It should be clear to people that these global organizations are not established for your benefit or the globe.

Secret groups who want to own everything and control it as wel

I literally read out the warning labels that come with mask and people wont listen..............

Video from :

Its important to know where you come from, These corporations can't own you if you know who you are.
This is why they killed the teachers and scholars among all those they enslaved. The sooner you make them forget the easier they become your cattle to use.

O mankind: Certainly: We have created you from male and female, and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another. Certainly, the most noble of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous of you. Certainly, Allah is Knowing, Expert.

They knew such and acted in hypocrisy.
These people would be considered kafirs, not for disbelieve in Allah but because they lied and concealed what the original says. Billions of Christian’s think satan is some small g god when actually their books make him a capital G…..

A fallen angel they say as well, those who worship Satan claim that he loves us more then God cause he gave us knowledge, not God.

The Bible is a mess and the Quran makes things clear for the believing people

They lie and ignore their own Jesus quotes for others….
“Away from me evil doers, I never knew you”
You can say whatever you want, Jesus got not time for gentles and hypocrites

The link to full debate:

This is one example of how text can be mistranslated
4:139 Those who chose (Kafiron) hypocrites for their protectors instead of believers! Do they look for power at their hands? Lo! all power appertaineth to (Allah) Thee-God.

The hypocrites will lie about the Quran and they can wear many masks.
The believers will Speak truth and they come from among all people.

Over 70 years of oppression and countless others which are supported by the same people who want to condemn Russia.

Richard has been bringing up Palestinian issue for along time but it wasn’t helpful as he said but within 5 days they all go after Putin.

Video link:
Richards Channel:
More on Palestine:

Sheikh Imran Hosein is a well known sheikh in conspiracy circles and he shares certain information im sure many are not aware of.

Media will push their propaganda as their owners see fit but I believe both sides are being played and the bankers have their own agendas behind what’s happening.

Bankers never lose when they fund both sides.
They did it with Germany twice
They did it with America vs whoever
They do it regularly as its their business model.

Check out a book called 'War is a racket ' by General Smedley Butler
I did find it for download free:

The full video of Shiekh Imran Hosein:

This short clip went over certain history that I was not aware of. Thought it’s fascinating history that is worth sharing for knowledge purposes.

Its fair to say Muslims fought on both sides. One was Aiding a protestant king, the other was aiding their rulers and therefor anyone suggesting that this was muslim vs christian narrative is lying or misinformed as clearly there were Muslims on both sides, Christians on both sides and therefor these wars are not religious purely but rather politically motivated.

The Full video is here :

Diego Sanchez an MMA vet explains why he choose EFC and why he believes Khabib will help build a better organization that will attract many fighters. Diego emphasis on the fact that Khabib's values for God, family, honor, ect made the decision easier for him to accept.

Greed has left him abused by the greedy, Yet with less money you gain more with God, Family and honor.
I wish him success in his chapter of his life

God Family and Honor are recognized by people and will bring people together in mutual understanding of important commonalities.

Diego Sanchez will face Kevin lee at Eagle Fighting Championship on March 11th hosted on for free.

This short segment is part of an interview posted on MMA junkie:

I do not make any monetary gains from any links or content uploads.

The attacker clearly went after the weaker victim and it is just proof that if she had a male with her then chances are the attack wouldn’t happened to begin with.
May Allah have mercy on the innocent victims

This gentile dog wood for 20 years been lying to everyone who willing to listen to him.
If you believe and trust this psychopath then your problems are not Islam but mental illness.
To sincere Christians my apologies for rude comments but I cannot apologies for what your bible says and please take my debate challenge into consideration. Do the homework yourself and compare the books, you have no choice but to reject the Bible as it being words of God. Sure some text are but it’s toxic with satanic corruptions by the scribes who wrote it which are anonymous authors and none can verify Jesus said anything in the Bible.
To be clear the Quran does not validate Bible, the Quran validates gospel given to Jesus ( not anyone else) as well validates Torah given to moses ( not anyone else ) peace be upon all the prophets/ messengers of God.
The video from The Muslim Paradigm:
The videos from the One message foundation:

Want to hold a position ? then make sure you have sound info with accuracy, if you wish to be bigoted emotional tard then you choose to dilute yourself and your audience/other.
This psychopath himself is proof that muslims are tolerant of criticism even flat out lies, he been at it for 20 years lying through his teeth daily and its how he makes his living.
Two reason i post these video
1- so you have facts.
2- so you stop donating to such scammers.

This is one of many so called missionaries who are quick to bark emotional lies and go against their own Jesus and bible
The murdered god who never was.
He made two claims which both are easily refuted by his own bible and Jesus but what can we do, emotional barking is worthless since their own scripture rejects them as well refuted them.
I don’t expect many to acknowledge these facts but I do expect plenty of emotional refardedness from the lovers of Christ murder.
They say Islam is violent yet Islam says Allah saved Jesus from hypocrites while they will do anything to murder jesus for their sins.
Like your Jesus said judge not or yee shall be judged but these Christians don’t give two shits about Jesus, all they care about is him dying for their sins and wickedness.
Never forget Jesus rejected you gentile swine
Don’t be mad at me since I’m pointing out that these emotional scum are expert liars and manipulators
Here is full video:
I do recommend for people to watch it since that liars have a brief stunt while rest of the video the sheikh talks with missionaries who are debaters.

Who needs to force anything when the slaves are conditioned so well they muzzle themselves.
The advances of science and atheism aka Satanism

united States of America is a constitutional republic and it shall remain so. Nazi’s and communist can fuk off. The republic gives you rights to think as you like, but the people will not allow these satanic ideologies to run government

These parasitic vaccine companies been lying to the masses since start. Over 60 years they been combating flue and yet people who take their shots can still catch it, which means the vaccine is useless to begin with
They been defrauding and harming people from start of this scam toxic industry

They said so on MSM and people still trust media.......

It seems many video-outlets are banning this thus why I uploaded it for viewers to listen and decide if this is worth banning.
I believe this is his apple music song:

They work hard and can do more good then harm. They are misguided and wish to become like pharoh's rather then servants like the prophets. As before countless tyrants failed, which serves as a reminder to people, they will fail like those before them.

The report of the commission on global governance

Archives: (I-believe you have to have an account to be able to borrow the book for free [by time] )

This link I came across by accident see what you make of it:

Here it is for those willing to read it :

This fake jew fraud diabolical demon wants to talk about misinformation while his satanic company profits from experimenting on people and harming them and their children. Hell is calling for filth like him and those going along with him, God willing all will join him #burnforeternity

If they didn’t isolate the virus then clearly the weakened version of the virus is not in the shots. So what are they really putting in your body ???

This scam artist scum bag actually is selling the idea they can fix mistakes in DNA lol

How can you blame the people who warned you about it while you refuse to blame those who manipulated you to take shots you didn’t need to begin with ??
Some people trust is blind regardless the outcome and those people need to check themselves before they reck themselves even more.

Even though some suggest 19 is for Artificial Intelligence which is possible, I’m leaning towards possibly the timeline for their plan to finish(completion)
Either way we might not know exactly what they stand for but we know for sure this new scam is to enslave the world and exterminate the useless eaters as killary killinton said

Here is a pdf that gives some insight but I’m sure there are others :

They control medicine and use it to exploit the masses for their profits and now further pushing their tyrannical control


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