I'm not expecting any accolades from my performance here. Voice was under-powered, and so my voice broke a few times... on the easier notes, no less. Still, I was strapped for time, so I had to make this one work on the first take. Feel free to crucify me in the comments. I know I probably butchered the song.

Decided to try something a bit more dynamic, switching vocal styles between songs, and hitting you with a surprise at the end.

It's really quite simple. I just felt inspired to sing one of my favorite MCR songs, from my favorite album of theirs. No biggy. Probably sounds terrible, but I enjoyed singing it.

This is a bit of a more serious attempt at singing. The last video was an improv shit-post kinda deal, but this time I'm actually doing a vocal cover of one of my favorite songs.

This song was performed, and written by the Black Metal band "Mercyful Fate". Not a typo. The 'Y' is supposed to be there. Anyways, I take no credit what-so-ever for the instrumentation. This is merely a vocal cover after all.

Also, make sure to check this band out if you even vaguely like the video. I'm no King Diamond, so I'd suggest listening to the band, for yourself. I'd also highly recommend purchasing their first two releases 'Melissa', and 'Don't Break The Oath'.

This song is dedicated to Sytx. I didn't do a great job with this, but I thought the end result was funny enough to post. So, come on, and clank your spoons in rhythm with the song!

Also, look up the NWOBHM band 'Angel Witch'. They are super dope, and are the inspiration for this silly improv song.

This video is a rebuttal to this : https://www.bitchute.com/video/Rh2ygjrBfINJ/

Tell me. Did I do a better job? Did I out-cringe him? I hope so. I am a master of cringe, after all.


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