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Jeroen Pols interviews Greg attorney in California who is conducting a case against vaccinations
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Highlighted topics:
- Lawsuit against the PCR test to fly back to NL. After losing the lawsuit, they quickly amended the emergency law ministerial regulation to push it through again. Judgment will follow Monday
Greg is in a lawsuit in America that can change everything in the world. They have shown that unvaccinated people are the healthiest people and that vaccines cause chronic disease
- Only 5% of the unvaccinated children have chronic diseases and 50% of the vaccinated children. That difference is so huge and causality has now been established beyond doubt. No diabetes was found in the unvaccinated group
- A petition has been made to the president against the segregation of unvaccinated people
Pharma is very afraid of this research. They themselves refuse to examine vaccinees compared to unvaccinated patients. Of course they know the outcome.
- So people who have been demonized all these years because they didn't want to get vaccinated were the ones who were right
- Is it possible to hold pharma responsible for the damage they caused?
- Everyone knows that the COVID vaccine is an experiment, but in fact, they all are
- We are going to file a lawsuit to delay the vaccination campaign until everything is known about the vaccine
- 95% of the unvaccinated people are healthy. We were born healthy and the immune system runs throughout your body. The vaccine affects your entire body.
- Many risks have not yet been investigated with the COVID vaccine. Isn't it reckless to sell such a vaccine for mass use?
- There is also a case against the PCR test in New York. This case challenges the PCR test on a scientific basis. The test can be influenced and you can use it in all directions and thus manipulate the population. We are not doing science properly
- They are also pushing for mandatory tests and vaccinations in the USA. It's a big deal
- If the vaccine is there, they go from PCR test to antibody testing to show that the vaccine is working
Some questions highlighted:
- Is it true that 50% of the FDA's are funded by Pharma?
-Is the covid vaccine also part of your research?
- Is there a live stream for the trial? Yes,
- Is it true that vaccines cause autism?
-Is pediatric cancer also due to vaccines? No cancer was found in unvaccinated people
-Is pharma researching the long-term effects of vaccines?
- Are you afraid of your safety?

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from the rare 2003 CD

from the rare 2003 CD

The economic collapse of 2020 has undeniably widened the wealth gap. Now, our country is essentially divided between those who patiently wait for some food in breadlines - after losing their ability to provide for themselves and, oftentimes, the roof over their heads - and those who sit comfortably at their own homes waiting for the meltdown to be over while discovering the joy of baking bread. Breadlines vs. Bread makers, that's the ominous picture of an increasingly unequal America. That's what we're going to expose in this video.
Yesterday, Bloomberg released a piece on the faces of the collapse in the United States. The report describes that since the downturn has started, millions of lives have been affected - but in extremely different ways.
On one side, we have low-wage and middle-class workers that became reliant on food assistance programs and unemployment benefits to secure a minimum level of dignity for themselves. On the other side, we have a small affluent mass who has been largely benefiting from rising home prices, new work-at-home arrangements, and the pleasures of baking bread.
The article tells the stories behind the faces that have become a truthful representation of the struggles that emerged through the course of the year. For millions of jobless Americans unemployment checks already hit the 39-week limit and expired.
Despite a new stimulus package having passed last week, the new $900 billion dollar plan is being held hostage as the President won't sign it, and politicians are having another impasse over their new demands before releasing the bill.
Even after the President eventually signs it, the money will still be weeks away from people's reach, which means that many will be left hanging for quite a while, and in the meantime, their food and housing situation will remain uncertain.
The population and our economy are now experiencing a world of low-expectations. The overall economy is leaving the year nearly 5% smaller than it would have been if the crisis hasn't happened. Only 57% of the population is still employed at this point, which is the lowest level since May 1983, if we don't count the worse months of this year.
On the flip side of the coin, financial markets have registered considerable gains in the aggregate net worth of wealthy Americans since migration patterns towards suburban areas have increased the value of their properties and made them even wealthier.
Meanwhile, as the well-off set of the population has embraced new ways of working and their own household wealth has substantially grown, for millions the worst is yet to come. In a few days, a patchwork of unemployment benefits, eviction moratoriums, rental assistance, and mortgage forbearance programs that assisted many to make ends meet is scheduled to lapse.
According to the latest projections, 10 million households are at risk of eviction. According to the U.S. Census Bureau data, approximately one in six people have fallen behind in rent payments. Over 4 million have revealed to believe they will be forced out of their homes over the next couple of months. Even employed workers have been experiencing mounting financial troubles.
The data shows that employment income has dropped this year for almost half of those living in households earning less than $100,000 a year. Compared to those who earn over $200,000 a year, the figure is less than one-third. More concerningly, roughly 40% of those earning less than $50,000 a year have disclosed they expect their income to decline in the coming month.
The labor market has been battered by so many rounds of restrictions and every month it passes, it regains fewer jobs than the month before. The November jobs report showed that only 245,000 jobs were added, a disappointing figure compared to the 432,000 jobs economists were expecting. The unemployment rate has fallen a mere 0.2%, sparking concerns amongst experts.
As long as we keep failing to keep the health crisis under control and strict measures continue to be applied to business operations, there will be gradually less jobs to go around next year. That is to say, there isn't a change of perspective in sight for the millions still unemployed and dealing with food and housing insecurity.
The collapse has laid bare just how unequal our system is. As euphoria on Wall Street sends stock prices to astronomical heights, Main Street remains in crisis, with roughly 8 million Americans joining the ranks of the poor since June. The numbers are even letting some billionaires worried that the enormous inequality may lead to mass conflicts in months ahead. And when even the establishment is showing to afraid that things could suddenly get out of hand is because much more turbulence is about to emerge.

