This was very spur of the moment.

I explained what happened in the next episode.

A new challenger has appeared!

I think I figured him out for the most part.

I have fun with these titles.

Had a visitor towards the end.

Sorry for the wait.


00:32 Nintendo E3

07:42 Korean Summit

And so another playthrough ends.

wake me up when something is actually announced.

Forgot to mention I was wrong about what press conference was next. also found out they were showing Nero in the dmc5 trailer and showed Dante at the end.

More substance than yesterday and more to come.

Not exactly a comprehensive rundown, but I do give some of my thoughts.

Recorded 5/24/2018

My performance was embarrassing but I eventually showed that mean turd who was boss.

Recorded 5/24/2018

Purple hair forever.

Recorded 5/24/2018

All these birds seem foul

Recorded 5/24/2018

My Bi-Polar got the best of me.

Recorded 5/23/2018

I will not apologize for that pun.

Recorded 5/23/2018

When did this turn into Amnesia?

It didn't actually take that much trying.

Recorded 5/19/2018

Seriously what is he?

Maybe it was Gonard?

Recorded 5/18/2018

The movie industry is so fake.

Recorded 5/18/2018

So much aimless wondering.


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