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Would Jesus take the covid vaccine? Nah! He would just heal covid patients miraculously, with a simple word or wave of his hand... wouldn't he? Don't be so sure. In this video, we de-mystify the healing ministry of Jesus a bit, and look at how the covid vaccine and other modern medical practices are totally in line with Jesus' approach to healing the sick.

The covid-19 coronavirus pandemic has stirred up a tremendous amount of controversy and polarized a large part of the world's population, especially in the United States. The number one claim by millions at the moment is that it's all a hoax. But do you remember what these same people were saying very shortly after the pandemic began? They were saying that the coronavirus was a bio-weapon, invented by China to wipe us out. So which is it? A bio-weapon, or a hoax? The real powers behind a conspiracy to destroy much of the Free World have done a very good job of switching the most rabid conspiracy theorists away from what is likely the truth, to a lie which is costing millions of lives.

I was wrong about the vaccines... not about the science behind them, but about my attitude towards those who were against them. This video is an attempt to correct that, and to find a positive way forward with regard to the controversy around covid, so that we can come back together and work for God despite our differences over these lesser issues.

What is the most wonderful teaching of Jesus? Jesus said that anyone who believes in him will have eternal life in the kingdom of God. So that would seem like the most wonderful teaching... and, in a way, it is. But we easily miss just how wonderful that is (1) because we can't see the kingdom of God... and (2) because religions everywhere have their own claims about eternal life. But in this video, you will learn how you can experience eternal life in the kingdom of heaven right here and now, if you are willing to believe Jesus. And THAT is the ultimate, greatest, most wonderful and unique teaching of Jesus.

What Babylon means (literally) is “Confusion”. What a perfect description for the religious world today! The word is often used in reference to Catholicism, but this video looks at confusion in Evangelical and Pentecostal circles as well… including attempts at ecumenism.

Are the churches wrong? Look at the fruit. The greatest hope of the church in the 20th Century ended in false healings, exaggerated “miracles”, insane antics, and unbridled greed. Now others are wanting to start the false gospel all over again. Unwilling to exercise and teach real discipleship, live like the early Christians and practise radical obedience to Jesus, these lukewarm counterfeits will never make an impact for Jesus, much less cause a revival of genuine faith and love in a selfish and godless world.

In a recent video on this channel, we listened to Mike Winger telling us that Jesus' command to sell all your possessions and give the money to the poor was only meant for the rich young ruler. Some of my viewers went to Mike's Facebook Page to challenge him on this lie, and during a recent live stream on his YouTube channel, Mike addressed this issue of forsaking all and living by faith, in relation to the early Church in the Book of Acts. Sadly, the lies just kept coming...

How do you know what Jesus said? In this video, a YouTuber named NonStampCollecter explains how the words of Jesus need to be "interpreted" to really understand Jesus, because obedience to God is obviously not what Jesus was advocating 2000 years ago...right? Wrong! As Christians, we have a responsibility to do what Jesus said, and that is especially so for what Jesus said about money.

Do you want to see a cool magic trick, using a Bible, which will lead people to Jesus? Pick a chapter... any chapter! And prepare to be amazed! In this video, you will not only learn what the trick is, but you'll also learn how it works so that you can do it yourself! In so doing, you will be able to lead people closer to Jesus than ever before.

When the Pharisees asked Jesus about Moses' law regarding divorce and remarriage, Jesus replied, "For the hardness of your hearts, Moses gave you this law... but from the beginning, it was not so." Was Jesus saying that Moses' law was not the will of God? And if that's the case with regard to divorce and remarriage, what does that say about the rest of the Torah? Brace yourself, because this video will challenge much of what you have been taught to believe with regard to the Old Testament.

Jesus said a lot about money. He preached about blessings for the poor, and he said "Woe to the rich". He commanded his disciples to forsake their wealth, to give all they had to the poor, and to live a life of voluntary poverty. In this video, a well-known pastor named Mike Winger gives you his perspective on how we should follow the teachings of Jesus.

This video will show you how obeying the things that Jesus taught will lead to the opposite of popularity. People will hate you, tell lies against you, and ignore you whenever you try to preach about the teachings of Jesus. Jesus said it would be like that. But if that's true, why are there so many popular "Christians" today?

