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The sea animal simulation plush toy series is made of high-quality plush fabric, which is closer to real animals. It is a plush toy that children and even adults like. It can be used as decoration at home or as a role toy for children. It can be more Good to let children understand the image and knowledge of each animal, and improve their awareness of protecting marine animals.
It can be used in the aquarium as a gift for the exhibition to the distinguished viewers and participants. Of course, you can also sell this realistic ocean plush toy and get a part of the proceeds

SOFT AND SAFE MATERIAL -- Chaoman dog toys are made of soft eco-friendly plush material with breathable mesh inside, which makes our squeaky dog toys more sturdy and durable.

PROVIDE MORE FUN AND ENTERTAINMENT -- This dog plush toy is equipped with squeakers on the body, suitable for small and medium dog breeds, can attract their attention and energy, avoid destructive chewing and barking.

STAY HEALTHY -- Your pet will get more exercise to maintain weight and health and relieve boredom for hours by playing with these squeaky dog toys.

Teeth Cleaning -- Unique dinosaur features and bright colors can attract your dog's attention to chew for hours. These toys are great for bouncing, shaking, throwing and retrieving toys. The soft material helps clean your dog's teeth and massages the gums without hurting them.

WARNING TIP -- Not recommended for dogs with extremely strong bites or aggressive chewers. We recommend replacing these toys regularly. Great gift for dogs on birthday, new year, valentine's day and more

This kawaii realistic mallard duck plush has the same look and feel as a real mallard, so vivid and cute!
? This cute and realistic mallard duck plush toy is made of soft, non-toxic, durable plush, filled with high-quality PP cotton, soft and comfortable to the touch.
? It's a good choice to give Kawaii Realistic Mallard Green Duck Plush Toy to your kids, friends and family as a birthday, Children's Day, Valentine's Day, Halloween, Christmas gift. You can put it on sofa, bed, desk, car, etc.

Non Stuffed Dog Toys for Puppy, Crinkle Squeaky Dog Chew Toys Squirrel Plush Dog Toy with Knot for Small Dogs (Squirrels)

?【Puppy Toys Crinkle & Squeak】Two charming sounds. Inside is a sheet of squeak and crepe paper. The crinkle dog toy squeaks and crackles inside. Touching the body, tail or pressing the squirrel's head will make a crinkling sound, bring the puppy back to interact, attract pets' attention, keep them busy and curious, stimulate or improve the dog's IQ
?【NO FILLER BUT CUTE DOG TOY PLUS】Cute non-stuffed dog toy with squeaks, no filler, don't worry about choking, safe for puppy to chew or play with. Proper supervision can serve all pets. But not for medium or large dogs with super aggressive chewers. Adorable plush dog toy features a choice of two squirrels in bright colors to spark interest in pups.
?【Puppy Teething Toys】Two ropes go through the arms and legs, the strong rope toy has four knots, perfect for chewing, teething, cleaning teeth, pulling with the owner or little partner. Made of many durable ropes, it is durable and perfect as a tug of war dog toy. It can have a good interaction with pets when you are at home. In addition, it can also be used as an entertainment toy for dogs at home alone.
?【Environmental Protection Material Healthy Dog Toys】Lively and cute squirrel design, made of safety cotton, polyester, plush. Plus, there's no more padding, so it's more durable and safe for small, lightly aggressive puppies to chew on or enjoy throughout the day. Note that if your puppy likes to chew (strong chewer), they will need to be supervised or taught how to play.
?【100% Guarantee】If there is any problem, defect, please contact us, we are always here for you. 100% satisfied. But need to contact us about your order. Chaoman dog toys aim to create a better life for thousands of households. Happy dog, happy life!

The simulated sea animal plush toy is a stuffed toy model, made of soft plush material, the toy is designed to be a teaching tool for children to learn about sea animals, and can also be used as a toy gift for sale in the marine zoo. Provides education, fun and entertainment for children ages 3 and up. Sea animal plush toys make great gifts for children of any age. The softness of the plush material makes it comfortable to play with. The plush toy is made of high-quality material, which is durable and suitable for children to play. This toy is suitable for children to play, learn and play. We can provide large quantities of customized services, if you are just looking for simulated sea animal plush toys, then we will be your best choice. Email: [email protected]

Pet toys are the most important part of a dog's life. You have to make sure that you give them the best toys that they can have. The best part about this toy is that it is made of rope, which most dogs love to chew. The squeaky rope can be a good toy for your dog to play with. The best part about this toy is that it is made of rope, which most dogs love to chew. The squeaky rope can be a good toy for your dog to play with.

