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A song a wrote a few years ago played on the 12 string.

This song is about family. Hope you enjoy it!
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This was a live session which I done for Burton Hospital Radio September 2019.

A song about forgiveness.

An old song of mine recorded. A song written after a superb drunken night out.

This song has been uploaded before here, but this is the studio version. Hope you like it.

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The River - Another song which was written over the UK Lockdown.

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This song was written over the UK Lockdown period. Its about friends standing by you. Hope you enjoy it! It was recorded 03-09-2020 at Abbey Sound Studios. It was produced by Lee Beddow.

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"Stark Raving Dad," the premiere episode of Season 3 of The Simpsons, is the only episode to be banned in the history of the series.
You won't find this on Disney + so I thought I would share the love of the Simpsons with you all!

This is a band practice recording of my band playing an early version of our song called 'The Awakening'.

A new song called The Last Call!

Sometimes life takes you by the hand without guidance!
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This is a song about realising you already have what you need!

The Storm. An old song of mine reworked in a new key!

My song called ‘The Storm’

A song I wrote for Bury Me Where I Fall! The heavy version will be available soon!!!

Acoustic version of one of my bands songs - BURY ME WHERE I FALL

Check out my Band, BURY ME WHERE I FALL. This is a montage of some of our tracks!

A track written about war

I was out in a walk and bumped into a friend who I play regular gigs with. He gave us a tune on his new 12 string guitar!

This was a song I wrote for Bury Me Where I Fall but we didn't get chance to complete if before the #Lockdown

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Hope you like it!


Holding me down
on the edge of control
with the weight of the world
holding me down

Why dont you buy me
Bury me, where I fall

The voice of someone
Trying to regain control
The fear is unknown
Thats holding me down

Why dont you buy me
Bury me, where I fall

Listening to everyone say
That you're okay, but never hearing
A word that you say, or actions that mean
I'm on the ground, but I'll regain my way BACK

Why dont you buy me
Bury me, where I fall

A live #Acoustic set which was streamed to Facebook live 17-04-2020 for family and friends during the #Lockdown. Hope you enjoy the #Music!

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Live at the Tap and Spile Part 2

Part 1 of a live show at the Tap and Spile in Birmingham, UK. The actual date was 29th August 2017.

This is the live feed of the Easter Weekend Live Session for the Midlands Open Mic. All songs were written by Chili Phil
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