The music is by Two Steps From Hell called The Final Days of Rome. Music makes us brave, and in times like these, we all need a big dose of courage. The European People will survive and thrive!

This video explains the Jewish connection to communism and why it is so important ti current events.

National socialism is neither Marxist socialism which does not allow private property, nor Capitalism which does not protect the people from Jewish exploitation. Marxism is the type of tyranny depicted in the dystopian novel, 1984, by George Orwell. Capitalism is the type of oligarchy depicted in the dystopian novel, Brave New Worlds, by Aldous Huxley. National socialism the the natural way, recognizing the laws of Nature, evolution, environmentalism, and animal rights.

Animal Rights:

Environmantal Rights:

Hello Children of Europa. I am sharing content I found somewhare. The message is European, who we were, and who we will become. Please share!
And always love your People!!

Why is diversity being pushed on only White nations? This question, or another, similar questions, always pops up in comments. Those who do not understand this puzzling question do not understand the Torah, Talmud, or the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. This video will inspire you to look closer at the culprits whom you already suspect.
This video is a segment of a video I found on Bitchute. I do not remember where I copied the original. However, I recognize the voice of the woman from an old YouTube video from the channel, thisiseuropa. The video no longer exists, of course!
I do not know who created the music. Obviously, the creator is of European origin.
I am not the creator of this content. I only share. The full video is on my channel. Link to the video: Europa Arise!

Oswald Mosley details why we, Europeans, must continue to struggle against the forces of evil.

This wisdom defines the White, Indigenous Europeans, Peckerwoods, call us what you will! This wisdom defines those of us who strive to know the wonders of our forefathers, for they are our gods now, Europa Arise!

This is a video by Tucker Carlson for which comments were turned off. You may comment on this video. Say whatever you want. I will say that America is already at war, a race war. We need to prepare.

Adolf Hitler speaks about European History and the spiritual connection of all European People. Video footage follows the speech.


The purpose of sharing this video is to teach the People about the horrors of tyranny and possibly prevent the continued rise of such. There can be no more noble act than to enlighten the People to what is going on in this increasingly Orwellian world. Since people who have never read the book or at least seen the movie, 1984 by George Orwell, are much more likely to live it for real, and since such an of occurrence would be catastrophic to humanity and to Mother Earth, the sharing of this video is in compliance with the Fair Use Act, 17 U.S. Code § 107.

This is the first Trump add of the 2020 elections. I do not think this is made public yet!

There is a lot of evidence that the Covid-19 virus was created in a lab. SARS, HIV and Civid-19 all contain the same elements, This could have only happened if the virus was lad derived.

If you love your People, you must hate your enemy!

This is an inspiration video about the love of the Indigenous Children of Europa. The full video Europa Arise can be reached at this link.

Clear video evidence that the Chinese are using biological warfare.


The power of the Christ God works by faith. If you have no faith, then the Christ God has no power. The power of the Nature God works whether you believe it or not! Which God is the true God. We are the Children of the Goddess Europa, and we have not only a Right but also a duty to fight for our homeland and our People. Fight White Genocide!

We will clean up the mess after the fall!

I have not always been so suspicious of the Jews until I stopped smoking dope and started opening my mind. I still don't know who the Jews are, but I do know that I, as well as many of my White European brothers and sisters have been lied to for so many years. If any of the information in this video is wrong, please feel free to present evidence to the contrary.

Fight White Genocide!

Cry, fight and die for our children's future. Make our ancestors proud of us!

The Music: After The Fall by Two Steps From Hell

This video is a copy of a Youtube video titled "Defend Europe". I added the white text to express my feelings about our right to defend ourselves from invaders at all cost. It was the first and only video I uploaded to YouTube. In 12 hours, my entire channel was deleted for hate speech. How can love for our own children and the children of our brothers and sisters be considered hate speech?

This will be Europe if we are willing to win the war. The future thrives in tradition

The jews have the right to protect their lands from foreigners and African infiltrators. Why can't non-jewish also protect our children and culture?


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