Here me speak about it here if you cannot hear audio. Thanks for your patience.

Do you want strangers who work for a contact tracing company checking up on you? I’m not talking about your family doctor or physician here. Do you want some stranger or group of police asking you about if you’ve been exposed to covid? If your completely fine and not sick, then this isn’t necessary. This whole Covid thing is a complete fraud and go to to look for proof there. There’s a search box at the website.

I’m not saying the virus isn’t real. It is but it’s being used to make profit off the virus. Visit the website I mentioned to find out more about it and do your research.

Update - Is there audio on the video? If not, then the video will stay up. At least you can see what’s in that update but you won’t hear me talking about it. If you do then that’s great. I guess the truth I was putting out triggered something that blanked the audio out after uploading. Of course this is uploaded from my smart phone.

I wouldn’t have known if I hadn’t watch the video called Friday Night News by Mike Morales and he even made an account there. Most know by now he’s also on YouTube but Brand New Tube is better so let’s hope it stays that way.

Mike Morales -


The video was deleted on youtube so I searched for it and found this link. The link I found is on facebook after I saw it was deleted. I left the link to the channel that created the video that's no longer on youtube but someone uploaded it on facebook which i'm glad because i'm going to watch it once more. It will be my third time watching it.

Youtube - ChildrenOfItsRealOutHere Yahi

Video On Facebook -

If you understand gematria and even if you don't that's alright. I just hope anyone that watches it understands what's being shown.

String lights I turn on when the electricity goes out.

At first glance it looks like a star with your eyes. But I took a picture of it with my iPhone and zoomed in closer as I did so and concluded that this isn’t a star but a wheel within a wheel that’s glowing. It reminded me of chariots in the Bible and how they’re described. You don’t have to believe me but zooming in on this image which I will leave a link to tells me that this isn’t a star especially when all the others stars around this one is so far away which you’ll hardly see in the video since it’s dark but it was definitely clear outside on the 9th of April (Passover)

Make sure to zoom in closer to see the inner wheel with although it’ll be hard to see at first since it’s glowing. Invert the image to negative or mess with filters to see it clearly. I can see it if you stare at it long enough. Me calling this a star would be incorrect but at first glance in the video it looks like a star but it really isn’t.

Update - Image Close Up Part 2
It’s possible that this could be a chariot however, I uploaded it at lunapic and messed with the contrast, lighting, shading and the inner wheel shows it to have a green center. The result is a multi colored round possible being a chariot. But I’m not sure and if this was a star, we would be burned up to a crisp. Link is here to view the multi colored glowing wheel in the sky.

...if video gets flagged, my channel striked or suspended it's because I decided to share this type of information and it's something you'll never see on tv since all the mainstream talks about now is coronavirus this, coronavirus that. This is what's going on behind the scenes. The original link will be left. Credit goes to Hal Turner for uploading the original video on I first saw the video on his website.

Original Source -
Brighteon Link -

This was sent to me. I’m just sharing it by uploading it on here. I even typed it in gematria myself. You will get three 6’s.

Type in the following separately.

Covid 19
August 19
400 2020 August 20 (Type this together as is.)

Try it yourself.

August 19 just came to me as a thought so I happen to type it in and that’s what I got. Same thing with 400 August 20, 2020.

Check out teotw’s channel and do your research on the isrealites and 400 years of captivity. Also don’t fall for the 1619 prophecy going around. I don’t know when the Most High is coming back for his people and neither do you. Watch out for the date setters.

Type in the following separately.

Covid 19
August 19
400 2020 August 20 (Type this together as is.)

Please also watch a video called 2020 is the year of all things by the final days channel on YouTube.

Try it yourself.

Make any tea you want.


Part 2 deleted since bitchute through maybe some kind of error caused my video not to play anymore.

I’m not like the masses. I mean seriously turn off the stupid tv. I use it to watch alternative news instead but still use discernment.


Type in pink or whatever color flicker bulbs on eBay and you’ll find it from different sellers.

My visual review on the purple flicker light bulbs and what to expect.

Type in purple or whatever color flicker bulbs on eBay and you’ll find it from different sellers.

Community watch with a short clip in my neighborhood. I’ll be slowly doing more types of these videos.

