Kyle Hunt (Renegade Tribune) speaks to Mr Wise (with phone in questions) about his film The Greatest Story Never Told and asks him about the many arguments that are put forth to make it seem like Hitler was actually working for the )ews. They then bring the discussion up to the present days and discuss the issues plaguing our world and what we could do to counter this formidable foe.
Adolf Hitler Was Not A Rothschild Nor A Controlled Agent

Stalin’s Order #0428 authorized November 17, 1941, instructed Bolshevik irregulars to destroy everything within 40 to 60 kilometres of the rapidly advancing German forces. Stalin’s burnt earth policy was not what is claimed to be a strategy of depriving the Axis armies of sustenance.

Stalin realized that communities terrorized by the Bolsheviks over twenty-five years welcomed the invading Reich armies as liberators. Churchill’s ally also knew that upon liberation entire Central European communities would assist the German occupiers. In Stalin’s eyes the peasantry were already collaborators.

The Order’s purpose was to indiscriminately slaughter communities before their being caught up in the German advance. The Order gave specific instruction that trained irregulars, wearing uniforms of captured and killed German troops, would indiscriminately kill peasants on an industrial scale. Especially sought for this purpose were uniforms of the Waffen SS.

Western media claims such suggestion is Nazi propaganda - by WW2Truth, May 9, 2019

TGSNT(part 11)
Hans Von Der Heide full interview

"Women in Germany played a pivotal role in all aspects of life and also in the second world war and sacrificed a lot. There are two halves of the whole, remember that." - The Impartial Truth 💞

Adolf Hitler on the role of Women
Paula Hitler - 1957 Statement Supporting Her Immortal Brother.
German Women & National Socialism
Hitler - Ehrenmann (Man of Honour)
TheImpartialTruth II (Unofficial)
Europa-The Last Battle

"On 20 September 1941, a German U-boat sinks a US ship, further deteriorating relations between the two countries that are officially not at war with each other. During the past months, several incidents have already occurred where German U-boats sank American vessels delivering supplies to Britain. Despite America's ever convenient expanding neutrality zones which makes it inevitable for US ships to end up engaging German U-boats, FDR makes an announcement holding Germany responsible for the situation."

--From The Impartial Truth in ref to:
"Roosevelts new "shoot on sight policy"" posted on Oct 9 2020


Ref: 'shoot on sight'
America’s Secret War Before Pearl Harbor
Roosevelt’s ‘Secret Map’ Speech By Mark Weber

Final two parts of four.
Ernst Zundel interviews American researcher Charles Provan about the fascinating facts he has discovered about WW2 historical characters from SS Judge Konrad Morgan to Oskar Schindler.

First two parts of four.
Ernst Zundel interviews American researcher Charles Provan about the fascinating facts he has discovered about WW2 historical characters from SS Judge Konrad Morgan to Oskar Schindler.

As a young court reporter at the US war crimes trials held at Dachau, Joseph Halow returned to the transcripts -- and his memories of those proceedings for a fresh look at how injustice was done to the defendants. In a carefully researched historical study, Halows' memoirs tear apart the popular image of the post-war American-run "war crimes" trials of Germans.

Innocent in Dachau: The Trial and Punishment of Franz Kofler

Following WW2, the film's writer, Jean-Marie Rivière, was imprisoned. Its producer, Robert Muzard, and director, Paul Riche (the pseudonym of Jean Mamy), were EXECUTED (+1949) for their part in the production of this film. "Occult Forces" was the last film Riche directed before his unjust execution. - Red Ice TV, Jul 9, 2011.

In 1943 National Socialist Germans produced this great propaganda film while occupying France during the war, depicting the dangers of Freemasonry and secret societies. ( 52mins,English Subs) Enjoy!

I believe this was just one of only two "anti-Semitic" films the National Socialists ever made, but I am not super sure about this. The other film was about the Rothschilds . CW💞

George Lincoln Rockwell’s fantastic fable about the Aryan ducks and the Jewish hens. This is the Jewish problem explained in a manner you would explain something to a child, but very much benefits an adult audience. A fable about propaganda and subversion. Spread it around.

Illustrated by Robert Edwards and read by Edgar J Steele.

