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I drew a quick animation/ animatic- pictures that look like they move- whatever- for an old, funny skit my bro’s did on YouTube. Sometimes god has something to ‘drop’, lol. Original Vid link:

Team graphic for life!!!!

Happy birthday ma!

Posted something ‘dumb’, so decided to make a ‘dumb’ video about Stupid COVID; and where I stand. Enjoy

Back again with another Speed-paint! Fanatic Fun!!!! The series where I fan gurl over an anime character, and talk-talk-talk, has returned! I’m drawing a chibi front view of Kurama from Yu Yu Hakusho, and going on & on about how much I love him. Because, I doooooooo! Welp, my monsters...enjoy! #Kurama

Just showing off what I’ve been doing during quarantine :)

Decided to share my gardening achievement during quarantine with ya’ll. Also, decided to scar ya’ll with a bonus fetish art speed paint:) I actually did learn a lot about coloring with this pic, soooo it was a success in that regard. I still have a LOT to learn, and hope to continue learning & growing with you guys...also scaring you guys. Enjoy my monsters. #Gardening #Fetishartfail

Hey, guys back again with another unscripted utterances. I created this video a while ago, but I simply forgot to upload it. But, I’m uploading it now.Do you guys remember the George Floyd incident. How about the controversy surrounding the riots? Well, I had my own opinions on that. And though the riots are over, Enzo the dust has settled, you know… I just couldn’t help but bring it back up. Enjoy, my monsters.

#sketchbookpro #speedpaint #originalmusic
I drew & colored on the SAME layer!!! The mark of a true novice. Join me as we travel back, to the struggle piece that made pieces like Bryan B Bolo possible.

Trying to make this a ‘current events’ thing, in addition to a personal internet gripes thing. So, ya...Shane Dawson is a weirdo. But, did we not know that? Can we/ I take ‘this one’ seriously???? I don’t know if I can. #ShaneDawson #CancelCulture #UnscriptedUttrences

Happy Father’s Day to all! ignoring all the nonsense controversy- I decided to celebrate my dad this fine day. He’s been asking me to make him an anime avatar/icon, and I FINALLY decided to draw him as a Father’s Day gift. This is BRYAN B BOLO, aka SID STACKS, aka GRAFIC SMILES, aka MY DAD! A legendary legend, weight lifter/ work out enthusiast, boxer, professional driver, and rap artist/ singer song writer. I’ve managed to ‘steal’ some of his old music -Oh, nostalgia- for ALL my monster’s to hear. Songs include, ‘The Last Boom’, ‘It’s time’, and ‘DeZ Cats’. #fathersdaydrawing


Having some trouble with the drawing, thought I’d give this a try. Hopefully, you guys enjoy!

Was lit & wanted to play:) So, my monsters. Here we are. Watch me drunkenly play, and drunkenly fail @ the MOST BASIC of tasks. Such as, turning down/ fixing the audio. Tee-hee!!!
#headphonewarning #pvz2 #tipsy

Long time no post! Her's another fanatic FUN for my lil' monster's to enjoy! #Spoilers
And, if u haven't watch #Yu Yu hakusho...why not:) luv's u- bye!!!

Thanksgiving 2012 I drew this powerpuff girl version of myself. Now, we're grown. The evolution is here!!! #ReformtheRelic

Song: 'bad apple!!!'

I'm back! Shout out Johnny Chaos, for putting me back on the path!- Let's talk philosophical! Let go back to the good old days of existential crisis, anxiety & depression. Screw a pandemic! Let talk about, knowlege! Existence! Religion & all the things I DONT KNOW!!!

Also, I rushed through these concepts, misinterperting/ botching some. I will fix each thing/ make things more clear in future vids.

I'm being very unproductive right now, and it's about time my monsters see the extent of that. Cheekies #trynottocringe is here- the thing no one asked for, or need :) Hopefully, ya'll don't die from second-hand embarrassment. And, no. I was NOT under the influence of alcohol when I made this...which makes it so much WORST.
#Cringe #filler

Due to a lack of motivation & a general lethargic disposition, I, Cheekies the 1st, introduce 'Cheekie Filler', on Cheekies Creations. Just like Anime filler- these episodes deviate & often have no connection to our ultimate goal (the plot). I really didn't want to upload anything other than drawing on bitchute, but somthing is better than nothing. So, to avoid a month long hiatus I present, #PlantsversusZombies2 playthroughs

For our 1st ever FANATIC FUN!!! Hiei from Yu Yu Hakusho!!!! #fanaticfun #speeddraw #Hiei

Yu Yu hakusho has been stuck in, and on my mind since I was ten! In this unscripted mess, I wind up diving into why that is.
#reformtherelic #YuYuhakusho #yyhrant

Maybe, I just wasn't in the mood, but THIS drawing SUCKED ASS!!! But, do my monsters know what I AM in the mood for?

Would you like a super cute, or wicked cool Anime icon/avatar of yourself? Hit me up in the comments, and I'll draw one just for you!
Random Icon (NO specialization/ specifications or progress updates): Was-$5.00 Now-$4.00
Semi-Specialized Icon (Choice of character frame-Chibi or Tall, Pose & 1-optional- progress update w/ 3 critique passes): Was-$6.00 Now-$5.00
Specialized Icon( Choice of character frame-Chibi or Tall, color palate, pose & 3 -optional- progress updates w/ an unlimited Critique pass)
Was- $6.50 Now-$5.50

IMPORTANT INFO: I would prefer a neutral picture of you-to pick out unique features for the avatar. However, a detailed description will also do. Orders will be completed, and gifted in 3 to 5 business days. 5 to 10 business days for specialized requests.100% money back guaranteed if deadline is not met. However...
***WARNING*** If the buyer is not satisfied or no longer wants the finished product, ONLY 50% of the profit will be reimbursed. A 24 hour notice is required to stop the drawing, and be reimbursed the full amount. Email [email protected] for more info
I'm very excited to work with you!
#Fanartfail #speeddraw #iconsale

#Draw&Disscuss #Depression&Suicide #Halfs
***Warning*** Disclaimer***
I have NEVER been to college-NEVER claimed to be a genius. My view on depression & suicide could be flawed. Feel free to correct me, my monsters. Hopefully this will drive us closer to the better of our many halfs.

***Headphone warning**** music is LOUD!!!

Hey! My monsters! Just a random upload, some old art-not redrawn, but re edited. I really dove in, played with some effects, and loved the outcome. THIS is what I want our video's to look like, and better.
Song: Me Me Me(By-Teddyloid ft. Daoko)
P.s- I'm still trying to make the compilation of A's maddness, but if u'd like to see her 1st appearance in animatic form:
1st body swap:
Comic book appearance:
#AnimeArt #Maddness

My monsters know the drill. Brife intro, and drawing, drawing, more drawing. Enjoy!

No, snowflakes here-Monsters ONLY!!! We all KNOW that romanticizing mental illness is wrong, but(I don't know about you)I still do it. I envy, and admire the vile villains, and here's why.
#Psychopaths #Love #Romanticizingmentalillness
Unedited vid-

Cheekies the 1st & A's debute on BitChute!!! Witness the #glowup, join in on the conversation. Cheekie Creations id HERE!!!


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INFO: I am 21, and live at home with my parents, and brothers. I am moving over here from YouTube. Only my 'best' vids will be featured, so the introduction of A, and the majority of my background maybe lost. (Hence, this INFO section).
I am currently writing a book, 'The Testament of Darkness', which will be featured on this channel. I am also, drawing a comic, 'Daydream' (which is posted on Smack Jeeves & my Instagram).
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