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More than 4000 Slavic girls, throughout the former Eastern Bloc, are smuggled into Israel as sex slaves, every given year. In most cases they’re either kidnapped straight off the streets by the "Russian" Jewish Mafia, or lured under the false pretences of having an improved standard of living if they’re willing to travel and work over there, only to find that their new employer is in fact a human trafficker before it’s too late to reconsider.

This of course proves no obstacle to these types of Jews who are fully aware of their desperation in escaping their impoverished community’s, manipulate them into believing that all It takes for their dream move to become a reality, is to be willing in a cushy job in some exotic location.

After arriving In Israel they are immediately sent to an auction house, put on an auction block and then sold to the highest bidder. Typically being sold at a price ranging from $8,000- $15,000. Only until they pay off their "debt" they’re continuously subjected to all kinds of harsh treatments: beaten, drugged, tortured, gang-raped (Jewish method "of breaking them in"), degradation and dehumanization of being stripped naked in public and put on display in front of a bunch of men. All the while there forced to service 15-20 Jewish and Arabic clients, up to 20 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Typically after a year or so of going through such hardship, the poor soul is throw onto the streets and left to rot, after the pimp deems her to be physically and mentally of no use.

In Tel Aviv alone there over 400 brothels, which 90% of the prostitutes residing in them are of Slavic origin.

Some quotes of Jewish pimps:

"What particularly offends Ben-Ami is the haredin (orthodox Jews) who crowd the Tel Aviv brothels on Friday mornings and afternoons for a pre-Shabbat tumble." "Because these women are not human beings," Greunpeter-Gold said indignantly. "They are foreign women. The religious prefer it to be with foreign women because then they don’t wrong Jewish women."

‘I own you,’ she recalled his saying. ’You are my property and you will work until you earn your way out. Don’t try to leave. You have no papers and you don’t speak Hebrew. You will be arrested and deported. Then we will get you and bring you back.’

Part 12 of a series by Dennis Wise. Many of his videos aren't restricted. Why do you think this one is? Previously uploaded were the two restricted parts of The Secret Masonic Victory of World War Two.

By Dennis Wise. Restricted on YT, archived here.

Only two parts of this Dennis Wise series are restricted on YT, this one and Part 6 that follows.

From StrayCatZ:

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Here's a case of an abortionist receiving the "highest civilian award" in Canada.

A short video on feminism restricted on YT.

By John Alan Martinson Jr.

"Jews ran the Soviet Union. This is something they kept hidden for as long as possible." Frank Weltner


Part of a 3-part series by Jewish Power & Privilege.

As with the other two, a Jewish Power & Privilege original.

A Scott Roberts original.

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Blocked in Germany.


At 31 seconds you can see a six-pointed star on the vehicle. Copied from Zionist Report.

Audio only.

A Hervé Ryssen original.

Why is this restricted on YouTube?

From tinnelle88.

Blocked in many countries, archived here. Schaefer gives a razor sharp performance. His understanding of these matters is much better than most.

By Loki Hulgaard.

By Loki Hulgaard.



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