prepared with #paperclips #sounds "interesting" and "experimental".

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If you are a creator and one of my original work fits perfectly into your work feel free to ask and we'll find a way for you to do it. Small channels getting harassed by platform for not bringing enough traffic can get stuff for free. If you have a rather large channel it may be great if my name could pop up somewhere or something like this. But I'll not be the one stopping your project by asking for something you can't agree with! And I'll also give you access to the source files in good quality if you need them.

See my website for links to the materials I create.

If you don't have #notifications about new videos from your channels in the notification area of your mobile device this may be because the auto #update replaced your app with a newer version while you were out or sleeping. The updater then closes the app which makes all notification it placed in the top area of your screen disappear.

I have no idea how much this affects Youtubers' incomes but it may actually do. After an app update subscribers who do not actively open the app will not see that they got something new. So if you have something which is kind of time-sensitive people may not watch it later when they accidentally see it.

Maybe the programmers of Youtube could look into this. If the app could resend the notifications after it got updated this problem may be solved. However, as a developer myself, I know all implications have to be assessed before you change the software.

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This is extremely #IMHO and just what crossed my mind about the #brexit vote and how countries (including democracies) work.

I wish all the #brits good luck. The better it goes for you the better it is for us on the continent too!

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I will build the ultimate video #platform which #is #superior to any video platform existing, not yet existing, not existing anymore and not existing right now! The 80iestube! Stay tuned and don't hold your breath!

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In short: I can only do what I consider treating people well in general. I have no means to know if that's OK, too much, too little - right, or wrong. So I do what I can. As I said, that's not much. What I do is telling #racists and #supremacists they are a**holes and are *causing* the problems they keep complaining about all the time.

Feel free to comment.

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I don't think so. We are not mathematical terms. We are humans. So it's about psychology.

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Es geht um #Uploadfilter. Diese sind auch #Roboter. Und sie könnten sehr wohl die Menschheit der Früchte ihrer #Kreativität berauben.

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