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"Vaccines, like ultrasound, are biological weapons. Every single vaccine will cause harm."

She's wrong about Christianity promoting any kind of circumcision. She has good information but talks too confidently about other matters she's not properly studied on. Historically Christians were never circumcised. Among other things she also had silly ideas about both Trump and Putin not being controlled puppets.

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"The damage to us and our children has been done by luciferians who are attempting to destroy mankind. She discusses the importance of conscience conception, non- circumcision, ultrasound, circumcision torture and the awareness about mind control."

From the comments: "This is so disturbing I'm shaking. Thank you Jeanice."

Once you appreciate the true evil of genuine psychopathy, not just a total absence of conscience but when there's an active malignant will to sabotage and destroy God's creation, I believe you can more accurately think about the matrix being constructed.

"I have learned that Dr. Xxxxxx mutilated my sexual organs when I was a child in 1971."

"Dr. Xxxxxx penetrated my preputial orifice with a blunt probe. He separated the synechial tissue that fused my immature glans to the foreskin. He picked up a circumcision instrument and proceeded to inflict grievous injuries upon my person."



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Just remember the vaccines are in all likelihood intended to do covert damages, particularly to subsequent generations. If too much overt, easily linked damage is done, the gig is up.

Pictured is another Rothschild party image. "On the dinner table are dismembered dolls and cracked skulls."


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I have such problems with the kind of Christianity being taught to kids. It primes them for use and abuse. No doubt about it. I believe the infiltration of the churches ensured the fall of Europe and ultimately the crucifixion of humanity.

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This material is vital for the education of children. Never once in any school or church did I ever learn these things. Why? You can blame me for being naive, but how could I have known any better?

She cites The Sociopath Next Door, but somewhere in there is a worm as is usual in these psychology books.

"Famous sociopaths, such as Michael Milkin and Bernie Madoff, schemed and stole millions of dollars. Though many sociopathic people are quite intelligent, they often overestimate their own intelligence. They often wind up in positions of authority, unfortunately, because they crave power over others. Hitler and Stalin were twisted, cruel men whose leadership resulted in the deaths of millions."

Calling Hitler twisted and cruel is both inaccurate and ridiculous. I never know if these authors are ignorant or if they're intentionally spreading lies to confuse and deceive the public. Yes, you can take what you need and leave the rest behind, but I'm at the point where I'm only interested in reading from those at a high level of awareness. If you believe WWII lies, you're incapable of accurately talking about the world and you lose credibility.

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With one I was involved with there was such rage on one occasion that the mouth was foaming white while the hands were high in the air and the Lord was being cursed. It was demonic behavior that's hard to relay in text.

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Again she knows what she's talking about and is not to be confused with a random YouTuber looking for attention. This material is valuable for some.

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He says in the comments of another video that Europeans would still be living in caves if not for Jews.

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I'd like to stress all my commentary is rough, meant to add insights and stimulate further thinking. No one has everything even close to all figured out. We make progress by thinking and exchanging perspectives. I don't need you to agree with me on anything, but where you disagree I'd like to know your insights. I'm also interested in insights in general.

"They are distorting your reality. They are planting seeds and making you believe that something isn't what it is. Your whole reality is being turned upside down by these predators, and getting you to act out of a base fight-flight mode. You are being manipulated into making all the wrong decisions."

"They knew exactly what they were doing."

An important point from the last commentary is that We Are All God's Children could be the greatest lie of all.

For me, the psychopaths who were able to do the most damage were those best able to convince me that they couldn't possibly mean ill against me. Why would they not have my best interests in mind?

And that's something to think about to those of you, if there are any watching this, who can't figure out why your world leaders would not have your best interests in mind. Those of you who Trust Science and can't imagine the world at large is run by bad people.

I'm not even here saying it's run by bad people, just that you need to throw out your assumptions.

As I'm writing this I'm listening to the video 10 minutes in and I relate exactly to what she's saying. This is not the trivial content of some YT girl. She really knows what she's talking about.

She also says anger is important and has driven her to get back up and make positive, healthy changes.

"I do not recommend we give them any human emotion. No empathy, no compassion, no love, no remorse: any positive human emotion, they don't deserve it. Once we see behind the mask we need to say we're not going to give this predator any of these emotions."

They are its, they are inter-species predators. They really should be dehumanized, she says, and I agree. Her take is accurate. It will protect you and foster in you an improved appreciation for your humanity and the humanity of those you choose to have in your life. Being chosen by God makes sense in this context. There are also those chosen by destructive demons, and they are these inter-species predators here to destroy. I think that's accurate.

