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I wrestled with Bitchute upload for 2 or 3 days now. Different videos. Different formats. Different browsers. Plain out-of-the-box profiles (pretty much the same as safe mode). It's just broken. On the forum, it looks like the only thing that's working is to upload to yourtube first and transfer it. This really should NOT be dependent on youtube. Maybe they'll get it fixed. I'll try again in a week or so. But I'm tired of beating my head against the wall on this. It worked fine a week or so ago. I don't have any trouble uploading elsewhere. It complains of invalid format, not only on the videos, despite trying all the common formats, but even on the cover pic. Jpeg is an unsupported format? Really?! Also the #[email protected]~! error message disappears in moments. WTF?! You expect me to sit there staring at the page while the video uploads for 30 mins to be sure I don't miss the error message flash by? Is this hostile action or just a screw up? If it is hostile action, you need to gather all the evidence you can because that's newsworthy. I'm giving up for now. Going to try .

This is a bombshell. Active government misinformation in support of ending the 2nd amendment, from one of the last sources I'd expect to expose it. You folks who have youtube accounts - give this a title appealing to the left of center crowd and post it. Let the lefties choke on it.

Kudos to and Mr. Veser for this video. They need to be here on bitchute. Here is their Fascbook channel:

And kudos to NPR (I didn't think they had it in them.) and to the people who did the original article and broadcast: Anya Kamenetz, David [?], & Clare Lombardo.
This page has the actual NPR radio broadcast (click the button in the upper left corner) and more detailed text:

These lies aren't accidental. The excuses are total bull shit. This is a clear case of government employees exploiting their position to distribute a big lie in support of their political agenda. People need to be fired for this. This needs as much exposure as we can give it. If anything, this probably still underestimates the scope of the implicit lying since when these kinds of reports are touted by the cheerleaders for ending the constitution and enslaving us peasants (like CNN) all the reported incidents are implied to be actual attacks. Whereas this explicitly includes accidental discharges where nobody was hurt. I'd like to know more about those 11 remaining incidents.

Since multiple unofficial uploads of this track has been on YT for a long time, one for 7 years, since I DO own the CD with this, and since this is not equivalent sound quality to what you can purchase, I reckon it's OK to upload it here. I wanted to refer to it in a smart ass way in a nonmusical context, and damned if I'll send anybody to YT. But it is great music anyway. If you like it, seek out an official copy and buy it.

TTS sounds really bad, but maybe somebody with musical ability will get the idea and READ THIS TEXT: Lyrics below are free to anyone who wants to do something better with them. I have neither mic nor talent.
Tommy, a Filk, (Salute to Tommy Robinson with a respectful nod to Rudyard Kipling)
Suggested tune: the traditional "The Rising of the Moon"
I went upon the internet to speak to my country dear,
The gestapo, 'e up an' says, "We want no truth told here."
The quislings on TV, they KNOW truth an' see fit to lie,
I outs into the street again an' to myself says I:

What would Rudyard think, a rollin' in his grave in London clay?
But it's "Far right, racist Islamaphobe", all the high and mighty say,
The high and mighty say, my friends, the high and mighty say,
O it's "Far right, racist Islamaphobe", so the high and mighty say.

I showed police were criminals as crooked as could be,
A child rapist they let go at twelve, but thirteen months for me;
They sent me up the river because I had the balls,
To expose their lies and treason, no matter what befalls!

Migrant crime statistics, rape an' murder, they quickly hide;
But it's "Let the pris'ners kill him" when free speech is denied,
When free speech is denied, my friends, when free speech is denied,
O it's "Let the pris'ners kill him" when free speech is denied,

They're makin' mock o' common folk that voted them to power
They'll buy new votes from Saracens, an' throw us in the Tower.
When MPs invite invasion to hold the natives down
The proper term is treason - but they don't like the sound.

Then it's Tommy this, an' Tommy that, an' "Tommy, 'ow's yer soul?"
But a big, fat mob of coppers when the truth I do extol
The truth I do extol, my friends, the truth I do extol,
O a big, fat mob of coppers when the truth I do extol.

If May wants Muslim voters, she should move to far Bannu,
Our leaders all are useless, What would the Lionheart do?
Betrayer of the Kingdom, May the Tory party taints
What we need's new government, not these remainer PC saints.

So when Tommy sees, an' Tommy tells, then Tommy is confined,
Then it's "You're to room in here, sir, with the bacon hating kind,"
The bacon hating kind, our friends, the bacon hating kind,
O it's ""You're to die in here, sir, with the bacon hating kind,"

Rape our daughters and kill our sons, our back's against the wall,
This isn't just bad luck. It's the party's policy, that's all.
Quote the bible and go to jail, the Koran's another case
Shame the tyrants and they'll toss the key. This is May's disgrace.

This is modeled closely on Rudyard Kipling's "Tommy" in the way of a "filk" or "parody" if you prefer. The original of "Tommy" may be read here:
& is, as far as I can tell, unencumbered by any copyright issue.

The suggested tune (that may not be the right word - I'm no musician) is quite old and is associated with 2 Irish ballads, "The Rising of the Moon", & "The Wearing of the Green", both memorials to the "men of '98". and saw print in several versions in the period 1841 to 1903.
So it, also, is, as far as I can tell, unencumbered by any copyright issue.

The words that aren't Kipling's are mine:

Copyright and related rights waived via CC0 -

I hereby waive all copyright and related or neighboring rights together with all associated claims and causes of action with respect to this work to the extent possible under the law.

The pic I modified from 1 I got from a search filtered for "CC, free to mod, non commercial" so if you re-use that commercially, check the details. The voice (I have neither mic nor ability) is U.S. Daisy from here:
I don' see any TOS restricting use.

So anyone is free to do whatever they want with this, such as but not limited to: Use part of it or all of it. Change it as you wish. Sing it. Record it. Publish it. Tap it out in Morse. Bend, fold, spindle, or mutilate it.

The suggested music:
Played on unaccompanied piano from pianist POV:
Here, you can hear & read the traditional lyrics:

This page:
has more suggestions for music to set Kipling's "Tommy" to, which should also work for this, since I retained the syllable count, rhyme scheme, & rhyme of the model as best as I was able.

Not long after this video was released Tommy Robinson was arrested. Men of the U.K.: Are you going to tolerate this? If you do, you deserve your slavery & your women deserve better men. If this hero is killed in prison, his blood is on YOUR hands.

The UK jailed author Martin Sellner for this speech, and then deported him to prevent its delivery. Tommy Robinson delivered it anyway - with passion and defiance. Support Robinson here: An amazing speech - kudos to Sellner for writing it, and kudos to Tommy for an incredible delivery.

When I speak of this guy, every once in a while I slip up and call him "Tommy Atkins" - which is understandable - he is one of the thin line of heroes defending Western civ & he has more cojones than all the MPs put together.

Here is another great video Tommy did for rebelmedia before he went independent:

A remarkable number of great independent journalists seem to be "graduates" of that shop.

This speech, given several times, with some variation, during the 1964 campaign for Barry Goldwater for POTUS, is widely said to be the thing that first brought Reagan to national attention as a politician. It is still very relevant.


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