Pelosi’s Secret Overseas Mission Included 93 Family Members? Why?
January 19, 2019 The Marshall Report

Why did Pelosis have all of her children and grandchildren – 93 family members going with her on her trip to Egypt, Afghanistan and Brussells? And 7 congress members? Who takes 93 family members (mostly children) on a secret government business trip on military aircraft, paid for by tax payer dollars?

What ideas were rolling around in her head? If true, as so much gets spinned, what was she thinking? Doing?

President Trump grounded her from whatever it was she was planning to do. But what exactly was she planning? The Commander In Chief has access to classified information and knows far more than any of we who are watching this circus. So, knowing there is a war going on between nationalists and globalists, and the globalists are having their meeting next week in Brussels to plan world economics, trade, climate change and a new GLOBALIZATION roadmap… and knowing Pelosi is power hungry and other things…it’s not far fetched to rummage through your wildest imagined conspiracy box and come up with something very real and valid. I’ll give it a shot.
Was Pelosis planning for the Jihadist Attack that was intercepted by the FBI a day or so ago, in Georgia to be successful? Remember he had rockets. And or was the Georgia arrest a first step leading into an upcoming false flag? Was it planned to take place while POTUS and V-P were together in the Oval Office or in one of the several buildings that were earmarked?

Pelosi is Third in Line of Succession, so if POTUS and V-P were both killed, (GOD FORBID) she would be the next President. Being out of the states (good alibi) the news would coordinate their talking points and gasp as they report how fortunate America is that Pelosi was not in DC! They would make up something like, “If she hadn’t been working..
The so-called Smiley Face murders first burst on to the public scene in April 2008 when Gannon, Duarte, and Gilbertson held a news conference in New York City about the deaths. Back then there were 40 cases across 29 cities in nine states they thought were connected. In 2014, Gannon and Gilbertson published Case Studies in Drowning Forensics, a textbook analyzing 14 of the cases.
Today, they know a lot more about the group than they did back then, Gannon said.
“The level of sophistication of the group is a lot greater than we’d imagined,” he said. “Now we know they communicate with each other on the dark web. We know there’s surveillance and counter-surveillance.”
Each city has its own cohort or cell, said Gilbertson, a criminal-justice professor and gang expert in Minnesota.

“There might be 12 in that cell and they go out one night and five of them do this,” he said. “The next time it’s a different five. The way it should be conceived is that it’s the cell that’s the serial [killer] part of it, not necessarily the individuals. Because over time the individuals in the cell will evolve. Some will age out and just keep their mouths shut. Who wants to go to prison?”
That’s why he wishes law enforcement would reinvestigate these cases.
“If they did, the network will start to fall apart,” he said. “Someone will squeal or snitch. But there’s no reason to now. Everything’s going fine for them.”
They’re targeting the best of the best. These kids are the best students. They’re the best athletes and they come from the best families.
“They’re constantly recruiting,” he added. “Years ago, we were on their dark-web webpage but it was asking us to turn on a video camera so they could see who was about to type in the password and there’s no way we were doing that. And we didn’t even have the password. We’d just been given their URL, so went to it because we were told that’s ho..
By Victor Morton - The Washington Times - Monday, August 6, 2018
Anonymous has declared war on QAnon, promising to “start some s—t with you all.”
The anarchist hacking group said in a statement that it knows “who was responsible for Q,” the leader of QAnon, a pro-Trump group that spreads conspiracy-theory information.
Anonymous posted on YouTube on Sunday a video called “Operation QAnon” depicting Anonymous’s well-known masks acting out QAnon conspiracy theories with the letter “Q” as a constant backdrop.

“Someone is going to get hurt, so we have to put our foot down and start some s—t with you all,” the group said in the video.
The video claims that Anonymous always knew who was behind QAnon, but at first thought it was merely something to laugh at.
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“We will not sit idly by while you take advantage of the misinformed and poorly educated,” the group said in the video, which also was posted to Twitter with the hashtags #OpQ and #OpQAnon.
QAnon became mainstream in past week because of President Trump’s rally in Florida, at which numerous attendees held Q-shaped cutouts and alluded in posters to the various conspiracy theories it pushes, such as “Pizzagate” and special counsel Robert Mueller supposedly investigating failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and former President Barack Obama.

