Damn he was on bs the whole time how they going to tell them to go inside bitch I'm not your kids I got the right to stand here. See I tell blacks the laws and constitution doesn't apply to us it wasn't meant for us He just figured he'd get away with it too. Makes me really wonder and worry- how many other Black men and women he's falsely arrested

HMMMM,, a friend of mine always wondered why some supervisors that sees black people talking at work they always come and break it up but their counter parts always talking with each other and no says a thing about it....There can be no White Supremacy without Victims of Racism White Supremacy.

You just described most of these WS/ racists. Catch them in a corner without their pretty guns and they're quiet as mice looking down in your presence.He got his dumb ass punched on camera. Bet money he won’t keep that same energy in Bed-Stuy or Compton.Are we supposed to be shocked? What would one expect from a Neo-Nazi? He's never been ashamed of who he is. They just like to call the rest of us liars and gaslight us. Where is all the "racism no longer exists" people? Candace Owens, where you at??? The CRAZY part is another alt-right, racist mofo LEAKED this on him!!! I guess there's no honor among them either.

. I'm sure it's some Black owned wing place around there they could of went... He might be one of the brothas who needed a wake up call... As He says " I've never delt with anything like this before"... And most light skin Blacks don't and being that they had to ask his race says he has passed as white probably all his life. But he got reminded of who he is that day The point is he should have left when he was asked about his race period... And again most lighter skin Blacks get what they call a pass👀... So they really never deal with it as he stated in his comment in the video and also there are a huge handful of Black folks with lighter skin who don't see themselves as Black because they don't have what you call Black issues.... And most are mixed as you can see this brotha clearly is

Damn he looks creepy af. He has a satanic smile in the pic

He needs a noble peace prize for this invention.Black celebrities, athletes, local people need to come together and support this brother ...donate financially to get the necessary repairs done, build more machines to distribute around the country,and even around the world.... They had a car engine that ran on water in the 70s and they burried it,Whole nations are fighting wars right now due to access to water and water rights. This destabilizes the region and allows others to come in and make profit. You think them folks gonna let him disrupt their piggy bank?

Sandusky and this dude,,,Him and Sandusky practiced pederasty on them boys.When societal justice fails, it increases the likelihood of the rise of vigilante justice

Wait until the police stop his ass, he'll quickly proclaim that he's white! These people are too much. Our melanin can't be duplicated.He'll go back to his white skin and privilege when things aren't going in his favor. 😄 Our culture has been appropriated to the point where we barely have anything of our own. This person has taken all the stereotypes and roll them all into one. This man is making a joke of black people. If he wishes to continue taking his injections, go for it. No one should feel any pity for a man who is purposely injecting himself full of untested chemicals. Let all of these people who are taking this injection reap the benefits of long term unknown side effects.

so many need to here be educated and understand what was than is still going on now 50yrs later This speech was given in 1967and its sounds like his talking about 2019...that's the "non-threatening" narrative they've always pushed as it regards him. But his views/position had definitely changed the last 2 years of his life. He'd become more realistic and ready shake things up to get results. During this time, he was more akin to Malcolm (in his prime) and Garvey, than they usually speak.

Their hatrage runs deep in their DNA, this is why I see racist ws for what they are....... Keenly take a look of what they are a proud of, humanity is not of their mindset.... Yes they're passing this stupidity on to the children, what they have left,,And yet they have statues and monuments to Christopher Columbus and other terrorists

Vlad doesn't even pay his 'african American' interviewees a lil somthing since i hear they do his interviews for free...he just uses them to gain views=money for himself to keep his vladtv playform running Its ironic how these mofos want to dictate how reparations are to be paid to blacks. The horrific history and torture of our ancestors.. Our reparations is to be paid for generations if it takes us that long to figure it out to obtain our generational wealth. Lets start with 1619 until now for the years to compensate.

f you watched the interview on the breakfast club he CLEARLY detailed why it wasn’t just about him. Over 300 Black owned media companies have been denied by Comcast and Charter. Not just his networks. Have to be careful spreading misinformation because if folks thinks it’s just about him then as soon as they find something they don’t like about him they’ll no longer care. It’s much bigger than him. We give billions to these companies and they give us zero. I would'nt want to see a slave movie that doesn't give a accurate account of our stained history. That movie was not made For us. Blacks in America had better wake up and learn to educate and work together to progress as a group in this American system.

It's interesting that before he died he said he intergrated his people into a burning building. I think he was going towards malcolms way of thinking. Much respect for both of those unforgettable leaders! MLK stood on the front lines for the greater good which he should be respected for. But at the end of the day this man was very disillusional & just couldnt seem to comprehend the severity of what he was really up against. The whole theme of the civil rights movement at that time was primarily 1st n foremost about integregation & equal rights while it shouldve been more about ownership. You should never have to beg to be somewhere ur not wanted. You seperate urself from ur oppressor & focus on creating ur own before pleading with somebody else to accept you into their own because in actuality what are you really keeping hope alive for, allowing urself to be spitted on & ASKING/DREAMING for??? To be respected as a human being & to be recognized by ur oppressor as a person with equal status as ur oppressor.. THAT IS FOLLY

If I remember correctly that chicken sandwich didn't even impress me.But I've seen white people beat the s*** out of each other over a Cabbage Patch Doll.

why is it always These fat, unattractive, lonely fucked up lives fuckers.???
When you're a happy person with happy things going on in your life. You don't have time to mess with others. She's not afraid, just plain unhappy in her life. Look at her,. A mess! Period! one hand she wants to tell him he doesn't belong here. But she drove to his house to ask him a question about walking in the neighborhood.You can see the high iq in her eyes. Oh wait its just high stay off the opioids 😫
He was way more polite than I would’ve been.