Shown here are simulated marine animal plush toy models, soft fabrics, as vivid as real marine life, they are suitable for aquariums, as commemorative gifts for visiting customers, and also suitable for ocean-related teaching courses, can be used as The model display allows students to have a more accurate understanding of marine life. It can also be used at home. It can be used as a soothing toy for babies, because it is a plush stuffed plush toy, soft and does not hurt the baby. It can be used as a playmate for children, and you can also play some educational games and role-playing with children. Games to enhance parent-child interaction. What is shown here is just a part, we have a lot of species, sea turtles, octopus, whales, dolphins, manta rays and so on. If you need other varieties, you can contact us for customization.

Are you looking for some realistic marine animal stuffed toys, stuffed wild animals, teddy bear,pet dog cat chew toys,sensory plush toys?Thanks to the efforts of Yangzhou chaoman toy Co., Ltd's employees, our development work has been carried out smoothly and efficiently. Our Trout, clownfish, tortoise, octopus, turtle, sturgeon, dolphin plush sea animal toys are developed to lead the industry trend with its new features and unique appearance. These fabrics are good for human body and environmental protection. They can pass ASTM and CPC certification. If you are in the European market, it can also pass CE certification. Yangzhou chaoman toy Co., Ltd provide OEM and ODM services for customized plush toys, stuffed toys, plush animal slippers, plush pet toys and baby toys , hope that we can respond more rapidly to changes in the industry with a deeper understanding of the market needs. We believe that we will stand out in the global market with our finest-quality products and unparalleled services.

The cute plush imitation Persian cat plush toy has soft fur and lifelike image, just like a real cat accompanying you. It can be given as a birthday gift to a caring child who wants to raise a cat, or to someone who lives alone For the elderly, the simulated cat can accompany him, so that he will not feel lonely, soothe his emotions, and make his children more at ease!

We are a professional plush toy manufacturer, and we can customize plush toys of different kinds of wild animals, birds, sea animals and other animal images with realistic images. If you also just need customization, then we will be your best choice. You can tell us your own design ideas, and we will help you complete them

Filling: Polyester fiber
High quality harpy with beautiful plush feathers.
The plush bird is about 35cm high. The fur has a very pleasant feel. Ideal also as decoration.
The fur of the harpy is gray on the back and wings, the belly is white. The beige claws and the detailed head complete the look. The color of the safety eyes is gray.
Hand washing is recommended for care. The material of the plush toy is flame-retardant, anti-allergic and manufactured according to the highest safety standards.

The white-eared bulbul is rotund in appearance, and has a brownish-grey body. The tail of this bird is relatively long, tapering outwards. Starting off black, the tail feathers end in white tips. The head of the white-eared bulbul is black, with the area around its cheeks bearing a large white spot. The eye rings of the bulbul are bare, and the beak short. The vent of the bird is bright yellow.

We are proud to offer our custom made christmas doll,christmas plush girl dolls. All characters come with accessories that best represent their personalities. Please be sure to check out the options by clicking on the images. Our customized dreamies can make a great gift for any occasion.

- Stop searching and buy your adorable lovey directly from the source.
- Made with high quality materials to provide long hours of play.
- Customized with great character choices to choose from.

About this item
Old People Companionship-For older adults living in senior communities or aging at home, our realistic plush cats will not run around, they can be gently petted in their arms and will accompany them silently. And will not experience the pain of losing the pets.
It is very suitable for girls, people who love cats, people who like cats but can't raise cats, and pet loss people; it is also suitable for birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, and Christmas gifts.Valentine's Day gifts.

Alphabet Lore Plush Toys Cosplay Animated Sitcom Funny Decorative Collectibles

Are you looking for ways to manage your anxiety?

As your towels grow smarter, so do your kids' tummies, hands, excitement and imagination. Tickles, vibes, sounds and more.Sensory system training toys are perfect for indoor or outdoor use and can be easily washed for multiple uses.

Product Features
- High - fun multisensory play for baby and kid.
- Made from super soft fabric with cotton elements for sound and touch.
- Machine washable for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Do your dog's teeth hurt after hours of relentless chewing? Are your other toys just not cutting it anymore? Try our plush dog toys - they're perfect for aggressive chewers! We have a variety of designs and colors to choose from, and they're all made from high-quality materials. Plus, they come with a one-year warranty - so you can be sure your pet will love them.
Custom plush dog toys for aggressive chewers.