NASA blow: 95 percent of space agency’s employees SIDELINED by Trump Government shutdown
DONALD Trump’s Government shutdown has left NASA effectively grounded, with 95 percent of the space agency’s employees currently unable to work, with scientists fearing it could have a long-term impact on important research programmes.
By Ciaran McGrath
PUBLISHED: 17:16, Wed, Jan 16, 2019 | UPDATED: 17:29, Wed, Jan 16, 2019


95 percent of NASA employees are currently sidelined (Image: GETTY)

The shutdown, which has now entered its fourth week, centres on a battle of wills between Mr Trump and the US Congress over $5.7billion he wants them to agree to fund construction of his wall along the country’s border with Mexico. As a result, more than 800,000 federal employees have been found themselves sidelined. NASA has been particularly badly affected, with just five percent of its workforce able to do their jobs.
Psychological operations (United States)
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United States Psychological Operations
Country United States
Type Special Operations Forces
Part of United States Special Operations Command Insignia.svg Special Operations Command

Active Army
U.S. Army Special Operations Command SSI (1989-2015).svg Army Special Operations
Marine Corps
Marine Corps Information Operations Center.jpg Marine Corps Information Operations Center
Air Force
193d Special Operations Wing.png193d Special Operations Wing
Reserve Army
Naval Reserve
Naval Reserve Atlantic Fleet PSYOP Audiovisual Unit

Garrison/HQ Army: Fort Bragg, NC
Marine: Quantico, VA
Air Force: Middletown, PA
Navy: Norfolk, VA
Patron Saint Gabriel (Army)
Motto(s) "Persuade, Change, Influence"
"Never Seen, Always Heard"
(Air Force)
Colors Army
Bottle-green piped with silver gray.
symbol Army
♞ Knight (chess)

Psychological operations (PSYOP) are operations to convey selected information and indicators to audiences to influence their emotions, motives, and objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of governments, organizations, groups, and individuals.

The purpose of United States psychological operations is to induce or reinforce behavior favorable to U.S. objectives. They are an important part of the range of diplomatic, informational, military and economic activities available to the U.S. They can be utilized during both peacetime and conflict. There are three main types: strategic, operational and tactical. Strategic PSYOP include informational activities conducted by the U.S. government agencies outside of the military arena, though many utilize Department of Defense (DOD) assets. Operational PSYOP are conducted across the range of military operations, including during pea..

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I believe this man. Of course he will receive negative reviews since he is exposing the elite. I give this read 5 star.
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If I had to pick two words to describe James Robert Wright, I would use the words "delusional charlatan". James Wright begins his book with a story that takes place in November 2010. James Wright meets a male prostitute (Tony) at a club in Dallas. The next night James and Tony go out for dinner and when James is driving Tony back to Tony's home, Tony begins physically assaulting James while shouting "This is for the Scottish Rite!". James states that his cellular phone and car are damaged in the ruckus but that James is able to eventually escape his tormentor.
I contacted James on his Facebook page and asked if he had a copy of the police report from the night of the attack and if he could post pictures of the injuries to his person as well as the damage to his car. James responded back with the following statement:
"I am always happy to furnish those documents as well as my points of contact in law enforcement handing my case in various jurisdictions to members of the press, but my legal counsel has advised not to place identifiable personal information on Facebook. This would also include various witness testimonies going back to my employment at the Scottish Rite - forward. If any reporters wish to request evidence they may contact me by sending me an email @ [REDACTED] or I can simply direct them to the correct FBI office."
I promptly emailed James at his private email address asking for a copy of the police report as well as photographic evidence of the November 2010 attack. After 24 hours I had not received an email response from James. I again contacted him on his Facebook page this time asking for the number of his local FBI office and the name of the agent in charge of his case. I received no response from James and found my ..

Falun Gong (also called Falun Dafa) arose out of the so-called “qigong boom” of the late '80s. Qigong is an umbrella term for a number of practices involving meditation, slow-moving exercises and regulated breathing. Qigong groups exploded during this time, attracting tens of millions of mostly urban and elderly Chinese. At one point, more than 2,000 different groups existed.

Falun Gong differed from most qigong groups in that it combined exercises with moral and spiritual teachings. Adherents aim to cultivate “truthfulness, compassion, and forbearance” and refine their “xining,” or moral character.

A person’s xining is affected by their ratio of virtue (positive energy) to karma (negative energy). Virtue is generated through doing good deeds and suffering, while karma accumulates by doing bad deeds.

Falun Gong’s spiritual leader is Li Hongzhi.

