YouTube banned this video. I am posting this in the ethos of free scientific inquiry. Whether I agree or not is not the issue: Dr. Stefan Lanka gave a very encouraging speech on 15.05.2021 on the Querdenken stage in Nuremberg in Germany. He made some very important statements also in relation to the current rampant scaremongering by alleged self-transmitting spike proteins.

Dr. Stefan Lanka's statements in summary:

- There will be no Great Reset,

- Corona will be over in a year

- The virus existence question is the central issue. There are three lawsuits currently underway on the virus existence question.

- The necessary control experiments to disprove the virus existence claim have been re-performed and confirmed by independent laboratories.

- The cells do not die from claimed viruses, but from the experimental setup itself. This is a fact

- Word is just getting out among physicians and will continue to spread.

- There are no self-transmitting spike proteins because there is no working mRNa vaccine. It is just an idea with no scientific basis.

- The danger comes from the nanotechnology.


This is the article Dr. Lanka was talking about in the video above and it refutes the entire assumption of propagated genetic engineering. According to this, there are also no mRNA vaccines that can change the genetic structure of humans. The dangerous thing about the vaccines are the nanoparticles according to Dr. Stefan Lanka.

This sensational article is published only in German and was translated exclusively for this channel.The genome was considered to be the unchangeable blueprint of the human being, which is determined at the beginning of our life. Science must bid farewell to this idea. In reality, our genetic make-up is in a state of constant change Two years ago, 25 geneticists sat down at the University of California at Berkeley to answer this seemingly simple question: What is a gene? However, the attempt to define the basic concept of their field precisely proved to be extremely difficult.
- Genetics: Genome in Dissolution

- The wall of fear and panic of the state and churches will fall. In one year Corona will no longer exist!

Plandemic 2: InDOCTORnation - med Danske Undertekster

Solutions & Trump 4D Chess Debunked! - James Corbett

All credits til de forskellige akt√łrer i videoen, inkl. skaberen af ‚ÄėDanmark V√•gner‚Äô, '√ėjen√•bner'/J.Nielsen, hvis kreation jeg har udvidet og tweaket lidt i del. 1. i videoen: Der er tilf√łjet andre klip for at underst√łtte p√•standene bedre i del 1., men med respekt for stilen , og derudover udvidet med 2-3 minutter i et nyt afsnit om Politistaten. Videoen er nu et sammensurium i 4 dele, og har tilf√łjet den fjerde del, for at det ikke skal ende p√• en i forvejen deprim note:

Del 1. 'Danmark Vågner' med ny udvidelse, tilretninger og tweaks (36 minutter)
Del 2. Animation om apatien og smart phone zombieficeringen med tweaks og klip fra ‚ÄėThey Live‚Äô
Del 3. Det globale - verdens kaotiske og konspiratoriske negative tilstand - ikke for sarte sjæle!
Del 4. Reflektion over frihed, dystopi og utopi, paradigmeskift, Exodus og Noahs Ark memer i tids√•nden (lydspor fra ‚ÄėDinner with Andre‚Äô), Gennembruds & Sammenbrudsscenarier

This video is for educational purposes via art only, and use of copyrighted material falls under the "Fair Use" provision, which allows reasonable use of copyrighted work, without permission, for research, criticism, or education.

During a live radio interview with George Noory on Coast 2 Coast AM on August 9, 2017, Alex Jones openly stated that he worked for U.S. Special Operations Command in a secret military psychological operation to assist Donald Trump in becoming President of the United States. This direct admission from Alex Jones presents the strongest evidence to date that Infowars is a covert U.S. military intelligence / psychological warfare operation.

'Israel could not have carried out these [9/11] attacks'
- Alex Jones

Eddie Bravo: Who put together 9/11?

Alex jones: Saudiarabia

Adam Green: 'CNN and Youtube are coming after us. They are going to come after him [Alex Jones]. like af beta test, and then they are going to come after the rest of us'
- Christopher Bollyn Calls Alex Jones a Zionist "Gatekeeper", YouTube, Adam Green, 2. april 2018

Nostalgia - Made in 2014
No falsettos, no autotuner, and only headvoice. Choir boosted and voices changed
The visual narrative and lyrics are dual or triple; 1) Metaphysics/reincarnation/cosmos 2) Treason aganst humanity, destruction 3) and freedom and love. Insert more here __________

According to Deep Purple: "This song is about reincarnation. It's a conversation between oneself from their past life and their present self. The song tells about memories this person has from their past life, but they (past and present self) "must remain perfect strangers" to each other."
Perfect Strangers, Deep Purple song - Wikipedia

This video is for educational purposes via art only, and use of copyrighted material falls under the "Fair Use" provision, which allows reasonable use of copyrighted work, without permission, for research, criticism, or education.


"‚ÄúUnacknowledged‚ÄĚ focuses on the historic files of the Disclosure Project and how UFO secrecy has been ruthlessly enforced ‚Äď and why. The best evidence for Extraterrestrial contact, dating back decades, is presented with direct top-secret witness testimony, documents and UFO footage, 80% if which has never been revealed anywhere else. The behind-the-scenes research and high level meetings convened by Dr. Steven Greer will expose the degree of illegal, covert operations at the core of UFO secrecy. From briefings with the CIA Director, top Pentagon Generals and Admirals, to the briefing of President Obama via senior advisor John Podesta, chairman of the Hillary Clinton Campaign ‚Äď we take the viewer behind the veil of secrecy and into the corridors of real power where the UFO secrets reside. The viewer will learn that a silent coup d‚Äô√©tat has occurred dating back to the 1950s and that the Congress, the President and other world leaders have been sidelined by criminal elements within the Military-Industrial-Financial complex."


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