Try finding a sermon about Jesus' teachings, and you'll encounter the same excuses again and again, telling you how we don't need to obey what Jesus taught. Such is the case with this sermon by Tim Conway from @I'll Be Honest.

Our goal is to get you to see how people twist Jesus' words to make him say almost the opposite of what he really said. Once you can see it, you need to make a decision to either follow Jesus or to follow an imposter. Which will you choose?

The Old Testament vs the New Testament... which part of the Bible is relevant for Christians today?

Jesus said, "I came not to destroy the law." But right after that, he said that the law WOULD be destroyed after it had been "fulfilled". So, has it been fulfilled?

The Hebrew Roots debate hinges on that question.

The recent Pentagon announcement about UFO's has the Internet buzzing about what this could all mean for the human race. Christians, too, want to know how talk of flying saucers and aliens fits in with Bible prophecy and their belief in God. Is it all a deception? There is no doubt that these highly advanced aerial phenomena exist... so are they friend or foe? This video is an attempt to address some of these questions.

A young doctor who has discovered the cure for cancer... for real! But public response is not at all what he expected it to be. Why are people so opposed to the young doctor's discovery?

This communicates an important truth which also explains why we are so hated for teaching people to obey Jesus.

What can we do about people on the Internet who bother us with crazy conspiracy theories and irrational arguments?

The Internet itself has turned to Artificial intelligence for a solution. This is ironic since A.I. is what started the problem in the first place.

For your own sake and for the sake of the people around you, stop listening to these YouTube false prophets! Can you do that long enough to listen to Jesus? Take the next few minutes to try.

Please watch this video to the end and leave a comment.

Do you feel like you fall short of God's will over and over again?

No sooner do you make some progress in understanding the kingdom of heaven, than you start to lose it. This up-and-down aspect of our relationship with God can be quite depressing. Is it part of the problem with religion, or could it be part of the solution?

This inspiring sermon tries to get you to look at the ups and downs from a different perspective.

Listen up, all you demon-possessed Americans! Your conspiracy theories about Covid and your anti-vax movement have gone on long enough!

Thanks to social media, the world is getting more and more polarized over such issues as the covid-19 vaccine and US politics, and there doesn't seem to be anyone left who is thinking rationally and fairly about these and other important, global issues. The world is falling apart, and almost nobody can see how we are being manipulated through social media to become this way. Who is to blame? The social media supercomputers? or the people who allowed themselves to be manipulated by them?

Amazon One palm scanning technology allows you to go into a shop and pay with your hand, and it is the latest in a series of cashless developments around the world which is ultimately leading to the implementation of the Mark of the Beast.

Most Christians don't prepare for the Mark of the Beast, nobody really wants the solution, because the solution is too uncomfortable for most people.

If you are one in a million... or more accurately... one in roughly 50,000, listen to the solution right now, and then contact us today.

A 2020 documentary called 'We Need To Talk About AI' offers a sobering glimpse at where the world is headed in terms of frightening new technologies and artificial intelligence.

The experts themselves are quite clear about the fact that these advancements in technology could mark the end of the human race... but they see nothing wrong with that. In fact, some of them are hoping for this eventuality.

Christians need to know if this is something to be concerned about.

What role does AI play in Bible prophecy?

Have you ever been told that we need to "rightly divide the word of truth"? People often quote this instruction from Paul when they want to use one part of the Bible to contradict another part they don't like. This error has crept in because people assume that "the word of truth" is the Bible, and that Paul's instruction to "study to show yourself approved unto God" is also teaching us to study the Bible. In this video, we'll show you how Paul wasn't talking about the Bible at all. Once you understand that, you will discover a radical new way to study the Word of God.

The entire world is eagerly awaiting the rebuilding of the temple in Jerusalem. The Bible predicts that it will happen... and it may not be far away.

For some, this event will be a wonderful confirmation that God's chosen people are the Jews and that his holy city is Jerusalem, over there in Israel.

But for others, the third temple will be seen as a testimony to how far the human race has strayed from God, and it will also be the start of great suffering for many who claim to follow Jesus Christ.
What do you think this Jewish temple represents?


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