Who's at the top of the food chain? See how they've enslaved us. Beware of people posting articles and videos that spin the facts. Remember, debts are designed to be paid back. Or is it that they intend to break the economy completely to rush in their new monetary system under, "The Great Reset"?

Some will want to forcibly vaccinate you or your children through intimidation.

Barcode of life through an International Barcode of Life? Please have a look at this video and tell me what you think of the basic idea of using a monetary system in coordination with all life on earth.

Oh, and we don't support these morons trying to sell you or get you to buy gold in the meantime...

Ezra Cohen-Watnick gives the announcement...

we need to go back to paper ballots, for a start...

Look what kind of poison is in store for you! What are glorious plan to unify us all!

Glenn Beck, looking more like Colonel Sanders everyday, is tired, and fed up. Corruption is the norm. He'll tell you about it anyway.

WATCH: Sean Hannity on the horrible, inaccurate and anything but secure Dominion Voting System, used in States where tens of thousands of votes were stolen from Donald Trump and given to Biden!

"Many Americans do not believe that this election was fair. And make no mistake, every American has a RIGHT to feel that way!

Makes for a perfectly honorable election, does it not??

Tells it straight with a smile on his face.

Video released by the President on October 21, 2020 ahead of 60 Minutes edited interview video.

Is this 'collateral' damage by megalomaniac sociopaths acceptable now?

Or do we continue to look the other way and allow the establishment continue with destroying lives and livelihoods- Like cowards!


Yet another doctor warning us that #COVID is a #TrojanHorse to justify mass vaccination.
--Dr. Tapper, Omaha, Nebraska

“A really efficient totalitarian state would be one in which the all-powerful executive of political bosses and their army of managers control a population of slaves who do not have to be coerced, because they love their servitude.”

― Aldous Huxley, Brave New World

Dr Christine Northrup blows the lid off the RNA Covid-19. A completely different kind of vaccine than has ever been developed and applied. Dr Christine Northrup blows the lid off the RNA Covid-19 vaccine.

This is the 🔐 system and primer to prepare the body to receive the mark of the beast. Folks, we are not only in the last days but in the last moments.

Now comes a new way to be subservient to the god of commerce, using your palm as a mark, presumably without the chip - courtesy Amazon. #money #buy #commerce

Keeping track of a child’s shots could be so much easier with technology invented by a new Rice University professor and his colleagues.

Kevin McHugh, an assistant professor of bioengineering at Rice since this summer, and a team at his previous institution, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, report in a cover story in Science Translational Medicine on their development of quantum-dot tags that fluoresce with information after they’re injected as part of a vaccination.

Instead of ink, this highly specific medical record consists of copper-based quantum dots embedded in biocompatible, micron-scale capsules. Their near-infrared dye is invisible, but the pattern they set can be read and interpreted by a customized smartphone.

An Invisible Quantum Dot 'Tattoo' Could Be Used to ID Vaccinated Kids

We are not suggesting this is a great idea...

In this special edition of Common Sense, Rudy Giuliani discusses the emails obtained from Hunter Biden’s hard drive which reveal Joe Biden lied about Burisma. This is only the tip of the iceberg, much more to come!

Don’t forget to comment below with your Common Sense and subscribe to my podcast at

Comedy giant John Cleese is the latest voice to speak out against the Scottish Government’s hate crime Bill, saying it would be a danger to “comic creativity”. Cleese was speaking in an online debate hosted by Dr Simon Knight of the Academy of Ideas.

A non-isolated virus and propaganda - major pseudo-science in the name of common good and government control.

What if there was a lie so pervasive, so effective, so powerful that almost everyone believed it? What if that lie was destroying people who believed it but mainstream media did nothing to expose it? What if the people who propagated this lie admitted it AFTER major global damage was done? Share this video with everybody you care about.

An informative marketing video from 2010 from Crucell.

Because of opposition to Crucell and this cell line, Crucell was purchased by Johnson & Johnson in 2011 and returned to a private company under the same name. They currently specialize in monoclonal antibodies for the flu. []

Iit usually takes 6 to 9 months to develop a flu vaccine AFTER the flu strain has been identified. The traditional process is
to inject viral material into chicken eggs and then to harvest the antibodies that are produced. This is a time intensive process, and a way to speed up the production of vaccine has been sought, and has been found.

The company is called Crucell. It actually has multiple lines of human cell material, but one in particular, called PER.C6, is marketed to be used to develop vaccines. What the company does not announce publicly is that the cell line was derived from an aborted baby.

Crucell develops vaccines and licenses its PER.C6(TM) cell line technology to companies in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. The company's licensees include Merck & Co. for its HIV vaccine, Novartis, GSK, Centocor/J&J and Aventis. Crucell has partnered with the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) for the development of an Ebola vaccine.

Listed among Crucell’s customers for its PER.C6 cell line are some of the world’s largest drug makers. One of them is Sanofi Pasteur. According to their website, they are using the PER.C6 cell line for their swine flu vaccine, and the United States Department of Health and Human Services has awarded them a contract.

There are many who are asserting that an international criminal cabal that controls the U.N. the W.H.O. and key positions in industry and in the governments of the world, are intending to weaponize deadly flu strains and mass inject them into the population. This will serve to meet the goals of the global elite who have declared that the world population should not exceed 500 million.


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