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Archived here so we can review these predictions in 2021 to see how accurate he was.

Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland (Nudelman) brags to Petroleum Executives about spending $5 Billion U.S. Taxpayer dollars to foment a revolution in Ukraine.

Victoria Nuland is the wife of Robert Kagan, leader of the younger generation of Trotskyite Neo-Conservatives. After serving as Hillary Clinton's spokesperson, she then became Obama's Assistant Secretary of State of European and Eurasian affairs.

Who knew he could be so honest?

Andrew Anglin asks WTF TRS?, CNN BTFO'd (again) by James O'Keefe, Trump Kingsman video Spergout, and More.

Stand up for Lying Trump, and he will throw you under the bus.

"I never know you".

John Mark does ANALYSIS and sometimes PREDICTIONS. These should NOT be confused with advocacy or recommendation of a particular action.

He does NOT endorse violence, but does call for a peaceful separation of right and left in America.

John Mark:

During a House Armed Services Committee hearing on Tuesday, 29 January 2019, Under Secretary of Defense for Policy John Rood confirmed in testimony before the U.S. Congress that President Trump holds the power to build a border wall WITHOUT Congressional approval or declaring a national emergency.

The relevant Law is: 10 U.S. Code § 284 - "Support for counter-drug activities and activities to counter transnational organized crime."

The difficult question we must ask is: Why Did Trump Never Build a Wall ?

A documentary exposing Jordan Peterson’s agenda to subvert and destroy the rising Dissident Right Wing.

Peterson’s only reason for stepping into the limelight was because he saw a massive right-wing backlash fomenting, and realized it was going to destroy the Left. His job is to implement “plan B”, to steer the rising tide of Nationalism into an impotent cul-de-sac of centrist individualism.

He is delivering his ideology to the disaffected youth by combining it with a self-help regimen wrapped in empty religious metaphor. Jordan Peterson is brainwashing a generation of young White Men to be atomized individuals who perceive group cooperation based on ethnic identity and nationality as the height of evil.

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Dying childless and alone is not mandatory. This little girl will give you good advice on how to score a 3-D Waifu. Watch and Learn.

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Here's how to WIN.

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There will be no Peaceful Seperation. American Civil War is coming. This video explains why it is inevitable. Begin preparing Now.

Democracy in America will inevitably result in Civil War. This video explains how the Civil War will go down, and how we will win it.

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Mark My Words with John Mark
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What National Socialism truly is, and what it isn't, addressing Strasserism, NazBol, and Third Positionism, following an explanation of what it means to be Aryan.

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The once great state of California has become a cautionary tale; on how a White American paradise can be given away so cheaply.

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After the Mid-Terms I realized we had been played by You Know Who.

1 minute video. Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud is being escorted by a Mossad-led S.W.A.T. team out of the Las Vegas Tropicana Hotel with a bag of chips the night of the Las Vegas Shooting 1 October 2017.

The man in the yellow shirt is a Mossad Agent carrying a model of Tavor X95 Bullpup rifle never available for sale to American Law Enforcement Agencies.

Morrakiu's Merchant Minute from TRS 348, published 26 September 2018

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