I to keep my hair long .

I just like to keep my hair long .

Doug Jenkins is running for President .

He was diagnosed with any mental disorder until after returning from the Middle East where he was a tank operator.

The 57-year-old Black Perpetrator Dave Thomas of 2010 North Los Robles St. in Pasadena California that threw an acquaintance of mine Kindra Peterson to her death in front of a moving truck traveling past Veggie World restaurant and got away with it because he's a Pasadena California 'Vida' goon squad Police Officer made another appearance at my spot at about 4:30 this morning on Sunday, January 26th, 2020 trying to intimidate me. Here's the link to the interview with Kindra that I posted on YouTube several days before Dave Thomas murdered her
After the interview Kindra told me how PiGs on the Pasadena Police Department 'Vida' goon squad were raping her and that much younger women beneath the age of consent were chained to beds in the apartments next to Dave Thomas's residence at 2010 N. Los Robles St. in Pasadena.


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