Work like an ant. Don’t marry someone who doesn’t work unless there’s a good reason to. If sick, vacation or retired that’s fine.

It’s cooling off but it looks like it’s expressing what do you want from me.

Exalted Lamb 1, what’s the difference? You add up numbers to come up with dates that come and go.

To anyone else that still watches his channel, understand that when dates come and go, chances are you will be left disappointed regardless of what you already know and understand. It might even cause someone to lose their faith in the Most High which is even worse. I decided to finally not watch this channel anymore. Even when I was watching at the time, I knew not to put my hope in date setting but didn’t realize at the time what he was doing was actually no different than that of being a date setter. I can see now.

No one knows the day or the hour except the Heavenly Father. Always stick with what the Bible says brothers and sisters. If the event don’t come to pass, we need to cut ourselves off from such people immediately.

Feel free to share this video. You can even download it on your computer and reupload it on bitchute for example. Tag it Solid Rock Truth.
I also use this to download bitchute videos.

Visit my dark portal opening video and there, I left a link to this channel that I've mentioned in this video.

(My other video on this should've been done processing a long time ago. Second attempt uploading this.)

(I recommend watching my video before his. The link is to the same video that tmas is showing of Lisa Cabrera character on youtube.

Lisa Cabrera's old facebook page no longer available. Verify it for yourself.

My questions for Lisa Cabrera. I said I will post it somewhere either in the comment section of the latest video or community page. Either way, I don't believe it will be addressed and it will get deleted. However, I will post these questions anyway there to show that I took action and on top of that made a video about it.

Yes or no questions only.
Are you scamming people?
Are you pretending to be a black woman?
Why are you on and Blaqspot?
Is that your real profile picture on the left that TMAS is showing
in your old facebook page?

Why was your old facebook page deleted after TMAS pointed out
a similar picture in black and white that look like you just like
the picture on the left?

Why is this the only photo of what look like to be you in
black and white that look similar to the one on the left that TMAS
pointed out in your old facebook page?

Why does Lisa Cabrera have one of the following that involves

Cash App - $LisaC777
Patreon Please Donate:
Paypal Donation: [email protected]

I copied and pasted this to show where I got this from.
Cash App: $LisaC777
Follow Me On Twitter:
Android app:
iOS App: com.lisa.cabrera or type Lisa Cabrera in the app store
Please Donate:
Paypal Donation: [email protected]
My BlackJunction.TV Channel:
My Blaqspot Profile:
My TeeSpring Store
Email: [email protected]

I'm no longer subscribe to her after doing this video. This white woman pretending to be black woman have no business talking about the black community and what they've gone through as a people. No white person does because they cannot relate to the people of the book. The Hebrew Israelites and this person pretending to be with us when she's actually against my people is very sickening but of no surprise.

We will be removed if we don't help youtube make money. They don't care about truth just money, money, money.

Just making a note reference of whom I'm subscribed to. I appreciate these channels and what they do. One day, one will go here and realize that the channels that they used to watch are gone. Youtube is not a truth platform and we should all know this and their reasoning as to why they don't want us on here. All there will be left on youtube one day is lies, nonsense and more lies.

Youtube doesn't want us here anyway so if you looking for a YouTube alternative truthers and subscribers who love to watch their videos enjoy these links. Share, like, mirror it I don't care. I've seen several truthers migrate over here on bitchute and still counting most likely. Let's ditch youtube for good even though there are still truthers over there. They can either fight the good fight over there or ditch youtube and continue it on bitchute that don't censor, discredit and mock truthers.

If this video gets taken down I will already know why. Please share this video if you truther have been banned from youtube and feel free to share it around. Youtube don't want the truth here anyway so I think more migration from this platform would be great but many of the truther channels I watch are still here. Hey it's up to you if you want to leave youtube. No one is forcing you. I just provided links just incase you're fed up with youtube and you want to upload somewhere else.

Update - I found out that bitchute doesn't allow the truth on here and I can't even get in touch with anyone at [email protected] so the communication level is a big F. No longer will more videos be uploaded here for this reason. You want proof, view this link.

Doves, canaries, parrots, finches.

Owner also had a cat and wish I had video taped that. Here’s a picture of the cat.

Doves, canaries, parrots, finches.

Doves, canaries, parrots, finches.

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