It’s a spirit in the rv I’m going to be restoring lol not only was it free but it comes with a bonus roommate

Per my video yesterday they thought having a crack head smoke weed in front of me will break my will power……guess again


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- [ ] The people in west palm beach Florida are gangstalking me for me for reporting my son told me he was molested . Governor Ron Desantis had dcf threaten me for reporting this.I reported my ex husband for molesting my son and the police lied and put me in a mental hospital.dcf and the judge gave him full custody.the police began to gangstalk me everywhere I stayed and got me kicked out of every hotel I stayed at to the point I’m homeless now.they also follow me in cars,drones and helicopters.every time I go to the store the people bend over and touch their butts to make fun of my son for being molested.I have video proof.Florida has fallen to tyranny the children are not safe and I live in palm beach county the same place Jeffrey Epstein lived.