Believers in the bizarre pro-Trump conspiracy theory called QAnon were out in force at the president’s rally in Tampa, Florida on Tuesday, waving signs and cut-outs of the letter “Q” in front of the television cameras.

The surprisingly large number of Trump supporters who believe in the off-the-wall conspiracy theory and the attendant media attention marks a new height for QAnon, which grew from the internet swamps of 4Chan and 8Chan.

It’s there, starting in October 2017, that an anonymous poster dubbed “Q” began leaving cryptic clues that Trump supporters used to construct an alternate interpretation of current events where Trump is constantly battling evil forces.

For QAnon believers, special counsel Robert Mueller isn’t really investigating the Trump campaign—he’s actually working with Trump to take down a cabal of deep-state plotters and pedophiles. Soon, QAnon fans believe, Trump will team up with the military to throw top Democrats like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama into Guantanamo Bay.

HBO Responds To Trump Stealing Game Of Thrones’ Designs To Announce Sanctions
Posted on November 2, 2018 by Ryan Waters

Donald Trump announced that he will be issuing new sanctions on November 5th with a post to social media that featured an image inspired by the mega hit HBO show “Game of Thrones.” “Sanctions are coming November 5,” the image read in the Game of Thrones’ series’ text font, an alternation of the show’s slogan that “Winter is coming.”
HBO clarified Friday that they do not want President Trump to “misappropriate” the slogan for “Game of Thrones” to promote his administration’s agenda. They do not want Trump using their slogan and they also said that he is violating their intellectual property, which is a clear hint that they are considering legal action.
“We were not aware of this messaging and would prefer our trademark not be misappropriated for political purposes,” an HBO spokeswoman told The Hill.
Trump posted the image below shortly after his administration announced plans to reimpose sanctions on Iran that were lifted under the Iran nuclear deal. The image clearly is a classic case of copyright infringement, as we will explore below. We included a screenshot in case Trump deletes it.

This seems like a clear case of copyright infringement because it is a rip off of the Game of Thrones styling. You are allowed to use copyrighted designs and styling only under fair use. Fair use says you can use copyrighted material when you do something like a review or a critique, or if you make fun of something using satire.
But Trump’s post here is dead serious. This is an official announcement of U.S. sanctions and isn’t clearly being satirical. This is copyright infringement because it’s hard to make a case that saying “sanctions” are coming, instead of “winter” is coming, is funny or satirical, when it’s an official announcement of U.S. sanctions from the president’s court recognized account. He even directly copied Game of Thrones’ original fon..

Obituary for Mr. Rodney Gene Hagen
Mr. Rodney Gene Hagen passed away on September 14, 2018 in Keller, Texas after complications from rheumatoid arthritis. He was 76 years of age.

Rodney was born on July 11, 1942 in Fieldon, Illinois to Ernest Henry Hagen and Mary Margaret Hagen. He was preceded in death by his parents and his brother, Francis Hagen. He is survived by his wife Sharon Hagen, and two daughters Regina Ervin and Lisa Hagen, as well as his son in law Bill Ervin and great grandchildren.

Rodney is a retired Master Sergeant of the United States Air Force. He obtained an MBA from McMurry University, Abilene, Texas in 1985. He retired as an aircraft mechanic from American Eagle, and is a dedicated member of the Masonic Lodge #1084, Keller, Texas.

If you knew Rodney he was a jack-of-all-trades, and he never knew a stranger. He was an avid gun collector, hunter, and scuba diver. He loved fast cars, playing guitar, and his most loved band was Pink Floyd.

He was always known to be stern, but behind that tough surface was a soft hearted man who was always there for his family.

Until we meet again some sunny day.

Visitation: 6 to 8 pm, Tuesday at Lucas Funeral Home in Keller. Funeral Service: 10:30 am, Wednesday at Lucas Funeral Home Keller with a reception to follow at the funeral home. Graveside Service: 2:00 pm, Wednesday at the Dallas Fort Worth National Cemetery.

In lieu of flowers the family asks that donations be made in Rodney's name to the Shriner's Hospital for Children:!/Obituary
As to how President Trump will wield his unlimited war powers against these “Deep State” coup plotters, this report continues, his just signed sweeping Executive Order details in full—with its main emphasis being on authorizing the use of civilian employees experienced in the prosecution or defense of complex criminal cases to provide assistance to, and consult with, less experienced judge advocates throughout the entire Manual For Courts-Martial United States process, thereby allowing the US Military services to outsource a core competency of the judge advocate communities—and whose only explanation for being needed would be the sudden and rapid rise dissident American citizens entering into the courts-martial process in the thousands, if not tens-of-thousands.

