Recorded with OBS.

Recorded with OBS.

Recorded with OBS.

Recorded with OBS.

Recorded with OBS.

This is also technically the end of the “Steam Play Next List” series. Recorded with OBS.

The keyboard starts working and the commentary stops. Recorded with OBS.

Every other game wants to fight me so lets jump back into the world of RE. Recorded with OBS.

Not much commentary this time around. Recorded with OBS.

Perhaps subtitles next time. That and louder game volume. Sale on Steam says it ends May 18th 2020 so I assume it’s the same on GOG. Recorded with OBS.

Long story short time got away from me. Now I have a new computer and hopefully won't have anymore issues. Fingers crossed. Streamed via

Streamed via I will try to keep videos up there including ones I don't reupload. We shall see how that goes.

Paused the game at around 25 minutes so I could talk without distraction.

Things got a bit crazy.

Riding off into the sunset.

And then...Zombies.

Damn I get salty sometimes.

Jump and shoot and twist.

May do more in the future, but for now this was a grind for my poor computer to get through.


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