Video by Chadwick Eisman

(Verse 1-3)
Between your fears and desires
wired admire mouth fire
describing words dire
fighting for self righteous might take light years
smitin(g) tears to clear couscous cheer
hope you can hear? barely breathin(g) bottomless starin(g)
pairin(g) syllables carin(g) disinfragmentally tearin(g)
apart lyrics feel this?
try to steal this n miss readin(g) these lips
eclipse piss off go eat some chips
sayin(g) lists letters listen this is better then clits
and tits, so lit
blood, sweat and grit

#music #journalism #art #freespeech #poetry

(verse 1)
When the past catches up to you
and the waves crash above you too
allude a mood that excludes excuse
elaborate on future tools
they never taught this in school
how to break the rules
lined us up called us donkey mules
had us sittin in tiny stools
told us bad behavior was not cool
we're the ones who slept right through
yes we knew fuck the pool
hierarchy of teacher manuals (samuel)

(verse 2)
When the past catches up to you
and the waves crash above you too
allude a mood that excludes excuse
elaborate on future tools
we're the ones who break the rules
make our own schools
call us intellectuals creating spectacles
broke out their pools
stepped on their stools
yes we slept right through
hierarchy of teacher manuals
now it's up to me and you to listen to SAMUEL

(verse 3 - repeats vs 1)

this one is a mess, however still posting it

rally rally rally rally
welcome to the great divine
wings spread out reachin side to side
predator predicating on pride
up to humanity to decide
fed up with the media lies?
branding betting no longer blind
many many soldiers died
repaying by going full grind
election papers will be signed
opponents left behind
attention content creators we rise
a plan a plan has been devised
gender social will nor be a divide
raise up the flag really high
this country is your this country is mine
on rival adversary we dine
rally rally rally rally rally rally

(Verse 1)
Soaring through the midnight sky
show you what you do to me
every singe cloud goes by
this could all be a dream
let this be our lullaby
showin you how to sing
there is no reason why
we can't be king and queen
somethin told me we could fly
if we believed
let the stars be our guild

(Verse 2)
soaring through the midnight sky
show you what you do to me
every single doubt will die
with the love, hope we bring
dodging fear to our sides
colliding into not a thing
spring into a solid glide
going through the galaxies
no we will not divide, letting our souls ring
together we will stride

Everybody wants to be famous
not me, i'm a gamer
got my joystick, rollin papers
different flavors, what's a waiter
eatin ramen and tators
entertainer, aint got no haters
yes a player, without a date here
trippin trippin fungi trippin
everybody wants to be famous
not me, happy
every once in a while pee
a mighty sea screamin out weeee
exactly, no need to agree, reality
control key wannabe mr fallacy, roll another G
for Sammyyyyy, beat on re
trippin trippin fungi trippin



Jumpin up and down in that kind of mood
other people itchin got their view points hella skewed
attitude yes i do in the groove makin moves
clickin nudes, smokin doobs, drinkin boos
takin poops, oops speak in loops
eating soups, feeling cute
Gab toots, Bitchute, Minds loot
crypto boost, nothin new
Q's clues, read the news, fake blues
they amuse, until snooze
wake ooz, play tunes, bumpin room, hot June
almost noon, feeling bloom, sing ohh loody doo
call the crew, they true, blunts move
shrooms woo, smelly zoo
crazy glue on my shoe, shampoo
hair grew, comb through
be you...Samuuuuul (Samuel)

I'm just mystified, want you on my side, am i lost
then i fortified, multiplied what i thought inside, what i sought,
with a stride collide into pride so distraught
couldn't stop the fight, with all my sight
on delight gotta do what is right before i rot

Go for the jugular (x3) got a mug of beer
hard to steer, minds full of spears
veer clear of the deer before it
ends up on the gear, lyrics full of cheer
high of that weird, end could be near
we have no fear, sincere to our peers,
sincere to our peers.
go for the jugular (x3)
out with a piece of paper
write up a flavor, try not to cater
to those who are haters, say cya later
visions with Draper (Tim), crypto is savior
mathematical ravers, encrypted gamers
opensource neighbors, decimal point shavers
we are checkmaters
go for the jugular (x3)
#music #opensource #blockchain #crypto #technology

yes i use random cover photo's i have saved on my video's