Are you looking for some realistic marine animal stuffed toys, stuffed wild animals, teddy bear,pet dog cat chew toys,sensory plush toys?Thanks to the efforts of Yangzhou chaoman toy Co., Ltd's employees, our development work has been carried out smoothly and efficiently. Our Trout, clownfish, tortoise, octopus, turtle, sturgeon, dolphin plush sea animal toys are developed to lead the industry trend with its new features and unique appearance.

Impress your friends and family with this lifelike Peacock Plush Toy. This stuffed animal is made of plush material and has a jumbo size that is sure to impress. It's presence will fill any space with its exotic charm. Bring home a similar creature to you from Stuffed Safari, the makers of all things plush.
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The simulated snake plush toy is the perfect companion for any fans of the horror genre. This plush toy is made of high quality materials and features realistic details. It is the perfect gift for any fan of the horror genre.

If you're looking for the best flying bat toys for your dog, then you've come to the right place. We offer a wide selection of flying bat toys that are sure to satisfy your pup's chewing needs.

Looking for something special for your Stranger Things fan? We've got just the thing - OEM plush toys made just for Bandai, based on the costumes and characters from Season 4! You can order a bulk order of these soft, custom toys, perfect for giving to your friends and family - or keeping for yourself!
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These Knit Stuffed Dolls are a must-have for any child's toy collection! With designs from elephants, unicorns, and dinosaurs, these soft and cuddly toys are perfect for promoting imaginative play. Each Doll is stuffed with premium materials and is machine sewn for durability.
We can make elephants, unicorns, dinosaurs designs

Introducing Let's See Our Rubber Dog Toy Collection! Our rubber dog toys are aggressive, strong and perfect for playtime. Our collection includes toys for chewing, tugging and playing fetch. Our toys are made from tough, durable rubber and are perfect for dogs that love to play hard. Our rubber dog toys are perfect for aggressive chewers and dogs that love to play hard.

The Toughest Plush Dog Toy is tough, plush, and perfect for aggressive chewers. Made with safe and soft latex, this toy is perfect for dogs of all ages. The squeaky latex dog toy collection includes a variety of styles and colors, including a lion, a bear, and a monkey.They are made of durable latex. It is squeaky and comes in a latex dog toy animal collection. The Latex with Plush Dog Toy is also made of durable latex and is a multipet stuffed durable latex plush loofa dog toy.


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Chaoman Toy — Your Source for Quality Plush Toys!
Chaoman Toy is the leading plush toy manufacturer in China. We have been helping businesses design and manufacture plush toys since 1996 and have become the leading source for all types of plush toys, plush slippers, baby toys, sensory toys and more!
If you are looking for a plush toy manufacturer to partner with and are seeking high quality products and professional and friendly customer service, we are here for you. At Chaoman Toy, we provide our customers with the best possible service in the industry. We will provide you with the best service from the very first meeting to the designing and manufacturing of your products. We deliver a product you can be proud of for years to come!
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We understand that choosing a company to partner with is a huge decision. We want you to rest assured that when you work with us, you can expect the highest quality of care and service every step of the way. When you partner with us, you can expect the following:
• We have a team of the top designers and engineers to help you design your product.
• Our factory has passed BSCI, INTERTEK and WALMART certification, so you can expect high quality products!
• If you have an idea for a plush toy but aren’t entirely sure, our development team will work with you to develop and produce a product that reflects your vision.
• We use the latest equipment to design the best products in the industry!
• We serve as a one stop shop, integrating design, modification, production, delivery, and after-sales services.
• We take great pride in the reputation we have built and in the products we create for our customers, so you can expect only the best when you choose to partner with Chaoman.
• We always deliver what we say when we say we will.
• We value your time and your business and will treat you with the utmost respect, no matter how big or small or order or company is.
Types of Products We Manufacture
Chaoman has been the leading plush toy manufacturing company in China for more than 25 years. We have partnered with some of the top companies to create a range of baby toys and other types of plush products. We can help you with a variety of products, including:
Stuffed Plush Toys: We are known for creating the top stuffed plush toys. From realistic designs to super cute toys that spark imagination, we can create it all.
Some of the stuffed plush toys we manufacture include:
• Stuffed wild animals
• Stuffed Sea animals
• Teddy bear stuffed animals
• Unicorn stuffed animal
• Stuffed animal slippers
• Plush animal pillow
Baby toys: Baby toys are some of the most important toys we create. Not only do baby toys make babies happy, but they also provide stimulation and help with developmental skills.
We create all types of baby toys, including:
• Baby comforter toy
• Plush rattle
• Sensory plush toy
Pet Toys: If you are a fur mama or dada, you know how important stuffed toys are for your fur baby! We create durable dog plush toys that are made from natural cotton.
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