Riding off into the sunset.

And then...Zombies.

Damn I get salty sometimes.

Jump and shoot and twist.

May do more in the future, but for now this was a grind for my poor computer to get through.

Instructions not clear. Got game caught in loop.

Lots of fun with janky Uncharted 1 controls.

I'll leave the witty remarks for the descriptions.

Bonus – My flagging history revealed!

(uploading late on BitChute due to technical issues.) Just for the record, I am absolutely against harassment and false flagging. Do not sink to his level.

I made a thing.

These soldiers can take a beating.

"Agh" – Security Guard

Unlike Valve, I made a part 3.

"(weird noises)"-Scientist

Uh oh. Who made this big mess?

I'm sure the Joker will never be a problem again.

Somebody needs to practice on the challenge map.

So we can drop in on the bad guys.

Fear is the path to the Dark Knight side.

I may actually have a consistent series on my hands.


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