I TALKED TO SEVERAL PEOPLE THAT HAVE WORKED IN THIS FIELD.This is State-sponsored Terrorism at work. They randomly pick and target homes in the Black areas on purpose to practice police and military maneuvers as a means of containment under the guise of crime and civil unrest. It's all by design. BY THE WAY ,,to those people who say if you just follow police orders . . .well when you are doing nothing illegal, when masked men bust into your home with guns drawn how are supposed you to react except to be defensive and try and protect yourself and family.

There already IS a wedge in this society... They don't like to hear what the hell they did to blacks!!What!?! You mean to tell me wS are mad because of their Klancestors actions!?! NOOOO!!!!They are upset because they can't hide behind their "bootstraps" argument anymore with what they did to Black Walk Street, Rosewood, etc. ONE of the first documented terrorist attacks on american soil,NOT 9-11!!

Once again, the black man invention. Yes we need to protect him. Like everything the black race had invented, and stolen from them, and profit off it. Yes protect this man.This us government and the shadows behind it have a nag for murdering people who invent things that will actually help soceity, karma is gonna be such a b#@$ for this worlds rulers, but that brother needs to be protected There are so many inventions that solve issues, but the powers that be would lose money if it became a household item. So , they use the patent laws against anything that can cause the Oligarchs to lose money.
This story reminds me of the carburetor that Ogle invented that allows cars to get over 100 miles per gallon, but the Gov kept shutting him down. Then he had a mysterious heart attack.😕
They EPA even sued a company until they went bankrupt, bought their bankrupt company and destroyed every carburetor. They dont play about their

any organization getting that 501c3 tax exemption not really going to do much but continue to carry out the agenda of who truly governs them and it ain’t Jesus. That’s why the message is so watered down and truth is not present. I'm not sure why Kirk Franklin even stated this because he knows that all these pastors have their" 501 c3 " legal contracts with the IRS this why you never see any so-called good christians speak on political things
. All this colorism isn't new. LOOK AT THE TIMELINE , People never wanted to speak up before trump got in office😑🤔

Successful minorities are the only thing racists hate more than poor minorities.And these are the "good old days" that Trump and all of his supporters want to go back to.Black Wallstreet
Then Rosewood
The Philly Newark NJ
Watts la
The list goes on
I’m sure most WS wouldn’t know, why would they care to remember one more act of violence, harassment, and outright murder, theft. No they don’t care to think about one more thing they have committed against humanity as well as and to feel appalled at their ancestors committing such atrocities by human beings to other human beings.

What’s amazing is ANYTIME their is something that’s going to benefit black people almost exclusively it’s always met with pushback from white america. Civil rights slavery voting rights etc. professor truth was absolutely right reparations exposed a lot of fake liberals and brought out all the racist that this country !!!!This Eizenstat fool wants to see if there's any more mileage left in the "White Approval" con-game. He's trying it with the wrong generation!

This issue started under Reagan. Prior to the 80s illegal immigration was not an issue. Reagan relaxed enforcement to wreck unions and hurt black employment.This video is for ALL of u black people who thought that the Hispanics had your back in a "black and brown coalition". Go look at Sammy Sosa's face and u will begin to understand. When a black person gets shot I never see Spanish-speaking people Support us (FACTS)
Both The NA ACP And the congressional black caucus has continually failed To protect and advance our interests, They did this right after hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. Brothers were ready to work for halliburton and we're denied in favor of illegals.

police and whites BEEN killing black folks for years, waAAAAAAy before him. Obama is just the first social media, smartphone president. Everybody got a camera now and are just EXPOSING it now. Don't blame that on him. Put that blame where it belongs. homosexuals and illegal immigrants benefited more from him than middle class blacks.

What would happen if every person in the US stop shopping on Mondays, just shut the whole financial system down. Start focusing on how and where we spend our money, stop giving our money to our enemies like using At&T. Get rid of our credit cards and start using cash. Stop buying what we want and just buy what we need. Start controlling who gets our money and who doesn't. We don't need an organization to that., just will power.
Just like money can make you strong, the lack of it can make you weak.
If Bernie Sanders can make millions with small dollar donations we can take our small dollars to do the opposite by suppressing it. Would they feel the power of the people then?

FOR THE RECORD,,,,,The US Flag Is Violated On Every Football Field! Read The US ConStitution On How Not To Carry And Stage The US Flag! WHITE People Are The Most Historical ViolatOrs!!


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