With President Abraham Lincoln being the last American war leader to arrest and put under US Military control for courts-martial tens-of-thousands of civilian dissidents, this report concludes, President Trump’s joking at a dinner last night that China’s “president for life plan is a great idea that could happen in the US some day”—when viewed in the light of his sweeping Executive Order—should be understood with its containing as much steel as it does mirth—especially with it being known that he plans to enact these new laws on 1 January 2019—which is the date that a new US Congress will be sworn in, and whom might contain a majority of his “Deep State” coup plotting enemies sworn to throwing him out office.

Donald Trump has signed an executive order to keep the Guantánamo Bay prison camp open, reversing the policy of the Obama administration.

In his State of the Union address on Tuesday night, Trump said he had directed the defence secretary, James Mattis, “to re-examine our military detention policy and to keep open the detention facilities at Guantánamo Bay”. He added that he expected that “in many cases” captured terrorists would be sent to the camp.
Trump sets out immigration plan in State of the Union address – as it happened
Read more

The Trump executive order instructs Mattis, in consultation with the secretary of state and other officials, to deliver a new policy on battlefield detentions, “including policies governing transfer of individuals to US Naval Station Guantánamo Bay” within 90 days.

It is the latest in a long series of policies pursued by Barack Obama that Trump has reversed. Obama signed an order calling for Guantánamo Bay to be closed on his second day in office in 2009, but he was never able carry out that policy to its conclusion.

Obama argued that maintenance of an detention facility beyond the reach of US law undermined American global leadership on human rights. In his speech on Tuesday night, however, Trump said that the move to close Guantánamo reflected softness in the fight against terrorism. And he suggested detention was second best to killing terrorists.

“Terrorists who do things like place bombs in civilian hospitals are evil,” Trump said. “When possible, we have no choice but to annihilate them. When necessary, we must be able to detain and question them. But we must be clear: terrorists are not merely criminals. They are unlawful enemy combatants. And when captured overseas, they should be treated like the terrorists they are.”

He added: “In the past, we have foolishly released hundreds of dangerous terrorists, only to meet them again on the battlefield – including the Isis leader, al-Baghdadi.”

Obama’s adversa..
In the modern era, the availability of communications technology and social media like YouTube, Facebook[48] and Twitter have made it easy for individuals, famous[49] or not, to spread disinformation and attract others to their erroneous ideas. One of the topics that has flourished in this environment is that of the flat Earth.[3][4][50]

Modern flat earthers generally embrace some form of conspiracy theory out of the necessity of explaining why major institutions such as governments, media outlets, schools, scientists, and airlines all assert that the world is round. They tend to not trust observations they have not made themselves, and often distrust or disagree with each other.[51]

Based on the speakers at the 2018 UK's Flat Earth UK Convention, believers in a flat Earth vary widely in their views. While most agree upon a disc-shaped Earth, some are convinced the Earth is diamond shaped. Furthermore, while most believers do not believe in outer space and none believe mankind has ever traveled there, they vary widely in their views of the universe.[52]

The solar eclipse of 21 August 2017 gave rise to numerous YouTube videos purporting to show how the details of the eclipse prove the Earth is flat.[53][54] Also in 2017, "the Tunisian and Arab scientific and educational world" had a scandal when a PhD student submitted a thesis "declaring Earth to be flat, unmoving, young (only 13,500 years of age), and the centre of the universe".[55]

On May 3, 2018, Steven Novella analyzed the modern belief in a flat Earth, and concluded that, despite what most people think about the subject, the believers are being sincere in their belief that the Earth is flat, and are not "just saying that to wind us up". He stated that:

In the end that is the core malfunction of the flat-earthers, and the modern populist rejection of expertise in general. It is a horrifically simpl..

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Debris littered a property badly damaged by a tsunami in Carita, Indonesia, Sunday, Dec. 23, 2018. The tsunami occurred after the eruption of a volcano around Indonesia's Sunda Strait during a busy holiday weekend, sending water crashing ashore and sweeping away hotels, hundreds of houses and people attending a beach concert. (AP Photo/Fauzy Chaniago)

CARITA BEACH, Indonesia (AP) — The deadly tsunami struck in the dark, without warning.

