MP3 available on AMAZON, ITUNES etc... "Last Christmas" the Ferret Version. Professional Singer, Cotton Moss sings LAST CHRISTMAS with Chinook the Ferret as the focus of the song.

Chinook and Nikomi in Christmas Music Video

Chinook the Ferret and the Hamsters sing the infamous HAMSTER SONG. Video of Hamster dancers used in commercials

Chinook the Ferret during the good years.....

Song called "CHRISTMAS FERRET" , short fun Christmas video

"Blue Christmas" instrumental song of beloved Chinook the Ferret with Santa Claus

Came across just random shots of my beloved ferrets that passed, Chinook and Nikomi. I am unable to randomly disregard the last remaining footage of these great pet ferrets

Memories of You- Remembering Chinook the Ferret. His memory haunts me on a daily basis.

Endless Love memorial video for Chinook and Nikomi, the best ferrets that ever walked this earth.

Yes, I have a lot of tribute videos for Chinook, this unique special creature. Each video represents the stages of grief. Song sung by Enya, "IF I CAN FIND YOU"

A never before scene of "The Exorcist" as Regan's never mentioned pet ferret reacts to Damien's attempts to rid poor Regan of the Devil himself. No ferret was harmed in the making of this film

Kill Bill parody but this Kill Fido where Black Mamba (Chinook the Ferret) must kill Fido (Logan the Dog)

The Adventures of Chinook continue....

Jamie Sommers is no ordinary ferret, she is THE BIONIC FERRET

"We have such sights to show you" said the head cenobite from Hell, Pinhead. Dook! Dook! Not today bud. Chinook the Ferret with ease defeats the master of Hell in this Clucko Films parody of Hellraiser

Song "Christmas Ferret" starring visions of America's favorite ferret, Chinook!

The antics of Chinook the Ferret during his younger years

Everyone likes a song about Ferrets especially where Chinook the Ferret is appearing.

2 Ferrets go missing looking for the legendary Blair Ferret

Parody of "Ren and Stimpy" with 2 of America's favorite ferrets Chinook and Nikomi "dook" it out.

Captain Janeway must ferret out the whereabouts of her crew member captured on a foreign planet.

Move over Barbara Eden, This parody of "I Dream of Jeannie" features Chinook as Genie, the magical ferret

Chinook the Ferret takes on the role of Laurie Strodes speaking a quiet evening Halloween night until HE came home. Chinook the Ferret vs Michael Myers !

Wonder Woman, Wonder Girl, Amazons of Paradise Island and of course there is WONDER FERRET. Watch Wonder Ferret push back on a dog break in.

Chinook the Ferret, star of stage and screen sits down with in depth interview on his rise to stardom.


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