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Children of light



This powerful sermon from Francis Chan is one of the best sermons I've seen come from the institutional church because it actually considers Jesus' teachings and questions why American Christianity has left this radical Gospel message out of its doctrines.

You've probably heard names like Yeshua, Yehoshua, and Yahshua as some examples of the supposedly "correct" way to say Jesus' name, but how do you know which name is the one Jesus would have actually used 2000 years ago?

Does it even matter?

All of the arguments used to support the "correct name" teaching are silly at best, and downright distractions at worst.

People are becoming more aware of a looming threat to our world. Catastrophes such as climate change, pandemics, and abuses of power are already causing great suffering to millions of people. What this video to learn what you could do to survive.

Throughout the entire Old Testament, the forsake all teaching stands out. In the New Testament, Jesus commands his followers to forsake everything for the sake of the Kingdom of Heaven. However, every church today has overlooked the importance and necessity of this teaching. Watch this video to find out the significance of this teaching.

We take it for granted that our governments are Christian... or at least that they are tolerant of the Christian religion. But we know from Bible prophecy that this tolerance is going away. The world is becoming progressively anti-Christian, and one day, you will be considered a criminal unless you denounce your faith in God.

If you don't prepare for this time now, you will almost certainly turn from God when the going gets tough. This video will help you to prepare, so please watch it, and then write to us if you want to link up with others who are also preparing to be illegal for Christ.

When Jesus told the story of the Good Samaritan, he was hinting at the fact that the worst heretics would inherit eternal life. Do you understand that?

When it comes to demonic possession, we tend to see people as either being possessed by demons or being free of them. Unfortunately, it isn't that simple. For most of us, however, we have besetting sins that we never totally "cast out", and they manifest themselves in ways that we consider to be "normal" human behavior. But that doesn't make our sins any less demonic.

Are you willing to confront your demons, and learn what it takes to keep confronting them on a daily basis?

If this video inspires you, write to us.

This video explores conspiracy theories fast becoming reality in the rise of self-love, internet addiction, and China's bid for world domination. Have you questioned whether we are at a point of no return due to the lack of accountability of the most powerful countries and corporations in the world? This is a video for people who can see how Bible prophecy is unfolding before our very eyes and who are willing to take a stand.

Millions of people around the world were relieved by the results of the 2020 presidential election in America, once again America will be made great under the reigns of Biden and Kamala Harris...or will it?

This video suggests that the very thing we do to find happiness is what stands in the way of achieving it. Do material things make you happy?

Christmas, birthdays, and other celebrations are generally seen as happy times. But the reality is that more and more people are growing tired of celebrations. At the very least, you may need to change the way you celebrate!

Materialism has led to a worldwide obsession with trinkets and gadgets, whereas the key to happiness may just be to rid yourself of junk. Less stuff, happier life! You can get out of the materialism trap now and fill the spiritual void with something better than junk.

Of all the signs of the times, this increase of self-love and terrible lack of Godly love is the most apparent. Nothing dramatically illustrates self-love more than the love of the selfie. We occasionally hear of yet another selfie tragedy, where people are injured or killed for the purpose of getting a snapshot of themselves. Will you be sucked into the lie of self-love, or will you choose to stand against it at the risk of being unpopular and "lame?"

Have you been tricked into believing lies of false prophets and teachers telling you they hear from God?

China's police state began a crackdown on Christians, more than 100 Christians were detained over the next few days, with arrests continuing as this report was released. The senior pastor, Wang Yi and his wife had not been heard from since their arrest.

This video includes a powerful declaration by Wang Yi, written two months earlier, about the concept of "faithful disobedience”. He sees Christians in and out of the underground church in China (and around the world) using the corruption within the Chinese government and its persecution of the Christian church to demonstrate our faith in a greater government, the Kingdom of Heaven, and the cross of Jesus Christ.

This is a call for Christians to come out of lukewarm religion, to take up your cross in obedience to Jesus Christ in solidarity with persecuted Christians everywhere.

Click here to read more about this topic of "Faithful Disobedience":


Sand blows on the Great Sand Dunes by Kelly Kochanski
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Tiananmen Square by Brandon Carson

Biometric identification sounds convenient and it has become very useful over the past few years, and companies are discovering new ways to integrate bio Id systems into everything that requires personal verification: your phone, your bank account, your car, etc. But have you considered how such a system could be used in conjunction with the Mark of the Beast (666)?

Many people say that the people of Noah's Day were destroyed because of homosexuality and others because they engaged in inappropriate behavior with Angelic beings. But Jesus gave a radically different explanation to what people think. He said those people were destroyed for doing simple normal everyday activities like getting married!

The Bible has contradictions...many of them. All the attempts by believers claiming otherwise have only worked to harden skeptics and atheists. So what should you do when you come across a contradiction in the Bible that affects your faith?

What is the difference between the superstitious beliefs taught by pagan religions, and the message of faith in God which is taught by institutional Christianity?

The world would be a very different place if people followed what Jesus said about loving our enemies.

The biggest conspiracy in the world today is not that 9/11 was an inside job, nor that the Illuminati is controlling the world. Ironically, these other conspiracy theories only help the satanic forces to distract you from the ultimate conspiracy... which is not a theory at all, but rather something that you can verify for yourself very easily. Don't get distracted! Focus instead on exposing the greatest conspiracy of all time.

In one way or another, all of us are searching for the truth. In our attempts to learn how to find God, we turn to various religions and spiritual gurus. But our search usually stops at whichever convenient doctrines they give us... doctrines which make us feel good, doctrines which make us rich... comfortable teachings which don't require us to go deeper in our search for God. So how do we sift through all these false teachings and arrive at the truth about life? The answer is quite simple... watch this video and find out for yourself!

In one of Paul's epistles, we are advised to do all things to the glory of God. This video gives practical ways in which you can do that. Don't miss out on this great opportunity to build the kingdom of heaven!

Amongst those who support Donald Trump as president of the United States, the majority are evangelical Christians... people who profess loudly to be followers of Jesus Christ. If you've watched other videos on A Voice in the Desert, you'll know what being a follower of Jesus is really all about. You don't need to read the gospels for very long to learn what Jesus said. Compare that to what Donald Trump says and does, and you'll see just how contrary to the teachings of Jesus the president is. So, why do evangelicals support Donald Trump? This video explains why.

Is it necessary for us to pray for things? Jesus taught us to pray--above all else--"Thy will be done". God knows what we need, so do we even need to pray the Lord's Prayer over and over? Recently I have been approaching prayer in a different way, and I think it's making a big difference. Perhaps my thoughts on prayer could help you too?

'A Warning to America - Your Enslavement to Debt' looks at the spiritual significance of America's debt crisis. Our attitude to spending money has made us modern day slaves. A slave state is the result of the American dream. If you can't pay off your debt (e.g. your student loan), then you owe your life in servitude to the state. You have sold your soul.

What does Jesus say about making promises? This film looks at what the Bible says about debt and how it is based on making oaths. There are several tragic stories in the Bible about people who made an oath to God, or to someone else. Each story led to deep regret.

This film is for American slaves and anyone else who is living in debt. It offers three possible solutions to the problem of debt. The big question is whether you are willing to do what it takes to break free from slavery.

Jesus said that praying in public (well, praying out loud in public) is for hypocrites. So why is almost every church doing it? Jesus taught us how to pray. He said that silent prayer or secret prayer is the preferred option. Perhaps some of the supposedly "powerful" prayers we hear about in the churches are not even being heard by God. This may sound shocking, but it is straight from the teachings in the Sermon on the Mount.


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