An actual CNN investigation that resulting in a report from February, 2017 that discloses Venezuela's illegal passport racket.

A CNN report from Februrary, 2017 contradicts their current narrative re: the migrant caravan headed toward the US border. Venezuela has been backing the migrants and a passport from Venezuela is honoured around the globe. Who, amongst the caravan numbers, has been issued one of these fake passports? Where are they from originally?

Almost made it, Andy. Hope you and Adam enjoy spending your retirement money on the law suit.

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My interview with Dr. Andreas Kalcker discussing his research on Sodium Chlorite and its effects on Cancer, ALS, Malaria, Arthritis and other seemingly "incurable" diseases.

Richard Feynman Probability and uncertainty - the quantum mechanical view of nature
Richard Feynman's lecture on quantum Probability and Uncertainty in the "Messenger" series of lectures on Cornell University 1964. He elucidates the Double Slit Experiment, which includes the feature of the observer participating in creating the manifestation of the observed object either as a non-local diffracting wave or as a distinct local particle (lump): Contemporary orthodox quantum physics and early Buddhism agrees on this the "Participatory Observation (Anthropic) Principle" coined by American physics grand old man John Archibald


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