Slice the money then i multiply multiply
sensei the enemy from side to side
from the back got iron Clyde iron Clyde
got em focusing on the right narrow side
arrows shootin in Mauryan pride elephant ride
choppin wood women know how to fight economy in sight
farming all night berry delight
houses places to hide if horses ride they will die
walls are fully bonafide eagle eye's
heroes got me runnin wide
slice the money then multiply multiply
sensei the enemy side to side




Crystallized mystified dreams wont die
further glide harder ride
wake up decide this world is wide
slice up that pie, power, pride
Gods on our side
grind state of mind, blind searchin signs
unified shine, be kind, there is no rewind
thinking divine stars will allign
patience we dine, tastes mighty fine
tied to realistic vibes opportunist combined a growing vine
straight line
rising pine
bumpy flying
roaring lion
success eyeing
silly rhymin
vision sizing
crystallized hypnotized
crystallized mystified dreams won't die, dreams won't die, dreams won't die

Hallows all around the world shift your focus
fake news spittin at you hocus pocus
hopin that you never even notice
alligator moats bogus
get a load of this
Chicago ordered to dismiss
cease do no assist be a bitch
consider climate kids
not what Joe Biden did
cnn has no lid
Gab shot all those kids
skip the facebook vids
polls weigh Warren wins
racist Trump has white skin

Hallows all around the globe shift your focus
Washington post hoax trix folks
impeachment treatment whistle blower moses
dont look at pinocchio noses
AOC babies eatin not the story chosen
copy-write photograph posin
endless wars should be our focus
cloak Clinton collecting, stop the flotus
be a socialist
pissed Pelosi's not a witch
dismiss Dopey Prince not coincidence
dont forget to rinse fluoride breath mint
Christians get bent

Closer to you...that level
i know when i become better
closer i knew we come together
without you we knew this boom be bad
get through this tune real soon light like a feather

conclude this mood balloon
not a quitter
these ghouls that house that girl
letter after letter
warm up this room take off sweater
wonderland yaa off to never never
imagine this world with you
every moment severed
these words were thought up oh do clever
debating delicate dibble dabble jabber
climbing to the top that ladder
these things are what really matters
rather our doom loom long forever
one more line of spitter spatter

More then a number
thunder blunder ponder
upon longin this song
you will always belong
among some thunk up wonder
mongering in slumber
October hummin pun fun
your gone while all along
everything you meant to me
more then a number
not done here when you come
back each year in air
Halloween is despair without you not near
still care about you out there
a pair gone teared i guess that's
what you wanted
what you wanted

feelin haunted wearing gauntlets
protection from your long hits
with these oven mitts yes an outrageous
descript heart feels ripped to pits how did we end up like this?
sent off without a kiss oh so bliss
each word here was thought a list
depicting what is missed tiss tiss
declassified whisper this i hiss
for you to take or dismiss
more then a number

Freedom n love
light from above
discover the sun
beaming dreams seems delightful
growin greens gallon cycle
no time for being spiteful
heatin happily hours b4 night folds
best believe because
we rising rightful
despite-full riffeling our sights
road hoppin over droves
deep into coves places nobody knows
healin our souls from pole to pole
forward we go life will take its tole
we put on a show rowing unknown
seeds have been sewn
mountains valleys rivers we rove
clover fields yielding our molds
stories to be told doing what's bold
no fear of the cold, growin old
woah ha woah woah ha woah
freedom n love light from above discover the sun

I feel like i have seen this all b4
i'm lost at sea floatin through
hollow tree, to some degree
decisively deep beneath
seekin belief, discreet chief
vision concrete defeating bleak deceits
heart beats for relief, will i find what i meet?
self doubt mapping out treasure chests
creatin sounds beat pounds
ripples spread searchin gold mounds
diggin deep within ground
GOLDEN CROWN, fishes we aint goinng down
raising up this town, heaven bound
circle circus clowns
lost will be found
determined learnin dog hounds
swimin ocean mighty motion
i'm lost at sea, rollin deep
i feel like i have seen this all b4
stuck in shaky waters i've been treading
i'm lost at sea