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I have always enjoyed drawing cartoons! Lately, I have found a new appreciation of the concept behind some of the most famous cartoon characters: the various sizes their bodies possess, their drawing styles, etc., drawing them myself has really been very eye opening on the intricacies of character design.

Trying to match the original artist's style is quite daunting at times, but I always pride myself in trying to match a character's proportions and style as closely as I can. Since I also love creating outfits designs and since I want them to sit right, I start by drawing the character in the nude.

Eventually, I quickly found out that nudes of these cartoons are well liked, so I developed the concept of: Cheesecake with HEART! For me, it is not enough to just draw a character in the nude but to also understand what makes them tick! That way, I can make illustrations, models, animations that portrays the characters as faithfully as possible!

Lastly, you might ask: Why the Chesty Larue name? It is simple! It comes from a Simpsons' episode (they've done everything), Homer to the Max! Homer had changed his name to Max Power and pick new names for Marge: Busty St. Clair, Hootie McBoob, and of course, Chesty La Rue. I liked Chesty Larue the best of of the three and voila!

I am also of the mind that to grow a great community, one must give! This is why I want to share all I can with everyone that wants in! That means illustration, 3D models, knowledge in tutorial form, etc. It's only by sharing that ideas can become the very best they can!