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Maybe, I just wasn't in the mood, but THIS drawing SUCKED ASS!!! But, do my monsters know what I AM in the mood for?

Would you like a super cute, or wicked cool Anime icon/avatar of yourself? Hit me up in the comments, and I'll draw one just for you!
Random Icon (NO specialization/ specifications or progress updates): Was-$5.00 Now-$4.00
Semi-Specialized Icon (Choice of character frame-Chibi or Tall, Pose & 1-optional- progress update w/ 3 critique passes): Was-$6.00 Now-$5.00
Specialized Icon( Choice of character frame-Chibi or Tall, color palate, pose & 3 -optional- progress updates w/ an unlimited Critique pass)
Was- $6.50 Now-$5.50

IMPORTANT INFO: I would prefer a neutral picture of you-to pick out unique features for the avatar. However, a detailed description will also do. Orders will be completed, and gifted in 3 to 5 business days. 5 to 10 business days for specialized requests.100% money back guaranteed if deadline is not met. However...
***WARNING*** If the buyer is not satisfied or no longer wants the finished product, ONLY 50% of the profit will be reimbursed. A 24 hour notice is required to stop the drawing, and be reimbursed the full amount. Email [email protected] for more info
I'm very excited to work with you!
#Fanartfail #speeddraw #iconsale

#Draw&Disscuss #Depression&Suicide #Halfs
***Warning*** Disclaimer***
I have NEVER been to college-NEVER claimed to be a genius. My view on depression & suicide could be flawed. Feel free to correct me, my monsters. Hopefully this will drive us closer to the better of our many halfs.

***Headphone warning**** music is LOUD!!!

Hey! My monsters! Just a random upload, some old art-not redrawn, but re edited. I really dove in, played with some effects, and loved the outcome. THIS is what I want our video's to look like, and better.
Song: Me Me Me(By-Teddyloid ft. Daoko)
P.s- I'm still trying to make the compilation of A's maddness, but if u'd like to see her 1st appearance in animatic form:
1st body swap:
Comic book appearance:
#AnimeArt #Maddness

My monsters know the drill. Brife intro, and drawing, drawing, more drawing. Enjoy!

No, snowflakes here-Monsters ONLY!!! We all KNOW that romanticizing mental illness is wrong, but(I don't know about you)I still do it. I envy, and admire the vile villains, and here's why.
#Psychopaths #Love #Romanticizingmentalillness
Unedited vid-

Cheekies the 1st & A's debute on BitChute!!! Witness the #glowup, join in on the conversation. Cheekie Creations id HERE!!!


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I am Cheekies the 1st, and this is Cheekie Creations. Here, we draw and create skits with my alter ego 'A'. In addition,
we discuss anime, other topics, and sometimes play games in between. Our goal is to have hella fun, and create hella art work. Become a Cheekie little monster today, and join in the madness that is my world.

INFO: I am 21, and live at home with my parents, and brothers. I am moving over here from YouTube. Only my 'best' vids will be featured, so the introduction of A, and the majority of my background maybe lost. (Hence, this INFO section).
I am currently writing a book, 'The Testament of Darkness', which will be featured on this channel. I am also, drawing a comic, 'Daydream' (which is posted on Smack Jeeves & my Instagram).
'A' (My "alter ego" & the face of my channel) is the main antagonist in my comic. I will try to link it, but I SUCK at technology n' stuff. Enjoy :)