Cusp of something more adore my store
items galore yoyo you want some more
vintage vanity value alure
duncan core USA spinning spangle string
dangling dippin down to the floor
tricks walking the dog is no chore
ignore failure we can restore our perspective
to something more crypto decentralization
war attention did i mention is a weapon
correction with affection Trump 2020
will win with election once more

in this vlog i discuss everything from playing 0 A.D. to the new online marketplace called openbazaar which is competing with Amazon and Ebay by accepting crypto only #journalism #news #technology #blockchain #bitcoin

C Unit - Countless Counting (music by Samuel - Countless) My goal in the song with the background sounds was to say "countless counting" over and over with the beats which is really hard for me to do without messing up which i did.

Did a second voice over my own saying "counting so constantly constantly counting"

Not being in the mood to write a ton of lyrics for this particular #song, wanting to do something different with this one using many different sound effect add ons to both my vocal #tracks + the Samuel song #music #journalism #blockchain

A0d is a pretty cool strategy game for free using open source based on battling multiple players online with civilizations...building up castles, soldiers, workers, collecting resources, more #journalism #opensource #game #gaming #0ad

Hold me back no you aint, hold me back no you aint

i aint trust a mother fucker if they cant hold up their claims

#corporate aim they to blame shoot them down in this game

crypto countin while they poutin

shoutin poundin mother fuckin groundin

#monopolies so lame n they to #tame

for all this pain put every name (the corporation names)

(we) take our claim world wont be the same bang bang (repeatish)

*This song (remix over Samuel - Clench) is about how a group of people including myself are creating #competition to big monopoly #corporations, which they will fall too. With the #internet we have the power to #compete against them like never before, #crypto is one of the things we can use to our #advantage...most corporations rely on middle men/ innovate slowly compared to young #companies which #innovate fast to use new #technologies which give small start up #businesses a advantage"

- this song is about freeing people from censorship facebook leeches off of them their dignity, rights and to join us elite patriots which are not sheeple, not doing what we are silicon valley

Free speech get rid of the leech
compete join the elite our fleet we discreet
unleash upon our niche
we're fighting for peace

Free speech people we teach
each one we reach screech like a priest
we will defeat the beast complete
turn em into yeast n feed em to the geese
stick em in the grease pan
plan for no man to have to stand
to plant a mantle example
into our ample people turn em into sheeple
keep hold no fold we're goin for gold
we're not bought n sold doing what we're told
to bold to be controlled

silver coins jingling singling shimmering
with their silver bling pretty things
liberty brings silver shiney sunny
simply solid sexy sour flowers smelling kind

coming up with the rhymes half a dollar at a time
getting that dollar feels like a crime

me in my prime better write a solid rhyme
looking for the silver silver dime

Clash of the cultures and we still gotta pay
money is debt anyways
gettin on that crypto crypto craze
people gettin into the crypto phase
i could talk about crypto for days
playin with my yoyo's smoking on that haze
djing spinning up dat (chillwick)

i messed up on the first round saying big market, then fixed the second go with bfk... didn't realize Samuel was saying bfk at first.

c unit lyrics

bfk market bfk market fly around the world on top of a rocket
cock it lock it sock it pop it '
through the black hole doing barrel roles
holding on to my soul Nintendo 64
starfox galore shooting laser beams
through gold rings bing bing bing bing bing
seems real get a feel balls of steel
big deal big deal bfk market bfk market (repeat)

#music #poetry #journalism #blockchain #technology

This is my trap this is my band oh yeah we gonna rap
this is my time this is my feature
face value silver creature
bald eagle wings pulled out screecher screecher
screech screech
screech screech
silver screecher silver creature
American teacher liberty believer
in god we trust money seeker
flipin coins call me a dealer
bando bando this is my trap oh yeah we gonna rap
this is my Samuellllll

(Samuel music)