Another point is that before they do their covert warfare they're going to test you for empathy. In every case I encountered one of these things, at least to the extent I was able to become targeted by them, they first tested me for empathy. They ask a lot of questions as they're trying to size you up for the campaign they're intending to wage against you.

Some interesting big picture thoughts 20 minutes in.

"I think the people with more humanity in them are the ones they are trying to wipe out to get into this NWO agenda more easily."

She's correct when she says they're dead empty skulls incapable of thinking for themselves. Be careful not to assume I'm over-generalizing. There is something really strange about them in this regard that is beyond any kind of stupidity or retardation or laziness or conformity. There really is something to this idea they are dead inside, just like They Live depicts.

That's the point of the title. Malevolent zombie-vampires who live, and we sleep not knowing of their existence.

"It's not about why anymore."

We always want to understand why, but these matters may be beyond our comprehension.

I filed under jeanicebarcelo because there's some interesting material related to these issues. I believe as she does that the medical system has been hijacked by these predators.

As always you can use an outside search engine on chimneyslog or History Justifies Power. It may take some trial and error to find what you want. site:bitchute.com may help.

I disagree with Jeanice on some matters, but her medical research is sound and valuable. For example, on her channel she has uploaded "THE BATTLE BETWEEN GOOD AND EVIL - WHITES VS. JEWS"

I take issue with that over-simplified take.

Remember we each have valuable insights based on our own unique experiences and thoughts. Together we can formulate a better understanding of this reality and the matrix being created.

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Notice the part about being tortured by one. In one involvement I was accused of trying to torture it, which was a direct projection of what it was trying to do to me. I didn't figure out what was going on for quite a while because while it was projecting its nature onto me, I was projecting mine onto it. There was a lot of gaslighting and cognitive dissonance.

Pay close attention when she says you're dealing with a predator. She's not talking about mere bad behavior, she's talking about a demon-possessed entity that wants to steal and destroy. This is cold, calculated malice hiding under a deceptive false persona.

The one I'm referring to above liked to say it was covert. Like she says in another video, they like to tell on themselves. Revelation of the method some call it?

In this she lauds her accomplishments and I find this healthy and preferable to how some try to diminish their passions and ambitions once appreciating the toxicity of malignant narcissism.

She says, "My parents groomed me as a child to be food for these predators."

They think they are very smart even though you're left asking why they would want to be malicious, abusive, and destructive.

She says the illusion broke when she realized there was not even the tiniest bit of empathy for her from her mother. Despite the acting that made her think maybe there was.

I also want to emphasize that I still don't like the term narcissism because things like being self-interested or vain or grandiose really are on a whole different level from being a calculated predator without any conscience whatsoever who delights in abuse and sabotage, whose prime joy in life is Anti Christianity.

Again that's not saying there's anything necessarily wrong with people who aren't Christian. It's saying these predators delight in everything opposite to healthy psychology. They are a different orientation just like a different sexual orientation, except it's a different psychological-spiritual orientation, and it can be extreme.

Another point is that if they can't make you like them, they want to destroy you. They won't envy you if you are just like they are. Therefore if you're attracting them it's because they sniff you out as being not one of them. They also feel great contempt for non-psychopaths. We feel contempt for them and they feel contempt for us. The difference is they wear masks and act so they pretend to be like we are while they are covertly at war against us.

They'll quickly flee if they know you know what they are. Remember they're looking to feed on people and they can't feed on you if you know there's something wrong with them that makes you view them with suspicion.

If you're a Christian believing we're all God's children however... they will walk all over you.

That must be the greatest lie of all time. I can feel the duping delight they must feel over that statement.

It's obvious to me these predators have corrupted Christianity, but I don't believe they wrote the books of the Bible and created it.

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At 9 minutes she talks directly about what these malicious entities do. They create an alter reality into which they charge great energy and belief that they then try to get you to validate. That's what is happening on a grand scale known as the matrix.

Another interesting point is that her sisters were unsuitable targets for reasons she explains. I'd like more smart discussions about content like this and how it relates to the world we've been born into. The story of Jesus, and Dostoevsky's version called The Idiot, are both about the same ideas.

It's important to realize that while it seems this reality is some kind of predatory construction for the triumph of the most evil, these evil entities lack any connection to the creator God -- they are instead connected to destructive demons -- and are enormously weaker in other ways. They depend on us being ignorant of what they are and how they operate.