"Western Freemasonry and their Masonic funded Eastern Communist friends won World War 2. Everything we see today stems from that Jewish Masonic victory. All Freemasons in politics know the aim is a one world communist utopia. All policies today aid the minorities aimed at breaking down the family, the very basis of white culture. Hitler knew who was behind it and now so do you."
-Truthwillout homepage of:

Part 1 -The Russian Revolution 1917 - 1921
Truthwillout for episodes
Full documentary, episode listings in description

"The time our ancestors feared most for their children is upon us. A world full of torture and suffering, compounded by cowardice, a world full of slaves. Their names in ruin and their beloved children at the mercy of the sick and twisted. All they endured to avoid this, yet, it is so. I often wonder if sacred thunder storms embody their sorrow." - Mimirsbrunnr
(Excerpt from)

"But as they pursued those that fled to their camp they witnessed a most fearful tragedy; the women, standing in black clothes on their wagons, slew all that fled, some their husbands, some their brethren, others their fathers" ~ Plutarch On the Cimbri

Plutarch's words give us a powerful insight into the minds of our northern Ancestors. Of course this is a Roman writing and as such it may be a little embellished, but there can be no doubt that our forebears viewed acts of cowardice, with the utmost disdain.
Produced by Mimirsbrunnr

Mimirsbrunnr Bitchute:
Official Website:

Related Links:
Red Ice TV for more videos and links to ancient European History and discussions

A few clips I'd spun together, great movie. - CW 💞
Watch free:

'Our idea was to see how people react to Hitler'
David Wnendt on filming Look Who's Back:- The Guardian (2015)

Based on Timur Vermes' bestselling comic novel "Look Who's Back," which is the story of Adolf Hitler's return to modern-day Germany. In this movie satire the Fuhrer returns to find a Fatherland – democratic, multi-cultural and media-saturated - he no longer recognizes. He tries to revive his political career but is instead taken for a cutting edge satirist who refuses to break character and becomes a TV star.

Director: David Wnendt
Oliver Masucci as Adolf Hitler
Country: Germany
Copyright: Constantin Film (2015)

David Wnendt on filming Look Who's Back:


Newcomers to CharlottesWebb or WW2 truths, this radio with pictures, 2016 Interview with documentary film maker Mr Dennis Wise should be a treat. .Topics, include communism, freemasonry, National Socialism, Adolf Hitler, Globalism and the NWO. Enjoy! 💞

Dennis Wise (not to be confused with the British footballerWikipedia's W.svg) is an internet director of the film production company TruthWillOut. He describes himself as "an independent film maker with a background in entertainment and media. Apart from researching and producing documentaries, today he still produces private videos for clients. He is best known for his "revolutionary and game-changing documentary" film on Adolf Hitler called The Greatest Story Never Told popular among Nationalist and historical revisionist circles across the web.


A Webb Stroy 🕸
Once upon a time, in a land far, far away (NZ) I was watching your typical History Channel Holocaust flick, back in my sem-blue pill days when my focus was moved to a debate in the comments. One user claiming Hitler did nothing wrong, he never killed 6 million Jews and WW2 history is a lie, all those kind of 'terrible' statements. They had also posted the name of a film to watch. It was called "The Greatest Story NEVER Told (TGSNT)." Of course everyone just loses their minds over these replying in the usual mainstream manner with derogatory terms instantly ending an open minded rational debate.

Being an inquisitive person by nature I asked for any links to the source and I was given the link to the Dennis Wise Youtube Channel. I genuinely want to see the evidence for myself before I make up my mind, its just me. Anyhow, this is where I first watched this epic documentary from start to end. Like a good book you cannot put down TGSNT is a documentary you cannot stop watching until the credits have stopped rolling. TGSNT was my gateway into the history of WW2 Part 2. WE all know how part 1 played out and Dennis Wise the producer of TGSNT has thoughtfully compiled an honest fact based documentary introducing the history of World War Two Part 2, the historical evidence that we were never told about and most of us never knew existed, me included.

TGSNT for me had sent me down the rabbit hole faster and straight to the number one issue the world has today. We are truly run by evil. I thank Mr Wise for his outstanding film.. This was my real red pill moment four years ago and it sent me down so many other rabbit holes and they have all connected in some way through history to present day.

In Summary TGSNT was the key that unlocked the gate to WW2 histroy, Part 2 - History never told and now called hate speech CharlottesWebb 💞

The Britisher delivers up his own evidence in reply this insulting question. 💞
"Do White People Have No Culture?"

A Last Appeal to Reason, Chapters 1-3
Remastered and produced by The Impartial Truth (2020). Enjoy! 💞

Hitler did not want war with Britain, it was forced upon him. Thousands of ethnic Germans were being massacred in Poland, in lands once belonging to Germany, while the Poles were encouraged by the Americans, French and British who were hoping to force Germany into war.

