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1985 Ring Magazine fight of the year

Legendary slugfest
1976 Ring Magazine Fight of the Year
Foreman first fight since losing to Ali

1989 Ring magazine fight of the year
WBC Middleweight title

Please steal this video from me. I'm on Double Secret Probation and they are about to shut me down. I've been getting weird copyright strikes for videos over a decade old and the word on the street is they are DYING to cut me loose.

The Immersionist was a pitched documentary series for Current TV starring Vice co-founder Gavin McInnes. Current intended to start a long-term partnership with Vice reporting on esoteric and under-reported subjects. While received very positively, the president of programming at Current TV had issues with the pilot episode and axed the project. Two years later, Current TV was off the air, and Vice Media launched independently. Vice has won multiple Emmys and changed the landscape of documentary filmmaking, especially among the millennial demographic. This episode is a peek at an alternate reality, where one short-sighted corporate idiot doesn't fuck up an opportunity.

We went to the gay pride parade but we couldn't find any homsexuals.

The secret is to look like you're doing something else

Why's everybody hate us so much? We make punks, nerds, fat people and the handicapped look like the in crowd.

Here are my 100 favorite books. This was recorded a few years ago so there have been some doozies since - like, "Dempsey" by Jack Dempsey, "Everything is Horrible and Wonderful" by Stephanie Wittels Wachs, and "The Almost Nearly Perfect People" by Michael Booth.
PS: The worst book I've ever read is "Merchants of Truth" by Jill Abramson. Check the "Get Off My Lawn" podcast to hear why.

Throwing cow shit is easy if you know how.

A clip from the wonderful documentary "T-Shirt Stories: Cotton, Art & Fun" by awesome Frenchmen Dimitri Palhe and Julien Potart.
Note Bien: I recorded this with Snapz Pro X so it looks and sounds like shit. The movie itself is much more eye candier.

Gavin Mcinnes - Headphones for cats

Four gentleman at Rooster NY are having a beard off for the month of September. I talked to them about that.

Gavin Mcinnes - How to be a man film trailer

Said I would fight ANYONE

Coppercab is next

Why burden Santa with all kinds of fancy wish lists when there are plenty of perfectly good toys lying around the attic? In this video I snatch the pebble from Santa's hand and get my kids FREE gifts they love.

Went to Scotland to surprise Gran just before her 90th birthday

Our daughter was born loving black people from the day she was born. Our son however, hates their fucking guts. The thing that breaks our heart the most is that the little guy is only partly white. Poor bastard.

Asked New Yorkers if they thought their city was less or more violent than before. The answers might surprise you. (Special thanks to Sarah Egan)


Pilot teaser for Travel Channel series starring Gavin McInnes and produced by Ish Entertainment

pretty sure hats him

It's hard to tell if someone is just shaking their dick or if they're doing something much more serious. The difference is just a few degrees of motion.


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