Amazing isn't it and these scum still get to continue their business as usual....................

What are your thoughts on this

Im almost certain the same crimes are happening worldwide against the elders and defenseless. Indian's are turning on the so called charities for vaccinations.

They are all agents and never worked for the people. Traitors ? Treasonous ? certainly poisonous them and their invaccine poison shot.

Special/Private Interests who are unelected, unrecognized, unknown, unofficial, unqualified, and underdeveloped for their worship of Money and Control.

Not sure where this presentation was but for sure it was not covered by main stream media.
If bin laden talked about his work as population control he would not be a terrorist..

Full PDF:
Get it while you can and share it. There is so much brainwashing by very diabolical, evil organizations planning ways for you to hand them authority and your minds. Rise up and speak up. They don't even deserve the authority, all they have done is abuse what they had already, more would mean more abuse. These evil corporations must be shut down.

These terrorist pushing it and lobbying it, even trying to force it. Have investments in these poison shots.

These for profit organizations will kill you for a few bucks.
Who made this bio-terrorism ?

The mask of the Future is no mask at all because the Covid-19 Fraud will be exposed.

The people will not part take of any satanic rituals of mask wearing, social distancing.
Covid-19 is a fraud to enforce tyranny on all people in the world. Stand for your liberties Now.

There is no Covid-19 in my opinion, they just pretending it exists when It doesn’t.
The source to influenza photo:

These satanic world elite want to kill the economy so they can install one world order. You want to be ruled by satanist ? Better contact your reps to see who they works for, You or Satan.

A Communist group with agenda to divide and conquer. The plan is to weaken America for the new world order to take over once economy and society fails. Don't be part of this massive evil push to enforce Communist tyranny in America and elsewhere.
Don't take the so called vaccine because its a kill machine and you are the targets. Hold them liable and accountable for any forced or implicated vaccinations. It already killed many and damaged many more.

You are supposed to be the protectors of the believers, yet obey none believers rules and regulation with the improper knowledge. So You see why it's important to be part be up to the current times ? because satanist will have you making satanic ritual pilgrimages............................ I'm ashamed to say it, but how else can i put it ???????? Will you now partake in the importance of keeping up with the times and never stop financing proper knowledge in all possible fields. If you had your own authorities on the subjects then you can make your own authoritative positions, not just do what you are told like slaves of men. Allah says to validate and confirm any news you get. WHO, UN, OTHER CORPORATIONS are Not Islamic or religious even. Yet, Muslims look for them for answers and help ? leaders more interested in their positions then serving Allah and his messengers. This Fake pandemic, exposed almost if not all compromised governments who are in pockets of NWO agenda and depopulation control.
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link to library of congress post:
People's Republic of China Vaccine Management Law
(Adopted at the eleventh meeting of the Standing Committee of the thirteenth National People's Congress on June 29, 2019)
Published: 2019-07-03 13:58 Source: China National People's Congress
[Font size: Large Medium Small

Table of Contents

  Chapter I General Provisions

  Chapter II vaccine development and registration

  Chapter III vaccine production and batch issuance

  Chapter IV Circulation of Vaccines

  Chapter V Vaccination

  Chapter 6 Abnormal Reaction Monitoring and Treatment

  Chapter VII Post-marketing Management of Vaccines

  Chapter VIII Safeguard Measures

  Chapter IX Supervision and Administration

  Chapter X Legal Liability

  Chapter 11 Supplementary Provisions

Chapter I General Provisions

  Article 1 In order to strengthen the management of vaccines, ensure the quality and supply of vaccines, regulate vaccination, promote the development of the vaccine industry, protect public health and maintain public health security, the enactment of this Law.

  Article 2 In the territory of the People's Republic of China engaged in vaccine development, production, circulation and vaccination and its supervision and management activities, the Law shall apply. This Law does not provide for the application of the "People's Republic of China Drug Administration Law", "Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases Law" and other laws and administrative regulations.