Once again this is not a racial matter, but it's true the psychopathic control system in place highly favors Jewish people, and that follows since the international banking system is Jewish. There's also something powerful about the practice of crucifying a newborn and forcibly mutilating their genitals. It's going to make them more susceptible to joining the dark side.

It's not a direct biological matter but what happens is the psychopathic parents will try to turn their children into psychopaths, and if they can't do that then the resistant children become scapegoats of the family. Circumcision as mentioned is a powerful tool they use, but it's only the beginning.

Of course I realize many non-psychopathic parents have been conned into having their kids circumcised, and in those cases the circumcision trauma isn't likely to have the same effects as when combined with a psychopathic parenting environment.

Still, you're going to create more psychopaths per capita if infant radical circumcision is routine. I have no doubt about that.

Now what is the significance of non-psychopaths? They feel contempt for psychopaths. They keep in check the general tone of society. They force these psychopaths to wear masks and to pretend to be what they're not. Psychopaths want to kill off non-psychopaths so they can finally openly be who they really are.

Or do they like wearing masks and conspiring in the shadows?

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Lies meant to manipulate and exploit others are not OK. A world order based on deceiving the public is at best a shameful travesty. We all deserve better.

Also see "A letter from Jewish French Dr. Roger Dommergue Polacco de Menasce to Stevens Spielberg" https://archive.org/details/ALetterFromJewishFrenchDr.RogerDommerguePolaccoDeMenasceToStevens

Among other things, he says, "Do you know the book published at this period and written by our congener Kaufmann: GERMANY MUST PERISH? We know that 80,000,000 Goyim were slaughtered in the USSR, in a political regime which was entirely Jewish, from Marx and Warburg, to Kaganovitch, Frenkel, Yagoda, the executioners. We know that after 1945 Americans and Russians killed and raped German communities all over Europe from Lithuania to Albania. We know that 1,500,000 German war prisoners were starved to death after the war (a famous book was published a few years ago, but is ignored to day)."

In this video he cites by Rosenberg The Myth of the 20th Century.

From Wikipedia, quoting Hitler: "I must insist that Rosenberg's "The Myth of the Twentieth Century" is not to be regarded as an expression of the official doctrine of the party. The moment the book appeared, I deliberately refrained from recognizing it as any such thing. In the first place, its title gives a completely false impression... a National Socialist should affirm that to the myth of the nineteenth century he opposes the faith and science of our times... I have myself merely glanced cursorily at it."[3]

"Its overt statement of anti-Christian sentiment made it difficult to give Rosenberg any position of prominence when the Nazis ascended to power.[16] Even in their stronghold Hamburg only 0.49% of the inhabitants identified as belonging to the anti-Christian neopagan faith movement (in 1937),[17] whereas the German Christians and their Positive Christianity had a strong standing."


Roger Dommergue (full name Roger Dommergue Polacco de Menasce; b. 1923[1][2]), is a French speaking Jewish professor, philosopher, and essayist, known for his writings concerning alternative medicine and his Holocaust scepticism.

Dommergue is a critic of brit milah, claiming that infant circumcision performed on the 8th day after birth constitutes an infantile trauma and negatively affects hormone development, as Dommergue claims that the 8th day after birth is the beginning of the first puberty which lasts for 21 days thereafter. He claims that the endocrinologist Dr. Jean Gautier has given evidence of this.[3][4]

Dommergue is a critic of contemporary claims concerning the Holocaust, Hitler, and National socialist Germany. He is especially critical of the claim that the number of Jews killed in the Holocaust was six million, as he claims that there were not even this number of Jews living in Germany or occupied Europe. In the 1980s, German sceptic Ernst Zündel was on trial in Canada for distributing Holocaust sceptic literature. Dommergue recorded a 90 minute audio cassette and a small booklet as an affidavit for Zündel's defence. After being acquitted, Zündel travelled to France to personally thank Dommergue and conducted an interview with him in which his views on the Holocaust, Hitler, and National socialist Germany were discussed.[5]

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I saw this posted at Hail Victory. I just want to comment that your indignation should be directed at the controlling powers of the deception matrix. Everyday people aren't your enemy and I don't support pawns fighting pawns, in any way. Divide and conquer is the oldest trick in the devil's playbook. Stop falling for it. Stop wasting time and energy fueling enmity against people without influence. You are controlled at the highest levels by vampiric entities feeding on emotions like misery, injustice, hatred, and envy.

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6 minutes in he says they were told they had to drop their criticism of the Jewish banking system. "We had to concentrate on talking about Muslims and we had to drop our criticism of the international banking system." Control of the world emanates from control of banking. Everything else extends from that.


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