At least 222 people were killed as waves smashed into houses, hotels and other beachside buildings Saturday night along Indonesia’s Sunda Strait, in a disaster that followed an eruption and possible landslide on Anak Krakatau, one of the world’s most infamous volcanic islands.

More than 800 others were injured and dozens were reported missing after the tsunami hit coastal areas along western Java and southern Sumatra islands at 9:27 p.m. Saturday amid a Christmas holiday weekend, the Disaster Management Agency said. The death toll could increase once authorities hear from all stricken areas.

It was the second deadly tsunami to hit Indonesia this year, but the one that killed more than 2,500 people on the island of Sulawesi on Sept. 28 was accompanied by a powerful earthquake that gave residents a brief warning before the waves struck.

On Saturday night, the ground did not shake beforehand to alert people to the oncoming wave that ripped buildings from their foundations in seconds and swept terrified concertgoers on a popular resort beach into the sea.

Azki Kurniawan, 16, said his first warning about the tsunami was when people burst into the lobby of the Patra Comfort Hotel shouting, “Sea water rising!”

Kurniawan, who was undergoing vocational training with a group of 30 other students, said he was confused because he had not felt a big earthquake. He said he ran to the parking lot to try to reach his motorbike but discovered it was already flooded.

“Suddenly, a 1-meter (3.3-foot) wave hit me,” he said, his eyes red..

In the near future, crime is patrolled by a mechanized police force. When one police droid, Chappie, is stolen and given new programming, he becomes the first robot with the ability to think and feel for himself.

The Square and Compasses (or, more correctly, a square and a set of compasses joined together) is the single most identifiable symbol of Freemasonry. Both the square and compasses are architect's tools and are used in Masonic ritual as emblems to teach symbolic lessons.

Check Out:
War of the Roses channel

When Carl Sagan had famously said that “we're made of star stuff,” he wasn't joking because the facts are that the cosmos are hidden within all of us humans. We are the SO BELOW here on earth in which the cosmos and heavens are the AS ABOVE.

Albert Pike, 33rd Degree Freemason and Sovereign Grand Commander of the Scottish Rite said; “Lucifer the Son of the Morning! Is it he who bears the Light, and with its splendours intolerable blinds feeble sensual, or selfish souls? Doubt it not! "

And one of Freemasonry's greatest philosophers that has ever lived, 33rd Degree Freemason and master Rosicrucian Manly P. Hall said this about Lucifer in his book, All Seeing Eye; "Lucifer represents the individual intellect and will which rebels against the domination of Nature and attempts to maintain itself contrary to natural impulse. Lucifer, in the form of Venus, is the morning star spoken of in Revelation, which is to be given to those who overcome the world."

Many people mistakenly think that Lucifer is Satan and vice versa, but the facts are that is simply not true. This misinformation, conspiracies and lies have been propagated to the people through many books and movies to the point today in this year 2013, that most people equate Lucifer with Satan or evil. Hopefully you have an open mind and will get past this propaganda like I did myself, in order for you to discover the truth. I AM sure this is the case or else most likely you wouldn't be reading this website.

Albert Pike to Mazzini, August 15, 1871: Three World Wars?
by Terry Melanson · January 10, 2015
Or, how Michael Haupt said, that William Guy Carr said, that Cardinal Caro y Rodriguez of Santiago, Chile said, that The Cause of World Unrest said, that the confessed hoaxer Gabriel Jogand-Pagès aka Dr. Bataille aka Leo Taxil said about Albert Pike and Giuseppe Mazzini in Le diable au XIXe siècle, v. II, 1892-1894, p. 605 (but actually pp. 594-606). Got it?
I don’t derive any satisfaction from a debunking. I really don’t. Discovering the truth is a reward in itself.
Having a knack for getting to the bottom of a thing also helps with maintaining credibility. Historiography is among other things concerned with source criticism. And while I’m not an academically trained historian, I am quite aware that one should strive to consult the primary source as opposed to relying on the word of secondary or even tertiary accounts.
The matter at hand deals with an alleged “three world war” prediction from famed Mason, Scottish Rite Sovereign Grand Commander Albert Pike. William Guy Carr was the key purveyor of the tale which, to me, was suspicious to say the least.
Off and on I’ve been working at it. And I’ve finally cracked the case.

This video was removed from YouTube on 08/10/18 for violating the community guidelines aka hate speech. This is free speech!


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