  Vaccines referred to in this Law, refers to the prevention and control of the occurrence of disease, epidemic, for the human immunization of preventive biological products, including immunization planning vaccines and non-immunization planning vaccines.

  Article 3 The State implements the strictest management system for vaccines, insisting on safety first, risk management, full control, scientific supervision, and social governance.

  Article IV of the State adhere to the strategic and public welfare of vaccine products.

  The State supports basic and applied research on vaccines, promotes vaccine development and innovation, and incorporates the development, production and stockpiling of vaccines for the prevention and control of major diseases into the national strategy.

  The State formulates development plans and industrial policies for the vaccine industry, supports the development and structural optimization of the vaccine industry, encourages the scale and intensification of vaccine production, and continuously improves the production process and quality of vaccines.

  Article 5 The holder of a vaccine marketing license shall strengthen the quality management of the entire life cycle of the vaccine and be responsible for the safety, efficacy and quality controllability of the vaccine.

  Units and individuals engaged in vaccine development, production, circulation and vaccination activities shall comply with laws, regulations, rules, standards and norms to ensure that the whole process information is true, accurate, complete and traceable, responsible according to law, and accept social supervision.

  Article 6 The State implements the immunization planning system.

  Residents living in the territory of China, according to law, the right to immunization planning vaccines, the obligation to fulfill the immunization planning vaccines. The government provides free immunization planning vaccines to residents.

  People's governments at or above the county level and their relevant departments shall ensure that children of the appropriate age to receive immunization planning vaccines. Guardians shall ensure that school-age children receive immunization planning vaccines on time in accordance with the law.

  Article 7 Local people's governments above the county level shall incorporate vaccine safety work and vaccination work into their national economic and social development plans, strengthen the capacity building of vaccine supervision and management, and establish and improve the working mechanism of vaccine supervision and management.

  Local people's governments above the county level are responsible for the supervision and management of vaccines in their administrative regions, unified leadership, organization and coordination of the supervision and management of vaccines in their administrative regions.

  Article VIII of the State Council drug supervision and management departments are responsible for the national supervision and management of vaccines. The health department of the State Council is responsible for national supervision and management of vaccination. Other relevant departments of the State Council in their respective areas of responsibility for the supervision and management of vaccine-related work.

My humble thoughts and understanding of things and why actions speak louder then words.
We can be Servants of Good or Servants of Evil.
God put much in your own authority and Satan cannot force anyone to do anything as stated in Surah Abraham that Satan will refute those who followed him and will say to them he had no authority over them.
Your actions have greater consequences when accountability are brought to account. When people put matters in their own hands they become responsible for their actions and God will judge based on that. Both path have destinations and The Quran makes it Clear. Paradise is a place that is designed to serve you. Hell is a place that is designed to punish you ( and satan).
There is only One authority over all things. and that is the Sole sustainer, Eternal, immortal Creator of all things.

Your chance to survive is 99% so why even take any shots for ? mRNA are gene therapy which opens a path for corporations to own you, and can turn your Immune system against you because the anti-body looks very similar to very important proteins in your body. It contains aborted fetal cells, even some studies found other animal DNA in the so called vaccines.

Clearly the people in charge are either abusing their positions or loosing touch with reality. This disconnect from the masses has lead to massive injustices. UN for example has not stopped wars, historically they used that position to allow certain violence and reject others. War prevention is not a priority beside on paperwork. This Covid-19 scam really exposed their tyranny and monopoly in combined efforts. the public declaration of being anti-communist. and watch video for the domain footage and do read that final speech.. exposes much

Medicine and Vaccination companies have turned you to cash cows, no age groups have exceptions.

They lie to people all the time for profits. It's sickning

Why is society ok with this ? Children should be left alone to develop without intervention by corporate parasites seeking to profit off your blessings.

If you honestly think this is about a virus and public safety then you are crazy.
Look at the control they are pushing, state of emergency is not going away.
Masks don't work, still enforced
social distancing also doesn't help, still enforced
and they are building on that and seeking more ways to take your freedoms away.

This has nothing to do with health, it's about you being under their control.

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