Charza Kitsune

Will Ethan be held to my same standard Leafy got?

Remember when @Noah Antwiler was young....

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Something that needed to be made as soon as I finished porting over 「Scary Monsters」 to #SFM (Part 7 is as good as they say it is FTR)

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I blame @Captpan for this idea:


FINALLY finished this one!

Expect a more elaborate video later

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Back at the genesis of my channel a dear friend of mine and I made an attempt at LP's

There were some gems in there I've wanted to animate

Here is one of 'em!
#SFM #Portal2 #LP

I heard the "PATH OF PAIN!" Alex Jones rant when @It'sAGundam was laughing at it while playing Doom Eternal

...the juxtaposition had an effect on me, NGL

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Achilles - Strings by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

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Man, Carson just can't catch a break!

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Had dear friend RainbowSquidInk on to talk about the Siege of American Nerddom by the "Karen Brigade"

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Been fascinated by the raw potential of AI Generated Voices

Audio from @Speaking of AI's #Airplane video

(Whoever ported The Ship's #POTUS Model to #SFM seemed hellbent in making animation/lipsync difficult)

Testing my skills at Manual Lip-Sync!

Credit to @DeputyRust over on Twitter for the audio (give him a follow! great art and funny VA memes!)

#TF2 #SFM #Meme

A re-make of an animation I had hoarded for reactions on Twitter

Go Wild! Made this as a #ForumWeapon!


A pun; LAUGH!

#SFM #MK11 #PinkFloyd


Thanks to @FourEcchiTasty for the amazing mashup!

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Loved Hazbin Hotel!

Inspired by a Tweet made by Beige Shiba:

My Brother's been getting into Pink Floyd's The Wall a LOT recently

Let me know this morning that 40 years ago today it was released

So, I whipped this up as a tribute to the masterpiece!

Full Confession, FamI have a weakness for accents; ESPECIALLY if the lass is from the Scottish Highlands X3

Audio from the lovely voice of Elise Lovelock on Twitter:


There is NO WAY I was the only one who got this vibe!

Perhaps there WERE Ghosts in the Overlook Hotel after all!

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The Eyes still need work

But I think I nailed my Lip Sync Flexes PERFECTLY!

Papa Gundam does an Ad Read for Heterosexual-O's

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A Quick Lil' Test of AI-powered Anime Up-scaling Algorithm Waifu2x

Tested on the Best Quality Copy of the song that made me a Spud: 'Go! Monkey Go!' by Devo


"We're Living in a Society!"

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