Not that it matters in regards to BitChute... i'm kinda done with the bullshit load times here. I drastically reduced the size of the Omori video that WOULDN'T LOAD by over half...and IT STILL DOESN'T PUBLISH!!! So..fuck it...i'm going to Odysee since it actually uploads my fucking videos.

Aside from that... in the process of moving out of vegas, gona be about 2 months give or take so stuff will be on hold video-wise.

Odysee Channel:

I wouldn't be too pissed if it didn't take HALF A FUCKING DAY JUST TO UPLOAD A VIDEO!!!
But it's takes just as long, if not longer, than i take editing most of my recent vids JUST to get it uploaded ON to Bitchute so it can PROCESS....only for it to take forever/never!!!!

If the upload of the videos to get processed didn't take so long, it wouldn't be mad, cause it'd just be a: "Welp, ok..i'll just reupload and try again like they suggest" but NOPE!! It takes 2-5 fucking HOURS to upload THIS particular video thats about an hour...and 11 days, so far, to NOT publish the fucking thing!!!

So i can waste another 5 hours of my fucking life reuploading the video again with the odds being very high that i'll get the same goddamn result (no publish forever)...or i can vent and then decide if i WANT to bother cutting the video in half/thirds because YouTube, despite it's bullshit, doesn't give me this much of a issue and i would REALLY love to abandon YouTube in all it's censorious, evil horseshit.

So what do i gotta do Bitchute? Who do i need to kill and what eldritch gods do i need to appease to get shit working?

Seems it was all a dream...or is the dream still happening?

I had fun editing this enjoy. :)
Also, no surprise, YouTube's algorythm autoblocked it in "certain countries" cause i dare to fair use meme.
I don't think i'll bother linking the YT Channel...tis a silly place...and you're likely not going there if you're here. :)

Recorded during OMORI stream on my Twitch Channel:
Edited in Sony Vegas 12


As the title suggests...we're waiting for something to happen.
Your usual RPG start.

"End Cards" aren't exactly a thing here on, don't mind them (unless you just wana hear the music)
I'll link the "Next Video" here in the descrip for convenience sake since i only get 4 playlists to work with here. (lame)

Part 2: (TBD)
Recorded during OMORI stream on my Twitch Channel:
Edited in Sony Vegas 12

YouTube Channel (if you really want to):

Comments are appreciated

If you listen carefully, you can hear my soul dying.

The power of friendship killed us all...

I played ArcKnights for a bit...and i found the best waifu, i dont care what you say.

My new favorite... i didn't even need to pitch my voice in audacity for this one.

Music: 7DSGC - Battle 3

Made this a few years ago when Menat came out for Street Fighter V when someone posted the gif of her walking animation on Twitter.
Obviously...YouTuub and Twatter took issue with my choice of music.

Never Gona Break a Glass Again~
Keep my fingers off of the glass~
Never gona get cut again~
No more Care-less Clean-innnnnnnng~

[saxual content]

This time we have Merlo, Grand Magus of Ernar and the Elemental of Water, Neptus; doing their Max Affinity Attack: summoning fucking Leviathan.

This one was a bit rough...i had a few failed attempts at other voices before making this one and i was kinda struggling accepting the way Merlo and Neptus sounded...after a bit i got over it and was liking the direction it was going.

Originally i had both voices talking together on the same channel...but that wasn't sounding too good and they blended together. Then i decided to split each voice into Left and Right channels at 50%...that worked much better.

Music: Hall of Trials - Epic 7
Sound Editing: Audacity
Voices: Me (deeper pitch for Merlo, deep pitch + reverb for Neptus)

This voice demo is for Corvus: 'The Reaper'... a dead man resurrected by the Elemental of Death, Necrid; his only goal is to exact revenge on the Necromancers who betrayed him and perverted the Cycle of Life and Death.

This is is his ultimate attack.

Music: Hall of Trials - Epic 7
Sound Editing: Audacity
Voice: Me (w/ a lower pitch shift)

Started doing some voice demos for my game Tower of Souls...i've been enjoying the outcome so far.

This one is for Nero and his 'signature' attack in the game: Soul Steal.

Music: Hall of Trials - Epic 7
Sound Editing: Audacity
Voice: Me (w/ slightly higher pitch shift)

Just testing both a "choice" jump (yes/no?) and a context sensitive jumps (press down when facing a cliffside.)

The later make things flow without a menu interrupting things while the other might be better suited for puzzles, "points of no return" and whatever where you may not WANT to jump down instantly.

Oh's been awhile since the last ToS vid...i finally got actual kid assets for Nero and Gerrick. It's kind of impressive how much that little change adds to things.

I redesigned the main Cedar Woods map because the copypasta "Big Tree Barrier" just didn't look good and it didn't feel forest-like....
I think i can safely say this was a good decision to change up the map, it feels MUCH better and allows me to potentially add some secrets and stuff.

I also changed the battle theme, though it's only a's more there to show what i want to have as the Battle Theme.

Just a quick show of the newly added Interest mechanic for the Bank System in Tower of Souls.

You'll gain a % interest based on the money in your account after a certain amount of time. The interest is also increased based on your membership standing within the Merchant this case, every "In-Game Hour" with the Copper Membership, for the purposes of this video test.

Copper Membership is a 1% interest rate.
Silver is 2%
Gold is 4%
Platinum is least that's the current plan for it.

Just a brief, no commentary, video running through Cedar Mountain and the 2 new maps i've added since last video (the mining system).
I like how the cave exit turned out...alot.

The next new Map will be Whistler's Peak (finally)..the 2nd village Nero visits in Tower of Souls.
After that the previous maps will get adjustments and additions based on what quests and story are conjured up in Whistler's Peak.

Music: Kenny Loggins - Highway to the Danger Zone (cause, Top Gun)

Took 1 game over...but i did it and it's not impossible, just difficult.
All you need to do, according to the words of the Gaming All-Father: "Git Gud, scrub,"

My commentary is bleh...i was half dead at 11pm or so when i did this.

Though James Rolfe beats everyone in this regard by sole virtue of using the fucking POWER GLOVE...i had a controller. :/

I think my screen capture is a bit off too.. x_o;

In which i give a brief tour of the new map additions past Cedar Woods (at current) and show the new mining portion of the Gathering System.

I'm almost not looking forward to making a tutorial on that... XD

Since i'm making a RPGMaker MV game...i figure: "Why not share what I know and do in my own game?"
So I'm doing that with the FIRST trick i learned to do when messing around with VXAce years ago, which also works in MV, the "3D Walls"

What are 3D Walls? -- It's a trick to give DEPTH to your otherwise 2D RPG World. By learning this simple trick using the EVENTS, you can make WALLS YOU CAN WALK BEHIND to give a sense of 3D/Depth to any map.

This trick ALSO segways into a couple other neat tricks like "Secret Passages" and making "Bridges",..maybe even more if you put your imagination to it? :D

Hopefully this is helpful to any RPGMaker user who wants to make their maps less "flat" and more "deep".

And take out huge loans to show how it works...

I know, jumping into the deep end for anyone that doesn't know i was making a game... if you want, i'll rewind from the start and explain about my game: "Tower of Souls"
and if you are interested in how to do certain things in RPGMaker MV, feel free to ask and (hopefully) i can make a video and help explain.

Plug-ins on the other're better off watching Yanfly's videos on YouTube or one of the other prolific plug-in makers for RPGMaker,.

If you would like to play the current Prototype build of Tower of Souls, let me know here or on twitter: @ChazDragoon

Just clipping that one part in part 6 of "War Without" as needed.


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