Large quantities of leaflets were dropped over England days before England entered the war, soon after a speech along the same lines given by Hitler in the Reichstag. Germany only wanted peace and and a swift end to a war that eventually went on to cost millions of civilian and soldiers lives, all for the benefit of a small group of financial criminals that have a strangle hold on every western country today because peace with Hitlers Germany was out of the question. Only war, violence and death would suffice the funders of WW2 in their murderous bid to destroy Germany and the German people and keep Europe under Communist rule.

The Impartial Truth II - UNOFFICIAL Re-Uploads

With her book Denying the Holocaust, Deborah Lipstadt tried to show the flawed methods and extremist motives of “Holocaust deniers,” who, so the book’s description claims, have “no more credibility than the assertion that the earth is flat.”

On April 7th of 2017, U.S.-American professor of Jewish history and Holocaust research Deborah Lipstadt appeared on TED-x Talks, where she related her experiences surrounding her courtroom battle against British historian David Irving. The event took place at the Sheldonian Theatre, which is the official ceremonial hall of the University of Oxford in England.

Presented by Germar Rudolf & Castle Hill Publishers (2017), He discusses some of the claims she made during that speech, which lasted only some 15 minutes. It is demonstrated that many of her claims are not only false, but are actually deeply rooted in prejudice and a profoundly anti-academic attitude. - CODOH - Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust


With the end of the year at hand this seems like a good time to sum things up. Let’s look at the past century. The salient feature of the 20th century was the collective suicide of the White Race. In 1900 we ruled the world.-
Dr. William L. Pierce (national vanguard)

"Humanity would sink into eternal darkness,
it would fall into a dull and primitive state,
were the Jews to win this war." - Dr. Joseph Goebbels ✠


Jayme Louis Liardi is the author of Revelation: A Return to Virtue. Part memoir, part manifesto - all call to action. Liardi’s goal is simple, to inspire the disenfranchised youth of today, to give his fellow millennials the tools to combat this modern world of nihilistic materialism.

Using his own experiences, Liardi gives the reader hope and clarity in a world of despair and confusion. Liardi’s message is clear: nothing short of personal Revelation and a collective Return to Virtue will allow us to combat this modern moral decay.

Red Ice TV

Bodies of World War II soldiers who died in the area of Stalingrad, Russia, in 1942-1943 are recovered from mass graves during the summer of 2016.

Most of the bodies are those of Soviet prisoners of war who died in the prisonner of war camp at Vertyachiy, on the Don river. The German troops were surrounded completely, and the Vertyachiy POW camp was within this pocket of surrounded Germans.
The body of a German soldier is also recovered near the Don river with his identification tag.

Crocodile Tear productions and documentaries:
For more information about battlefield archaeology: http://battlefieldarchaeology.blogspo...
Plus de renseignements sur la recherche des soldats disparus:

Third Reich Music Vids - ✠ Lebensraum ✠
Waffen Tribute
The Iron Cross 1813-1957

Rob Dugan - Clubbed to Death
Waffen SS Choir - Neue deutsche Welle Remix.
Wehrmacht Marches – Vol. 1 Military Song - Heia Safari
Anthem of National Socialist Germany

Benjamin Freedman’s epic historical speech at the Willard Hotel Washington DC in 1961

Benjamin Freedman was a Jew. He knew at first hand the ungodly level of lies the public were being fed. So even though he was a multi-millionaire, he decided to devote his life to revealing the hideous truth behind the Rothschild banking dynasty. Freedman had nothing to gain & he was risking his life. It takes a special man to then spend a king’s ransom in this quest

The great deception of WW2 was to fool all Christians of the allied forces to fight for communism against the Christian armies of Germany and her Christian allies.

Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story NEVER Told

Dennis Wise Truthwillout:

Monastery of La Rabida
Artist: Vangelis
Album: 1492 - Conquest of Paradise
℗ 1992 Warner Music UK Ltd.

In this video the narrator explains Hitler's views on everything from politics, education to boxing. Adolf Hitler was a wealth of information and knowledge and he explains these opinions so eloquently. Adolf Hitler was and still is a truly fascinating figure the world has ever known. One of my personal favourites, I hope you enjoy it also. 💞

All quotes again from:
Mein Kampf
Hitler's Table Talk
Hitlers Second Book

Mein Kampf: mp3

Hitler's Second Book: pdf

Hitler's Table Talk: pdf

In-depth narration on Hitler's awakening to the Jews including many quotes from. Mein Kampf. Hitlers Table Talk & Hitler's Second Book (bio). Very enjoyable. Remember to check out source links in the descriptions. Love Ya's CW 💞

Mein Kampf: mp3

Hitler's Second Book: pdf

Hitler's Table Talk: pdf


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